Diabetes Cure | How Painless Patch Created By Scientists Control Diabetes? | North Carolina

smart-patchDiabetes is the most common condition these days which affects millions of people on the earth. There are no age bars because it affects all age group. So, the treatment of diabetes is not yet confirmed but there are several ways which can help to control blood sugar. Now, the researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University at Raleigh have discovered another option to control diabetes. They created a synthetic patch which can be filled with natural beta cells that can secrete doses of insulin to control blood sugar levels on demand without the risk of inducing hypoglycemia. This creation of insulin patch is the proof of concept builds on an innovative technology and the “smart insulin patch” was reported last year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. These two patches are thin polymeric squares about the size of a quarter and covered in tiny needles, like a miniature bed of nails.

Blood Pressure Cure

Whereas, the former insulin patch was filled with human made bubbles of insulin and this new integrates the needles with live beta cells. Former was known as smart insulin patch and this new one is known as “smart cell patch”. The test of this painless patch is done on the small animals which can be the model of type 1 diabetes and result shows that it could quickly respond to skyrocketing blood sugar levels and significantly lower them for 10 hours at a time. Result of this painless patch were published in the journal Advanced Materials. Zhen Gu, PhD, assistant professor in the joint University of North Carolina and North Carolina State department of biomedical engineering said that this study provides a potential solution for the tough problem of rejection, which has long plagued studies on pancreatic cell transplants for diabetes. Additionally, it demonstrates that we are able to build a bridge between the physiological signals within the body and these therapeutic cells outside the body to keep blood sugar levels under control.

diabetes preventionBeta cells works as the body’s natural insulin manufacturer and it resides in the pancreases. In a healthy human being, it works to produce store, and release the hormone insulin in order to process the sugar that builds up in the blood stream after having a mean. In diabetic people, these beta cells get either damaged or they are not able to produce enough insulin which can keep the blood sugar under control. As we know that diabetes is affecting million of people in the world and who are suffering from type 1 diabetes and advanced type 2 diabetes, always monitor their blood sugar level and try to keep it under control. In order to keep blood glucose level under control, diabetic people inject themselves with variety of insulin which are very painful and imprecise. If they inject wrong amount of medicines, it can lead to significant complications such as blindness and limb amputations or even more disastrous consequences such as diabetic comas and death.


Researchers have researcher transplantation of insulin-producing cells as an alternative treatment for diabetes and first successful transplant of human beta cells was performed in 1990. After that hundreds of diabetic patients have undergone the procedure. Now most transplants are rejected, and many of the medications used to suppress the immune system wind up interfering with the activity of beta cells and insulin. This new painless patch are applied to the skin, the patch’s micro needles poked into the capillaries and blood vessels that forms a connection between the internal environment and the external cells of the patch. So, now you can control your blood sugar level by just applying this painless patch.


Here are some more tips about how to manage blood sugar naturally, please visit the official website.

Diabetes Treatment | A Positive Way To Control Your Diabetes

type 2 diabetesDiabetes is a rising problem these days but health experts says that it can be controlled. According to a recent survey, it has been found that diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death for citizens of United States of America. Rates at which people are being diagnosed are also rising at double pace. For the running month, Health Check 12 James Quinones sets the record straight about some common types of myths and facts that is most important to know. A recent sufferer of diabetes condition Deirdre Nezzie was in shock when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She said that she was in the denial condition for two to three months. She assumed that diabetes condition is also the same condition when people suffer from cold and fever and after taking medicines for sometimes, it goes back.


