Infertility | How miscarriages may lead to infertility?

miscarriage-and-infertilityInfertility is not that situation when a woman cannot get pregnant but it is also that situation when a woman got pregnant but did not complete her nine months of pregnancy. A miscarriage can be very traumatizing as it makes the woman who got through this situation very distressed and unsure about her future reproductive potential. In many cases miscarriages occurs by chance and it has very low chances of recurrence. Many women are there who went through one or two miscarriages but they subsequently left it with normal pregnancies. Generally, miscarriages occurs in the first trimester (first three months) of pregnancy and it is usually referred it as the early pregnancy loss.

Miscarriage and diagnosis

how to get pregnantAn ultrasound scan is normally done to confirm the diagnosis and if when diagnosis is not clear, the pregnancy hormone testing should be done. In many cases when miscarriages occur in the early phase of pregnancy, it thought to have some genetic abnormalities, which is usually not salvageable. The most important reason of miscarriages is something being abnormal with either of the partners is usually very low, especially after a single miscarriage in young couples. Once the miscarriage has been diagnosed, you can be left alone to allow for a spontaneous resolution. There is alternatives are the use of some tablets which enhances the process, or being taken to theatre for what is called a uterine evacuation.

In very rare cases, infection occurs after miscarriage but your gynecologists should have toGet-Pregnant-Fast be very cautious and you may sometimes be given antibiotics if there was even the slightest suspicion of an infection. You will hardly find any physical long-term health consequences after a miscarriage. It takes around one week to 10 days time for uterine and ovary to go back to function normally and your re conception depends upon the potential of your reproductive system. There is very less risk of getting difficulties in conceiving again after a miscarriage. It doesn’t matter how it was treated. There should be a differentiation between miscarriages and unsafe abortions. You may get several unwanted reproductive health problems which occurs after unsafe abortions and it’s best to avoid it. Women tend to have some psychological trauma after a miscarriage, which can be as bad as losing an advanced pregnancy. So, offering some psychological support after a miscarriage is a common practice. Talking things over with someone who relates helps. There some local support groups on social media and other forums that can help with your recovery.

infertilityNatural way to treat all type of illness including your psychological health is the best way. You can go for meditation, some light exercise or you can go on short vacations. Whatever, the way you adopt to make yourself normal and happy, just go for it. Natural and holistic ways are proven since years to provide satisfactory result. Natural and holistic ways helps you treat all type of male and female infertility and you can get pregnant in just 60 days. For more information, please visit the official website.  


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Pregnancy wellness Tips | Why Exercise Is Important during Pregnancy?

exercise-during-pregnancyPregnancy is a very complex situation because someone else is living inside you. Pregnant women are always given instruction in order to take proper care of her health. A child’s development in mother’s womb is totally dependent on the health condition of mother. So, if you are one of them who got the opportunity to get through the most wonderful feeling of life as pregnancy, you just have to take proper care of yourself. If you will be healthy in your pregnancy periods, your baby will be healthy too. So, here are some most important tips apart from eating healthy that you can do it in your pregnancy periods in order to get ease of pregnancy complications and it will help in brain development of your unborn baby too.

Exercise and brain development

Pregnancy wellness is not just eating healthy but you need to work out too. Exercises and workouts during pregnancy is a very good choice to improve the brain development and physical development of baby. Generally exercise is good for everyone because it improves the self esteem, sex life, calm your nerves and reverse many diseases. Several studies have shown the remarkable reach of fitness and now researchers are studying the benefits of workout on developing fetus. According to two studies which were presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience showed that pregnant women who exercise during her pregnancy are able to provide her unborn child a neurological advantage.

How exercises during pregnancy helps in brain development of fetus, researchers followed a group of 18 pregnant women. 8 were assigned to a sedentary group and 10 to an active one. It started in their first trimester. They were asked to exercise at least 20 minutes a day, three times a week. Dave Ellemberg, a neuroscientist at the University of Montreal and one of the study’s authors says that after 8 to 12 days of delivery of baby, researchers fitted the newborns with electrodes that measure brain activity in response to various sounds – an established test for memory. According to Dave Ellemberg, the newborns of active moms showed “more mature, more effective brain patterns. Researchers say that they were amazed to see this amazing transfer from what the mother does onto her child. So, moms-to-be can give their kids “a kick start even before they’re born.

