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diabetes cureThe Oscar winner actor Tom Hanks admitted that he was a “total idiot. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2013. He said that he developed this condition just because of his poor diet. He was a heavy body weight person as you must have seen in many movies. He adds that he was also like the many lazy American generation that has blindly kept dancing through the party. Professor of Medicine and Metabolism at the University of Newcastle, Roy Taylor said that diabetes type 2 is the most common form. Almost 90 percent of diabetic people suffer from type 2 diabetes and rest of type 1 diabetes. More than one in 16 people suffer from the condition of diabetes in the U.K. and in every two minutes, a new diagnosis is being made in order to spot this condition before it take hold. So, here are some most important symptoms that will show you that you are on a fast track of type 2 diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes


  1. Excess thirst- Simon Heller, Professor of Clinical Diabetes at Sheffield University said that feeling thirsty very often is a very prominent signs of type 2 diabetes. Excessive thirst occurs due to a signifier of excessive glucose levels in the blood – which stimulate the brain’s ‘thirst centre.
  2. General tiredness- This is a very non specific but important symptoms of type 2 diabetes to feel tiredness very frequently. It happens when blood sugar is low and there is not enough fuel for the cells to work with, we often feel tired or fatigue. Anyway, health experts say that fatigue and tiredness can occur due to many other reasons also but it can be an important symptom of diabetes.
  3. Dietary indiscretions- Clifford Bailey Professor of Clinical Science at Aston University says that bad eating habit or regular dietary indiscretions is also a very important sign of developing the risk of type 2 diabetes. This sign is ignored by many people because they don’t pay much attention towards their developing dietary indiscretions. It involves eating and drinking a lot of the ‘wrong’ sources of calories, or being a smoker.HowToCureDiabetesType2Naturally-DiabetesDestroyerSystem
  4. Increased size of waist- According to Roy Taylor, if your waist size is increased since your young adult life, it can be a sign of type 2 diabetes. If you were already overweight or obese type of person by the age of 21, then also you are on a high risk of diabetes.
  5. Frequent urination- If you are suffering from frequent urination, it can be an alarm your blood sugar test. Professor Heller says that excessive urination can be a sign of developed risk of diabetes. It is the simple indication if it causes you gets up at night or in women accompanied by genital itching or infection. This excess urination occurs due to glucose which spills over from the blood which in turn affects kidney ability to concentrate urine. The genital itching occurs due to infection with thrush and, if these genital thrush infections recur and persist, you should certainly get tested for diabetes.
  6. Blurred vision- This is a minor but important sign to predict diabetes is blurred vision says Clifford Bailey. If you are experiencing out of focus or blurred vision, it can be sign of type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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