Diabetes is that type of condition that doesn’t go back and it affects your whole life, if you will not control on the correct time. Anyway, Deirdre Nezzie is not alone. According to The American Diabetes Association estimates that approximately 29 million Americans people either have diabetes or they at the greater risk of pre-diabetes. Many studies have done on diabetes and a new research is offering new insights into diagnosing and treating the condition of diabetes. For example, type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes because it only appears in younger age group and in this condition; your body doesn’t produce enough insulin. But age is no longer a factor says Sathya Jyothinagaram, the executive director for the Institute of Diabetes at Banner Health. In fact, one of the oldest people I have ever diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When she was first developed the condition, she was 77 years old. In the other hand, type 2 diabetes is known as mature onset diabetes.

diabetesType 2 diabetes is now being found in teenagers. In fact type 2 diabetes has become the fastest growing segment of the population within teenagers said Jyothinagaram. Health experts say that the leading causes of higher level of glucose or type 2 diabetes are obesity and a genetic pre disposition. Anyway, Deirdre Nezzie was in shocked after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but she said that it was a waking call for me. She overhauled her lifestyle and signed up for a triathaon. She said that she was weighing 230 pounds when she started the triathaon and she lost 50 pounds. First she was used to sit at home and doing nothing physical activity but after joining triathaon, now she is used to go for swimming, running and biking. Now she became the part of the Tour de Cure. It is a cycling event which raises money for diabetes research.

How-does-it-work-diabetes-destroyerHowever, here you have seen that how Deirdre Nezzie got herself in shocked when she first heard that she is suffering from type 2 diabetes but she took it in a positive way started her lifestyle changes to live her life with full harmony. You can also do it, if you find that you suffering from high glucose level or you are at the greater risk of developing diabetes. You just need to do some lifestyle changes and you can be able to control your diabetes naturally. For more information about how to control diabetes naturally, please visit the official website.

How Diabetes Drugs Can Exhaust Insulin Producing Cells? | Stockholm | Miami

diabetesDiabetes is near the epidemic and millions of people are suffering from this condition. treatment for this high blood glucose level are several like many people go for natural and ayurvedic ways and many people uses the high tech devices and medicines to control their blood sugar level. A recent study which has been done on the uses of Liraglutide. This is a medicine which is generally used for making the blood sugar level normal and it is used by the patient of type 2 diabetes. The study has been done on the mice to find the effects of using long term of liraglutide.

According to researchers from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and University of Miami. USA. Researchers say that if people, who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and using liraglutide for the long term, may have a deteriorating effect on insulin-producing beta cells. These cells will lead them to an increase in the level of their blood glucose.

diabetes preventionResearchers claim that they have compelling evidences which can proof that liraglutide therapy is more effective, if it is used for short span because it makes an initial reduction in the level of blood glucose. Anyway, many people who uses this liraglutide therapy for type 2 diabetes doesn’t show any respond to it but some people even shows the adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Researchers from Stockholm and Miami conducted this study on mice and they implanted them with human insulin producing cells. This blood sugar suppressor ion the form of analogues of the in cretin hormone GLP 1. This is mainly used in the diagnosis of diabetes type 2 since they help to stimulate the glucose response to the pancreatic beta cells to make them secrete more insulin.

How-does-it-work-diabetes-destroyerAs we read earlier that to find the effects of using in cretin therapy for long term, researchers used the mice which was humanized by transplanting human insulin-producing cells into the anterior chamber of the eye. These mice were receiving daily dose of liraglutide for more than 250 days. Meanwhile researchers from Stockholm and Miami were monitoring them to find how the pancreatic beta cells were affected by using liraglutide for such a long time.

Study shows an initial improvement in the insulin producing beta cells which was gradually followed by exhaustion with reduced secretion of insulin as a response to glucose. Researchers say that this was unexpected. Midhat Abdulreda from University of Miami says that lack of clinical study on the effects after a long time of these drugs which is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, and that’s why this is the most important discovery.