So, if you have taken break from your exercises and workout because you are pregnant, it means you are probably going to have a hard time getting started again for the rest of your life. Pregnant women, who manage to exercise during pregnancy, the odds are pretty good and you will be able to overcome many of the impediments that are more social than physical after the delivery of baby that keep people from exercising. Exercises not only help in brain development of fetus but it provides a better energy for labor and delivery and all of the trials that come at the end of pregnancy.

How much exercise is good during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should go for 30 minutes a day exercise. It helps to modify weight gain, improve mood and comfort and prepare for labor, says Laura Riley, director of labor and delivery and obstetrics and gynecology infectious disease at Massachusetts General Hospital and author of “You & Your Baby: Pregnancy. It is suggested by experts that pregnant women should not push their bodies when tired and should not perform exhausting exercise. According to this study moderate exercise is very good for the future of her child but exhausting exercises may harm her baby.

Pregnancy wellness tips | Obsessed with diet and exercise can cause serious health risk

workouts during pregnancyPregnancy time is basically a time zone when woman has to take lots of rest with no hard work or physical work. Many times doctor suggests some easy and light exercises with healthy diet. One of the most important pregnancy complications is weight gain which threats almost every woman who is conscious about her look. So, here I present a story of a woman who is also a very health-conscious like many other women. Her name is Maruka and she lives in Wall, New Jersey. She was also very much worried about developing gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications that can occur with pregnancy weight gain. She cut out all the junk foods and loaded up with vegetables, high protein and low calories diet. In order to avoid morning sickness, dizziness and weakness, she kept eating at every three hours around the clock. Once a week, she allowed herself to eat pizza and half slice of cake.

She used to workouts for 90 minutes six days in a week. In her workouts she included elliptical, weight lifting, outdoor biking and roller blading and at 9 p.m., she’d take a 60-minute brisk walk. As Maruka was thinking that she has a healthy pregnancy but as she got closer to 40 weeks, her doctor expressed her to concern towards her baby’s health. The baby was weighing just 4 pounds and that’s why she suggested cutting back her exercise routine. Maruka was not worried at all and anticipated that her baby would weigh about 5 pounds and she continued to workouts. She said that I wanted to be in a good shape after my baby was born.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed according to their survey that about 47 percent of women gain too much weight during pregnancy. Experts agree that women who are a public figure are very conscious about their look. These celebrities always put an eye on the weight and after 2 weeks delivery they come back in their bikini figure. According to a survey, it has been found that 48 percent of women are cutting their calories, restricting over food groups and over exercising during their pregnancy. So, experts say that Women who are hyper-focused on their weight might actually fear having a baby and how their lives will change? Pregnancy is a time periods when many things goes out of control. The food and exercises really works as the coping mechanism.

Risk of over exercising and strict diet

Pregnant women generally face a higher risk of bone and muscle loss, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and anemia which can cause fatigue and weakness. Dr. Daniel Roshan, an OB-GYN and director of ROSH Maternal-Fetal Medicine in New York City says that over exercising and very strict diet put the unborn baby on the higher risk of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), a condition in which the baby doesn’t grow normally and has a low birth weight. This problem generally causes by the problems with the placenta and other complications which can lead to the severe issues which can be continue till the birth of baby and it may demand a cesarean section. Small babies who have the problem of breathing, feeding and have low Apgar scores may need to be monitored in NICU. Dr. Roshan says that this type of baby may grow the problems with brain development and intellectual disability.

According to a study out of U.K revealed that pregnant women who doesn’t eat enough calories during pregnancy is actually increasing the risk factors of being obese later in the life for their babies. Even more alarming study which was published in the American Journal of Public Health found that babies born to women who didn’t gain enough weight during pregnancy were more likely to die in the first year of life, compared to those women who gained more weight.

