Diabetes | How Ayurveda Helps To Fight Type 2 Diabetes?

Ayurveda For DiabetesDiabetes is a long run condition. It is characterize by the increase glucose level in blood. It has two types which is called type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. Type 1 is also known as insulin dependent diabetes. This is a condition when the immune system goes wrongly and subsequently attacks on pancreatic cells which help to produce insulin. The damage of pancreatic cells leads to little or no insulin production. It often occurs in childhood. Type 2 Diabetes is known as non insulin dependent diabetes. It often occurs in adults but now it’s increasingly common in childhood also. One of the most important reason for this condition is obesity but now thin people are also getting this disease. There are so many reason for why thin people are getting type 2 diabetes? Today’s successful and modern living style plays a key role in increasing the incidence of this condition. Stress and lack of exercise is also important in increasing the number of sugar patients every year. If once it occurs, sufferer may have to take anti diabetic medicines for life if they will not cure it on time. Sometimes if blood sugar level is out of control, they may be prescribing to take insulin.

Diabetes is a chronic disease and it’s very difficult to stop taking medicines but it may be wise to try some natural way to treat this situation. Natural remedies, yoga and exercise can give positive impact on blood glucose level. It has been found around us people using herbal or Ayurveda medicine to treat their glucose level and getting sufficient result. So, now here is a new herbal hope for sugar patients.

Diabetes can be cure by Ayurveda now. If you are suffering from high blood sugar level and you are taking antibiotics since long time, then now you can stop it. National Botanical Garden Institute has brought a healthy and herbal option for you. Senior Principal Scientist A K S Rawat told that we developed a medicine through Ayurveda method which is effective for type 2 diabetes. This herbal medicine has no side effects and it’s fully safe to use. Rawat says, generally antigens can affect the body organs if you will use it for long term but this medicine will help to rebuild process because it contains anti-oxidants. He says, initiative took the Director of National Botanical Garden Institute (NBGI) C.S Nautiyal.

Diabetes through Ayurveda is very popular since long time because it has no side effects. This Ayurveda medicine for sugar patients has made by the combination of natural extracts. This drug has been developed jointly by two laboratories named Central Institute for Medical and Aromatic Plant (CIMAP) and National Botanical Garden Institute (NBGI). These both labs are situated in Lucknow, India. National Botanical Garden Institute (NBGI) has given the permission to a pharmaceutical firm which is situated in Delhi, India for commercial manufacturing and marketing for this Ayurvedic diabetes medicine. This drug contains the extract from the plant which is found in India and it’s fully tested and safe to use. Rawat says, this herbal medicine will be available in the form of tablet and name will “BGR-34”. Sugar patients can reduce the dependency on insulin, if they will consume this drug for a long term to treat their blood glucose level. He said that tests of this medicine have carried out on animals and related scientific study found it is safe and effective by 67% success with clinical trials.