Per-Olof Berggren from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm says that before prescribing these blood sugar suppressing GLP 1 analogues for the long term treatment regimens for patients, we also need take the result of this study into account. Berggren says that our study also focuses in general that how to carry out in vivo studies about the effects of diabetes drugs on human insulin producing cells if it is used for long term. This report was first published in the journal Cell Metabolism and the information has taken from www.dnaindia.com

diabetes-destroyerHowever, this report shows that people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and using liraglutide for the long time may have the more prone to exhaust their insulin producing cells. According to Center For Disease Control, it has been found that every 3 out of 5 American adult are the patient of overweight or obese. Obesity is the major cause to lead you to diabetes. So, now a day, we all are struggling to maintain a healthy and fit body which should be disease free. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, many people are opting natural diet, super foods and countless wonder diets.

diabetes destroyerDiabetes also to be treated naturally which will lead you to no side effects. Here is a product which is used to regulate your blood glucose level to the normal is called as diabetes destroyer. This diabetes destroyer is a step by guide that reveals scientifically proven ways in 3 simple steps. These 3 steps are designed to help you permanently reverse your diabetes without eating weird taste foods, expensive medicines and doing tough exercises. So, if you want to know more about diabetes destroyer, please visit the official website.

Diabetes | Does Diabetes Medicine Could Treat Heart attack? | Newcastle

diabetes-and-heart-diseaseDiabetes is near the epidemic and millions of people are suffering from this condition. According to a recent survey from the International Diabetes Federation, it has been found that 382 million (8.3 %) of people in the world are suffering from diabetes and it is estimated that by 2035, the number will rise up to 592 million. The reason of occurring diabetes is not exactly the same for everybody. As we first knew that high blood sugar level can occur due to over-weight, highly consumption of sugar and after a stage of life but now many people are getting this condition even if they are not over-weight, not eating too much sugary products and now teens and many kids are getting affected by diabetes. So, factors which are responsible for causing higher blood glucose level is not yet clear but generally we can say that over-weight or obesity, higher consumption of sugary and highly processed foods and lack of physical activity can increase the level of blood sugar.

Diabetes and heart disease

diabetes preventionHeart disease is the leading health illness which generally occurs due to high level of blood glucose. Health experts say that it accounts for more than half of all fatalities and the search for enhanced treatments is of high importance. Now the experts from Newcastle University, United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, UK, and King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, have explored the mechanism behind metformin. This is a key treatment which is generally used to prevent heart disease in diabetic patients. This report is first published in the journal Cardiovascular Diabetology. These experts used the stem cells to cure the heart diseases in diabetic patients. They used stem cells from cord blood and cells from umbilical cord to construct a model simulating a heart attack in a lab. After this experiment, researchers found new blood vessels formation which is very essential in recovery of heart attack.

diabetesHeart attack occurs in diabetic patients just because lack of oxygen due to presence of high blood glucose which delays blood vessels formation while metformin reverse that process. This research put the light on metformin and shows that it affects several new genes which are very important for the growth of new blood vessels. However, not all the patients of diabetes need to take metformin but this research can lead to new drugs because there is a better understanding of action and reaction of the medication. Dr Jolanta Weaver, Senior Lecturer in Diabetes Medicine at Newcastle University, and the led author of the study says that the outcome of heart disease which is found in diabetic patients is much more worsen that those heart diseases which occurs in non diabetic patients. Now a day the demand for better approach of treatment for the survival rate of heart diseases are rises in diabetes patients. Researchers are very excited because they explored a new and better approach of treatment for instantly and it can make a difference to treat heart diseases in patients who are suffering from high blood glucose level. New therapy may now develop but this research is really out breaking for the diabetic patients for prevention from heart disease.

diabetes-destroyerAccording to this research, it can be believed that this study is the first report in order to describe the effect of physiological concentration of metformin seen in the patients of diabetes. This study also focused on the time period of arising the heart attack and the new therapy and it can help the patient most.

What is metformin?

Metformin is an oral diabetes medicine that helps control blood sugar levels and it is a kind of treatment which is cost efficient drug which is generally used as the first line treatment for the patients who has type 2 diabetes as it helps body to produce more insulin. This research was funded by the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Diabetes Charity, Newcastle University and King Abdul-Aziz University in the hope that the ability of metformin will aid heart attack recovery.