Focus on your health, not weight

Maruka was back in the gym after two and half weeks of delivery of her baby boy and she was recommended to wait till six weeks. Her son weighed 5.7 pounds which was considered to be low birth weight. The recommended weight of baby at the time of delivery should be 7.5 pounds. According to National Institute of Health revealed that babies who born with low birth weight are at the higher risk of developing many types of health issues like infections early in life, or delayed motor and social development.  Even though, Maruka ignored her doctor’s warning and kept her baby on the risk. She said, felt proud that I have maintained my body during my pregnancy and what doctors considered to be a healthy weight during her pregnancy. According to her, baby was a perfect weight and she was not able to push out eight or more pounds of baby. She said, her son had the same birth weight as she did.

However, health experts say that pregnant women should eat well balanced diet instead of placing too much focus on calories, workouts and weight gain. If they will be worried about their weight gain, it will cost their sense of calm, trust and happiness about mom to be. So, you are suggested to look at the pattern instead of looking at the weight gain. As you start looking at the pattern with your doctor that is based on the flexibility not on the fear of gaining weight and you’ll find that pregnant women are gaining weight within the recommended range without trying to control it. Rebecca Scritchfield, a registered dietitian nutritionist and a health and happiness expert in Washington, D.C said that I’s also very important to realize that pregnancy period is unpredictable and you can experience morning sickness, cravings, hormonal fluctuations and energy levels interfere. So, at this time be flexible and stay calm. When fear ends up driving the car, you end up making irrational choices that cause more stress, which is not good for you or the baby. Always try to involve something which makes you feel happy and relaxed, it will help you to enjoy the most amazing time in every women’s life.


Pregnancy Tips | Some Common Health Issues During Pregnancy

health problems during pregnancyPregnancy is a time when a woman has to provide full of help. Support and rest. Pregnancy requires a lot of attention which can help to eliminate all the stress, tension and lack of rest. These all facilities are provided to pregnant women because these things will help in development of fetus. During pregnancy getting sick is not a good sign because it can cause any kind of problem which can affect the baby too. So, this is normal to have some health issues during pregnancy. This health issues arises during pregnancy and sometime you develop it which you have already faced it in past. If you get the chronic health condition, you must visit your doctor immediately.

Risk factors during pregnancy


  • Anemia- This is a kind of problem when numbers of healthy red blood cells are lower than normal. In this health condition, a pregnant woman is advised to take iron and folic acid tablets. During pregnancy blood test reveal the entire data of red blood cells and white blood cells. If doctor find it lower than normal, he prescribes some supplements to increase the blood level. Symptoms of anemia include tiring feeling, pale yellow look, fatigue and shortness of breath.
  • Depression- This situation arises when new mother feels extreme sad due to any reason during pregnancy.infertility-solution This extreme sadness leads a pregnant woman to depression which is not good for her and baby’s health. Depression can be treated by one or combined treatments like therapy, support group and medicines. Depression during pregnancy can affect the development of baby and that’s why treatment of depression is the first priority of family member. Symptoms of depression in pregnant women are intense sadness, helplessness and irritability, changes of appetite and thoughts of harming self and baby.
  • Fetal problems- It includes the poor health condition of unborn baby like poor growth or heart related issues. Treatment starts after checking the result of test to monitor fetus health. If the test shows any kind of problem. Do not panic. It only means that mother has to take extra care of her health and sometime bed rest is suggested or baby can deliver early in this case. Symptoms of fetal problems are less movement of baby, smaller size of baby than normal at gestational age and some problems can be finding through prenatal test.
  • Gestational diabetes- This diabetes condition only occurs during pregnancy and that’s why this is known as pregnancy diabetes. In this condition pregnant women’s blood sugar level goes very high. Many women are able to control their blood sugar level by following strict diet plan and some needs insulin to make their insulin level normal. Health expert says that if the blood sugar level cannot be controlled during pregnancy then it can cause preeclampsia, early delivery, birth of baby through c-section, size of baby big which can make the delivery complicated, baby born with low blood sugar, breathing problems, and jaundice. Symptoms of gestational diabetes don’t indicate but sometime women can feel extreme thirst, hunger and fatigue. Gestational diabetes can be finding through screen test.pregnancy-miracle
  • High blood pressure- This problem generally arise when a woman is more than 20 weeks pregnant. This is common during pregnancy and it goes away after delivery of baby. In order to make sure high blood pressure is not preeclampsia; mother and baby’s health should be watched closely. It doesn’t show any symptoms.

