Diabetes | Prevention And Causes Of Diabetes

Stop DiabetesDiabetes is rising on double pace. It is estimated that 1.7 million of Australian are suffering from this condition and 85 % of Australians are suffering from the type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes doesn’t affect everybody in the same manner. A recent study suggest that people with type 2 diabetes can be divided into three parts and they all have some different health condition with this diseases. In this recent study researcher has the huge data of approaches of people with having type 2 diabetes. Scientists went through the medical record of 25,000 people. These data of people collected on the basis of genetic information, health condition and symptoms. Scientists found three type of group in type 2 diabetes, and they each has the different set of health issues that are linked to their glucose level or diabetes. Joel Dudley the lead researcher and the director of biomedical informatics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York said that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in U.S about 29 million of people are suffering from this condition and about 95% people are having type 2 diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes typically occurs in the people’s age group of 30 to 60 but now many people are also getting affected by this condition even they under the age of 30 and if they are not obese or overweight. What are the causes of this disease has not yet confirmed but researchers strongly suggest that poor diet along with lack of physical activities and sometimes hereditary is also responsible for occurring this disease. In this condition the body becomes insulin resistance which means their body is not able use insulin properly. This in-appropriate way to use insulin causes the spikes in blood glucose level. People suffering from this condition can manage their blood glucose level by using pills and controlled diets. Type 2 is the most common type of diabetes and in most cases it’s preventable. Grant Morahan the lead researcher of western Australia (WA) supported by Diabetes Research Western Australia says that this health issue is increasing worldwide and the most important factor is increasing the western diets and lack of exercise.

Groups of Type 2 Diabetes

diabetes-destroyerType 2 diabetes patients have treated as “node” or a connection within a network to find the differences among all the patients by scientists. Researchers connected all the patients with each other based on their health issues similarities. For example- a female patient with a high body mass index. She can be on the greater risk of kidney disease would be strongly connected to other patients with those traits, and less connected with patients who had different characteristics. Dudley said, we looked beyond all the possibilities that can define the disease. They need all the information which was available through the patients. Treating all the patients as node or connection similarities made the researchers to divide them in groups. Scientists divided all the patients in there group which was named as subtype-1, subtype-2 and subtype-3. Patients in subtype-1 tended to be younger with high risk of obesity, kidney disease and the retina problems which can lead to blindness as compared to patients of other two groups. Subtype-2 patients tended to have lower BMI and less likely to have obese. They have found at the greater risk of cancer and heart disease. Patients from subtype-3 found to be more prevalence of heart disease as well with greater risk of mental illness and allergies. Researchers looking for the other groups also and if these findings can be confirmed, they may help doctors to treat their patients in a more specific ways. Researchers also found that people with type 2 diabetes because of genetic profile revealed thousands of genetic variants such as nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, in hundreds of genes. Those variants were similar among all the people within each of the three subtypes.

Diabetes Prevention

This is the most common type of diabetes and prevention is the best deal for it. If you are feeling that you are at the great risk of this condition such as suffering from overweight or obesity or you have family history of this type 1 or 2 diabetes, you should start prevention right away. As we all know that prevention of diabetes are very easy to follow. Some tips to prevent from diabetes are listed below-

  • Physical activity- This is the first and basic idea to keep way from diabetes. Physical activity will help you lose weight, lower your blood glucose, boost your sensitivity to insulin. It help to keep your maintain your blood sugar normal.
  • Eat fiber- It’s very rough and tough and it will help you in maintaining your blood glucose level. Fiber helps you reducing the risk of diabetes by improving your blood glucose. It makes you feel full and you automatically lose weight which is very important to avoid diabetes. Fiber also helps you in reducing the risk of heart diseases.


  • Whole Grains- It has been found that whole grains helps in reducing the risk of diabetes but it has not been confirmed, why? When you buy food items like bread, pasta and cereals, just look for the ingredients and whole grain should be the first ingredient.
  • Avoid sugary product- In order to avoid the risk of diabetes, you should avoid the entire food item which contain the sugar like refined grains and sugary beverages. They have a high glycolic load, and eating and drinking more of this sugary stuff is associated with increased risk of diabetes.
  • Lose extra weight- If you are not obese but have some extra weight, just try to lose it by all the natural methods like exercise and controlled diet. Losing every pound may increase your health. According to a study people who lost about 7% of their extra body weight has reduced the risk of diabetes by 60%.

Last but not the least, we would like to suggest that if you are one of them who has the risk of diabetes, you can reverse it by all the natural methods and if you are suffering from diabetes, get the right prevention which will suit your health and it can help you in reverse your diabetic condition.