Brian Watson the secretary of Diabetes UK Gateshead, (a support group for patients, their families and friends) says that it is very important that as much research as possible should be done into diabetes and I welcome all the study. People who are suffering with diabetes always get worried that their condition puts them to be more likely to increase the risk of heart disease and a heart attack. This research is offering reassurance that experts are gaining a greater understanding into the treatment options available for diabetic patients. So that health experts will be able to save more life in the future.

How-does-it-work-diabetes-destroyerThe research team who doing the study about diabetes at New castle University, United Kingdom is doing a marvelous job and it is fantastic to see the advances that are being made. We are very lucky and grateful that Newcastle University is leading the way in diabetes research says Mr. Watson.

Diabetes prevention

Diabetes treatment are several and the list of diseases are also several. So, if you are the patients of diabetes and looking for the prevention which will not only help you to lower your blood glucose level but it can also help to fight against the health illness which occurs in diabetic patients. As you are the regular reader of my blog, then you must know that I always insist the people to go for natural and holistic treatment. Nature has the power to treat any kind of illness and the most important; it gives you no side effects which you generally get from the high expensive medicines and treatment. Natural treatment for diabetes is full proof to lower your blood glucose level till normal and you can be able to live your life happily again. To get the better result from natural treatment, you should consult an expert advice. Health expert will provide you step by step methods which are very easy to use and it’s very effective in your way. You just need to make some changes in your daily diet and some modification in your regular lifestyle which can be advised by the expert and your diabetes will go away along with the illness which comes with high blood sugar level. So, if you are interested to treat your diabetes naturally, follow the expert advice and visit the official website.

Post-pregnancy weight loss | How To Eat Carbs For Weight Loss? | Lewes

Carbohydrates-For-Weight-LossWeight loss after baby or just want to maintain your healthy weight, but the most important thing is diet. Diet plays the key role in weight loss or keeps off with your health weight. Many people around you have seen that they are going for walking, jogging and doing all the efforts like yoga and exercise but still they are not able to maintain a healthy body weight. Do you know why? Because they do all the efforts in order to maintain a healthy and fit body but their diet plan is not according to a healthy body weight. According to a recent report, many health experts say that if you are unable to do exercises and workouts but you are following strict diet plan, you will definitely achieve your goal to weight loss.

Food and weight loss

In order to lose weight or maintain a fit body is all about the balance and it is especially suited for food. According to a news journal’s annual health challenge, Take It Off is completely focusing on to encourage their reader to get their healthy weight and fit body. The goal of this challenge is weight loss to get healthier and fit body which can help to minimize several types of health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and strokes and many more which generally occurs due to over-weight or obesity. Diabetes is a health condition which is near the epidemic levels and the most important reason is poor eating habit. Weight loss challenge Take It Off is sponsored by Christiana Care Health System.

weight loss tipsWeight loss is simply not possible without knowing how and what to eat better? We get three nutrients from the food which is carbohydrates, protein and fat. Those three nutrients are very important for our body to work promptly. Generally these nutrients often come with a bad rap. Our body needs calories up to 45 to 65 from the consumption of carbohydrates. After consumption of carbohydrates, it broke down and converts in to glucose (sugar). Our pancreases releases insulin into bloodstream helps cells to absorb sugar and convert it into energy. Diabetes arises when the pancreases are not able to produce enough insulin which can help the cells to absorb the carbohydrates and convert it into energy and then the level of blood glucose rises. Risen up of blood glucose or sugar is known as diabetes. Health experts say that carbohydrates play the same role in human’s body as the gas is important to run a vehicle. So, without gas a vehicle is not able to run or move, in the same way without carbs (which gives energy to human body) humans are unable to do anything. But as overfilling up the tank of gas will messes up the engine in the same way excess consumption of carbohydrates will make you gain weight which can be the reason of several deadly diseases.