During pregnancy if you get any above written health issues, do not take these matters lightly and visit your doctor immediately. Be relaxed and do some pregnancy exercise and focus on your diet during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tips | 4 Most Important Pregnancy Wellness Tips

getting pregnantPregnancy period is the most wonderful time in every woman’s life that gets this opportunity. During pregnancy women has to take extra care of her health because one more life is totally dependent on her. In fact pregnancy time is the most special time in whole life when women get the entire wish fulfilled by her friends, family and partner. Everybody take care of her and suggests her tones of advice for pregnancy wellness. Getting pregnant is the natural instinct but after conceiving taking care of mother should be the first priority of family member. Many women who get pregnant are suggested by her family member to eat a lot and just have the plenty of rest. Eating and relaxing for whole day is not good for anyone and especially for pregnant women this is hardly accepted. Yes! It is true that pregnant women are suggested to have rest and eat a lot of good things but having rest means you are not allowed to do any hard work which can affect your fetus. But pregnant women can simply do some house and office work as regular and she can take the rest in every interval. Here are some most important pregnancy wellness tips which can help you in maintain a happy and healthy pregnancy so that you can deliver a healthy baby.

  1. Healthy diet- When it comes to pregnancy wellness tips, healthy diet is the most important in fact it has to be given the first priority. A healthy diet which includes all the nutrients which is important for the overall growth of fetus. Health expert says that a healthy diet which is recommended for pregnant women should not be very complicated. According to health expert diet which is rich in all the important nutrients which is necessary for fetus and mother is more beat infertilityimportant in the first trimester of pregnancy. It has been found that it’s difficult to obtain all the important nutrients from food and especially when you are suffering from the nausea or morning sickness. So, you can take some supplements like folic acids and calcium which should be prescribed by your doctor. To get all the benefit from your foods and drink, you can replace your most loved drink like cold drinks or coffee with milk or juices. Milk and fresh fruits and vegetables juice is very effective all the time but these are more effective during pregnancy. If you want to maintain a healthy and slim body after pregnancy, please focus on your calories intake. While eating fresh and balanced diet during pregnancy, you don’t have to more stressful for your weight after delivering your baby. Eating a healthy diet with all the nutrients will help you in maintaining a happy and healthy pregnancy.
  2. Exercise- Doing exercise during pregnancy means you don’t have to hit the gym. Some yoga poses and light stretches are good during pregnancy. Walking is one of the most suitable exercises for pregnant women. Just remember one thing, whatever you are doing, either it may be yoga, stretches or just walking but don’t overdo it. Walking is said to be a very good exercise not only for pregnant women but for everyone. Brisk walking increases the energy level and improves the blood circulation. Please note that you have to avoid all type of sports activity and physical activity which involves put strains on joints and hips like difficult yoga poses and running or jogging. Exercises during pregnancy help you cope with extra body weight of baby. It is a proven way to provide a fresh feeling to your mood, increases the energy level and you feel active throughout the day.Pregnancy-Miracle
  3. Good oral hygiene- During pregnancy oral hygiene is the most important factor because due to conception, hormone level gets increase and inflammation of the gums occurs. Maintaining a good oral hygiene can give you the most amazing benefits. Flossing may help you reduce diseases which are associated with gums, decreases systemic inflammation. Good oral hygiene during pregnancy may actually help in reducing the risk of pre-term labor. Here are some symptoms of bad oral conditions which includes tender, red and swollen gums, gum bleeding and bad breath. Health experts suggest that do not ignore any type of dental problems especially during pregnancy because it may be the indication of something wrong inside the body which can harm your baby’s health. Gum diseases are associated with pre-term birth. Visit your dentist and have a proper cleaning to maintain a good oral hygiene during pregnancy in order to avoid pre-term birth.
  4. Be stress free- As you know that stress and tension is not a good sign for anyone and it is totally discarded during pregnancy. Stress is a bad signal for your mental status during pregnancy which can directly affect your unborn baby. Every woman feels nervous about the delivery of her baby and it is more common in first pregnancy. Little bit stress is normal because it occurs due to changes in life and body but very stressful lifestyle during pregnancy may create the problems in maintaining a healthy pregnancy and it can cause miscarriages too. So, it’s suggested to be stress free during pregnancy. In order to maintain calm and stress free pregnancy, you should learn some tips which can help you in maintain a mental calm. You can do some yoga poses and meditation to attain mental calm. Walking in fresh air is also a good idea to avoid stress.

