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diabetesDiabetes has reached to an epidemic and millions of men and women are getting affected by diabetes. As you must know that there are two types of diabetes such as type 1 and type 2. There are several studies has done to manage and cure diabetes and here is a new study that reveals that a natural hormone which is made by fat cells could help us to fight with type 2 diabetes and obesity. The hormone that helps to deal with diabetes was finally identified by analyzing the DNA of two people who were suffering with a rare disease which is called as neonatal progeroid syndrome (NPS). This rare type of disease leaves them with unhealthy low level of fat. According to Atul Chopra at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and his team found that people who have this disease called neonatal progeroid syndrome (NPS) feel particularly lethargic because they have lack of a previously unknown hormone, which they have named asprosin. He says that we and our team looked into this super rare condition of body and the result was a discovery for those people who are dealing with type 2 diabetes. This hormone called asprosin could benefit almost million of people with type 2 diabetes.Diabetes-Destroyer-Info-Download

While researchers were experimenting on mice, they found that hormone plays the key role when it comes to determine blood sugar level especially between the meals. Says Atul Chopra that asprosin hormone is released by fat cells and it goes to the liver, making immediate release of glucose into the blood. When the level of blood glucose rises, the production of asprosin hormone gets switch off.

HowToCureDiabetesType2Naturally-DiabetesDestroyerSystemHowever, there were two people with NPS lack this mechanism for boosting the amount of glucose in their blood between meals; it left them to feel lethargic. Abigail Solomon, one of the people who helped to complete this study says that I do get hungry very often. I eat a lot frequently and most of them are sugary stuff first and then protein.  Diabetes researchers were fascinated with these findings. In fact asprosin hits the liver and causes overproduction of glucose, that is a key factor in type 2 diabetes and it makes even more interesting,” says Alan Cherrington of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Says the lead researcher at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, Atul Chopra says that my dream would be for those patients who are on insulin, will be able to reduce or even stop taking it. Sometimes they can be prescribed to take antibodies that can block asprosin once a week in order to get blood glucose level down and this would mean patients will have to take less insulin or get off it completely.


Anyway, Chopra and his team are already working out on the patient to block the asprosin-blocking hormone antibody.  They say that they are treating mice with diabetes and it seems to be working well. According to Chopra, they hope to begin a safety trial in human within a couple of years. He says that asprosin also play a very important role weight gain and obesity. While people with NPS like Solomon, are extremely thin, obese people having twice as much asprosin in their blood than people who are not obese? He says, in our next study, the main focus will be obesity. It’s just like that as fat level goes up, asprosin goes up too.