Eat better for healthy weight

tips for weight lossTrick to figure out that which carbs should be eat and which type of carbs should not eat if you want to lose weight faster and naturally. The amount of consumption of carbs is also very important. We generally get carbs from the consumption of sugars, starches and fibers. These are found in food such as fruits, grains, legumes, vegetables and dairy products. We also get carbs from the snacks items like pretzels, soft drinks and processed foods. When we consume these foods in high quantities, we should burn it immediately but if we get failed to burn off, it may be the reason for creating the risk of weight gain. As you must know that weight gain alone is the single reason to invite several type of health risk like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Many people around us, they don’t associate sugar with pizza and pretzels. They think that they get the sugar for their body only eating after sugar but the body doesn’t behave in the same way. So, if you are also one of them who are eating these types of things, thinking that you are not likely to develop the risk of diabetes, you may be wrong. Stop eating those processed foods and monitor the amount of carbs consumption, not only sugary products.

Choose right Carbs for weight loss

weight lossHowever, if you want to post pregnancy weight loss or simply weight loss or you just want to maintain a healthy and fit body, start choosing the carbs that come from unprocessed whole foods. These carbs are peanuts, chickpeas, quinoa and vegetables and these foods also contains fiber. Lourie Cherundolo, a dietitian with Beebe Healthcare, Lewes says that if you really want to decrease the amount of processed foods, avoid using white flour, low fiber starches, white bread, white pastas because these are low fiber foods. Actually, the main reason to avoid low fiber carbs are that after consuming low fiber carbs it gets digested easily and faster and produces sugar to build up quickly in the blood stream. When body gets too much extra sugar, it can damage the organs and diabetes can occur. Eating high fiber carbs helps to remove waste properly and provides sustainable energy. Alyssa Atanacio, a dietitian with Christiana Care Health System’s Eugene du Pont Preventive Medicine & Rehabilitation Institute says that carbs is the only nutrients that feed the cells of brain because they are easily able to pass through the blood brain barrier which separate the blood in the body from fluid in the brain.

weight loss for womenAccording to Cherundolo from Lewes, if the body will not get sufficient amount of carbs, the body will need to break down and convert protein from muscles and stored fat into energy. This process takes a longer time and it increases the production of waste which puts the extra stress on the kidney. Preparing meals including vegetables and fruits will protect you gravitating toward any processed foods that are easy to throw together on the go, but hard on the body. So, the bottom line of this article is, people who wants to lose weight for any purpose like post pregnancy weight loss or simply weight loss to get a slim and sexy body or you want to avoid health issues which occurs due to over-weight or obesity but you have to eat carbs while choosing the right quality and carbs. If you want expert advice to help you to choose the right diet plan so that you can lose faster and naturally in 3 weeks, visit the official website.

Diabetes | Does Potatoes Increase The Chances Of Pregnancy Diabetes?

gestational diabetesPregnancy requires a lot of demands and in order to complete a happy pregnancy periods, pregnant women need to take extra care of her health. As you know that pregnancy puts many demands on the body and this is the time when a woman can develop many type of health issues including diabetes. When a woman develops diabetes during pregnancy, it is also known as gestational diabetes. Pregnancy diabetes or gestational diabetes go away once the baby is born but in many cases it affects the mother and baby for long term. If the gestational diabetes could not control during pregnancy, it can pose lifelong health risk for mother and baby. So, before getting the information about how to control gestational or pregnancy diabetes, we should know how it appears and which kind of women are more prone to develop gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes risk factors

Here are some most important factors which can be responsible to increase the chances of gestational or pregnancy diabetes. The health researchers look into that account

  • Age of pregnant women
  • History of diabetes among family members
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Very less or lack of physical activity
  • Over-weight or obesity


So, these are the risk factors of gestational diabetes but according to a recent study, it has been found that eating potatoes in any form most days of the week is playing a key role in developing the risk of diabetes among women during pregnancy. This study has been done by U.S researchers. Potatoes are responsible for gestational diabetes because starch in spuds can trigger a sharp rise of sugar in blood stream. This study has tracked more than 21,000 pregnant women but according to experts from U.K, people should eat more starchy foods for fiber, as well as fresh fruit and veg. according to BMJ study, it has been found that higher consumption of potatoes are linked to higher risk of developing diabetes. The author of the study suggests that in order to avoid the risk of diabetes, people should swap couple of serving in a week for other type of vegetables. U.K dietary advice suggests that carbohydrates or starchy foods like potatoes should make up about a third of the food that people generally eat and there is no limiting point of consumption of carbohydrates in a week.