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Above written pregnancy wellness tips are very important in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy. All women who are pregnant and staying in a large or small family should focus on above written tips. You can also consult your doctor to get some more pregnancy wellness tips. Visit your doctor regularly as it is prescribed and think positive for the arrival of your baby. Worry during pregnancy is a normal fact because you are growing a life inside you. However, do not worry, just relax and think about your baby.

Potty Training | 5 Simple Steps For Potty Training In Just 3 Days

potty trainingPotty training for kids requires a lot of patience. When your baby has born, you must have got surrounded with your friends and family. They all share their views in order to take care of new born baby. When time comes to train your toddler, again the friends and family gives the list of tricks and ideas on how to give potty training to your toddler. All the parents have own experience of training their kids for poop and they just share their tips and ideas with to make the potty training possible without any nervousness. You must have noticed that every child is unique and their personalities are totally different from each other. If you are a mother of two or three, then you must have seen the big differences between your all children. If any idea or tip has worked very well for one kid, it doesn’t mean that it will work well for every kid. Getting others tips and ideas are not at all a bad thing but you have to just adapt it according to your child’s personality.

Potty training tips


Potty training is a very important task for early child hood which needs to be accomplished in early stage of life. In order to provide your child potty training, you have to use your set of certain skills together like being able to interpret the signals your body is giving you, undressing, having some control over your bowels and bladder, and washing your hands. You have to teach your child all these skills to make your child’s potty training session successful. Experts say that before start your toddler’s potty training session, your child should be both biologically and emotionally ready. All children are not ready at the same age. Time will not harm their intelligence, personality, or motivation. So, follow the step by step tips for potty training of your child.

  1. A potty chair- Give your child a potty chair instead of making your toddler habitual with your regular toilet seat. Many children get scare of sitting on top of the toilet seat in the beginning. Giving a potty chair will make the child feel secure and comfortable and later you can make him/her to sit on the toilet seat.
  2. Place for potty chair- Always place the potty chair at convenient place of your child like you can place the chair at the play are where your child spends a lot of time. Do not put it in the bathroom. It should be easy to access in the beginning.
  3. Make your child feel special- After bringing potty chair, let your child explore it. Make him feel special that your brought this special potty chair only for him.
  4. Make him practice slowly- Make your child to use this chair for poop and urine. Do not force him and just give him time to understand what this chair is and how to use it.
  5. Praise for every single progress- Praise your child for everything whether it should be a very small progress or a big one. You can use some sticker too to make him feel special for doing such things.

However, these are the general tips which can be used for almost every child but as I told you that every child is unique. So, before starting potty training, you should make the plan according to your child’s behavior. You can also take the expert advice which can help you in dealing with your child in your style. On the internet so many tips and ideas are available for potty training but you should go for that program which can really guarantees the success. Potty training in 3 days is really an awesome product which can help you in potty training your kid in just 3 days. It is effective for every type of children it provides the tips according to the child’s personality. To know more, visit the official site of potty training in 3 days.

when to start potty training