Starchy carbs and diabetes

People eat carbohydrates and food items which have high level of carbs affect the blood sugar quickly. Some high Glycaemic Index (GI) foods also contain carbohydrates and it releases the sugar immediately into blood stream after consumption. Some low Glycaemic Index (GI) foods release the sugar into blood stream more steadily. So, according to researchers if you want to manage your diabetes, you should eat low Glycaemic Index (GI) foods.

diabetes preventionResearchers say that in every four years those more than 21,000 women were asked to provide detail of how often they consume the potatoes and how many cases they noted of gestational diabetes. Over the ten years periods of research, they found that out of 21,693 pregnancies, 854 pregnancies were affected by gestational diabetes.

Researchers found 27% increased risk of diabetes during pregnancy and those women typically ate two to four 100g (3.5oz) servings of boiled, mashed, baked potatoes or chips in a week. They says that people who ate more than five portions of potatoes in a week, the risk of developing diabetes goes up by 50 percent. Researchers suggests pregnant women, if they want to avoid the risk of gestational diabetes during their pregnancy which can affect them and their baby too has to reduce the amount of consumption of potatoes at least two portion in a week. They says for pregnant women just swapping their potatoes consumption twice a week for other vegetables may decrease the chances of gestational diabetes by 9 to 12 percent.

According to Cuilin Zhang, lead study author, from the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, US, says that if the women are developing gestational diabetes during the time of pregnancy it means she is also developing the risk of pre-eclampsia and hypertension. She says that this condition can adversely affect the pregnant women and the unborn baby. By this affect mother will be at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes in a long term. U.K experts say that they did not get any evidence which can harm the pregnant women of eating too much potato.

Swap potatoes to lower glycaemic index (GI) foods

If you want to manage or reduce the risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy, you can simply swap the potatoes for other foods and especially lower glycaemic index (GI) foods.

  1. You can eat sweet potatoes or new potatoes instead of baked or mashed potato.
  2. You can choose granary, pumpernickel or rye bread instead of white and whole meal bread.
  3. Eat pasta and noodles instead of frozen microwaveable French fries.
  4. Start taking porridge, natural muesli or whole grain breakfast cereals.

diabetesThese above written food items are not only for pregnant women but it will be helpful for them also who thinks they are at the risk of developing diabetes. According to Dr Emily Burns, of Diabetes UK, this study doesn’t proof that consumption of potatoes before pregnancy will increase the chances of getting gestational diabetes but it has a potential association between the two. Anyway, researchers say that these result needs investigation. So, for now, pregnant women can avoid the risk of developing gestational diabetes by managing their healthy weight, eating healthy and balanced diet and keeping themselves active. Dr Louis Levy, head of nutrition science at Public Health England, says that in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, not only pregnant women but we all are advice to eat more starchy foods, such as potatoes, bread, pasta and rice, as well as fruit and vegetables to increase fiber consumption and protect bowel health. However, don’t be stressed and focus on your health. Eat healthy foods; involve yourself in any physical activity such as yoga, brisk walk and regular household work. To manage your diabetes naturally, visit the official website of diabetes destroyer.

Getting pregnant- How gestational diabetes can affect you during pregnancy?

gestational diabetesGetting pregnant and becoming mother is the one of the most wonderful feeling for every woman. Pregnancy wellness requires a lot of care and attention towards mother and child. During pregnancy, mother has to be extra careful for her unborn baby. She is advised to eat only those things which can help in the development of the fetus. So, the bottom line is that a pregnant woman has to be very care full about her own health and development of her unborn baby. As pregnancy wellness tips requires a lots of care but still many women are there who suffers from many different type of pregnancy problems. As we all know that getting pregnant and starting your own family is the most precious feeling but it brings a lot chaos with it which is generally known as pregnancy complications. These pregnancy complications include high blood pressure, weight gain, nausea, morning sickness, backache, anemia and the most important gestational diabetes. This diabetes is mainly occurs during the time of pregnancy and that’s because it is also known as pregnancy diabetes. Gestational diabetes is the most common among health issue for women during pregnancy. This type of diabetes is affecting almost 10 percent of women in the world.


What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is most similar with normal diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a condition when your body doesn’t respond to sugar which you generally observe from carbohydrates’ or directly from diabetessugar. According to health expert, it has not been found yet that what exactly causes the condition of diabetes but some most popular factors are there which can be linked like, overweight or obesity, genes, excessive use of sugary product and high blood pressure. You must have heard that pregnant woman should eat for two or she has to gain a certain amount of weight for proper development of the baby but these are only misconception. Health experts say that in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy, mother has to take only 300 calories a day and only 30 to 45 pounds of weight should be increased. Weight of pregnant woman increases automatically when her baby’s weight increases in womb. Mother has not supposed to do anything to gain weight during pregnancy. Efforts for gaining weight during pregnancy may cause several types of health issues including gestational diabetes.

Causes of gestational diabetes

Physicians say that gestational diabetes can affect those women also who have never have any type of diabetes. They say there is no exact findings about what causes gestational diabetes but some clues have been found. Placenta which is connected to you and your baby for the supply of nutrients for the growth and development. As you eat food and after digestion it produces sugar. This sugar enters in your blood stream and your pancreas produces insulin. Insulin is a kind of hormone which helps the sugar (glucose) move from bloodstream to your body in order to generate energy. But during the pregnancy time placenta which connects your baby produces several other hormones. These hormones impair the action of insulin in your cells which raises the level of blood glucose in your body. As the baby grows, placenta produces more and more hormones which can block the action of mother’s body to use insulin. This problem is known as insulin resistance. When pregnant woman’s body is not able to produce and use all the insulin which is required for the pregnancy then gestational diabetes occurs.


Risk factors of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes generally occurs after half of the pregnancy. It occurs when your baby’s body has formed and busy in growth. Generally it doesn’t affect baby and the growth of baby but poorly controlled and undiagnosed condition may lead your baby to some problems. Pancreas works overtime in order to produce more insulin when mother get affected by gestational diabetes but these insulin doesn’t help to lower the level of blood glucose. Higher level of blood glucose reaches to baby through placenta giving the baby high level of blood glucose. This high blood glucose level of baby’s pancreas makes extra insulin to cut blood sugar. As baby gets more energy than the normal requirement for the growth, the extra energy is stored ad fat. This type of health problem can cause macrosomia or fat baby. Baby who comes in the category of macrosomia may suffer from some types of health issues like damage of their shoulders during delivery. Baby can also suffer from low blood sugar at the time of birth as the baby’s pancreas made extra insulin and higher risk of breathing problems. The biggest risk of gestational diabetes actually happens when baby is delivered and who is used to being exposed to higher level of glucose is now not getting any glucose in mother’s milk and still baby’s body is realizing the sugar absorbing hormones. In this condition baby’s blood sugar drops down and leads the baby at the risk of seizure and coma. According to health experts, macrosomic babies are at the higher risk of obesity and when they grow adult, they develop the risk of type 2 diabetes.


Symptoms of gestational diabetes

Generally gestational diabetes doesn’t show any symptoms but you can track it by testing for the condition. Test of gestational diabetes is done during 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes you can find some symptoms of gestational diabetes in pregnant woman. Those symptoms are

  • Increased thirst
  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Increased hunger
  • Blurred vision

Many women feel more frequency of urination and increased hunger but it doesn’t mean diabetesthat pregnant woman is having gestational diabetes. If you have these symptoms, you can visit your doctor so that you will be tested. It is a very important task for every pregnant woman to be tested for gestational diabetes. High blood glucose level is not only harmful for pregnant mother but it is more harmful for baby too. If it possible you can seek the heath cares early before getting pregnant so your doctor can evaluate risk of gestational diabetes as a pregnancy wellness plan. Visit the official website of diabetes destroyer.

Diabetes Treatment | 8 Facts That You Must Know About Diabetes

exercise-tips-for-diabeticsDiabetes is affecting millions of people in the world and many people know about their friends, family member and some near and dear are going through this condition of diabetes. Diabetes is not only the matter of the blood glucose level but is physically and mentally associated with many health issues. Many issues are there behind of diabetes that you might not know.

Facts that you don’t know about your diabetes

  1. People suffering from diabetes can understand the personal and social cost of diabetes is very large and extended. Many people thinks that diabetes patients has to leave eating sweet stuff to keep their blood glucose normal but it has a significant impact on their social and emotional wellbeing.
  2. People normally thinks that there are only three types of diabetes such as type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes which generally occurs during pregnancy but these three are the basic type of diabetes. There are a number of types of diabetes and they all put the same impact on your health. These types of diabetes are very different diseases.diabetes-destroyer-reviews
  3. Generally type 2 diabetes occurs in older people but now many younger generations are also getting affected by type 2 diabetes. As we all know that type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and approximately 80-85% of diabetes patients are suffering from type 2. Diabetes type 2 generally occurs due to overweight or obesity, high blood pressure, not being active enough, unhealthy eating habit and the most important extra fats around the waist and stomach. Other risk factors affected by type 2 diabetes people over the age of 40. These age group people are at the risk of getting the blood glucose level higher because after 40, people tend to spend most of their time while sitting and they reduces the physical activity. People after 40 are more like to get affected by type 2 diabetes because they have not enough time to move around due to peak time of their career.
  4. Life becomes relentless after getting affected by diabetes. Everyday people with diabetes has manage their lifestyle while strict diet according to doctors, finger pricks in order to check blood glucose, keep an eye on carbohydrates consumption, taking insulin or injection, medicines. If you will not keep your blood glucose level under control, it may lead you to kidney failure, heart attack, diabetesstroke, nerve damage and even blindness.
  5. Every aspect and activity can affect your blood glucose level. Many people who are suffering from the pain of diabetes thinks that their life is going just as walking on the tight rope, or riding a roller coaster. Here are several ways to which can help you to manage your blood glucose level like exercise, strict diet plan, stress reduction therapy such as yoga and hormones but these all are few of the things which can wreak havoc with blood sugar when your pancreas is not working properly with your body.
  6. It’s a truth that diabetes patient has the increased risk of depression and it reduces the higher level of well being. When difficulties occur in managing the blood glucose has a negative impact on many people along with their family member. This problem mainly arises in the people’s lives who are suffering from type 1 diabetes but it can affect all types and all ages of diabetic people.
  7. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and lifestyle modification will not work as it does with type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when pancreas of body is not able to produce insulin at all. A pancreas does not produce insulin because the cell that makes the insulin is destroyed by the body’s own immune system. The reason of cells destroying is not so clear yet that why it happens but some triggers are responsible for autoimmune attack. It can be diagnosed if the type 1 diabetic person is under the age of 40 but it can re-occur any time. As you must know that insulin plays the key role to open the blood cells and release glucose from your food and send it to the brain, muscles and organs. These organs need glucose to live. People who are suffering from type 1 condition are advised to replace their insulin if they want to survive.diabetes prevention
  8. People who have the risk of diabetes burn out can experience the feeling of less or lack of interest of self care. Diabetes burn out is a very common problems and it occurs in almost every diabetic people. Diabetes burn out can last a short time and keeps coming and going. It mainly occurs due to failing for not controlling your blood glucose level by doing several efforts like exercises, yoga, strict diet and medication. Diabetes burn out is also responsible for some other factors like if you have any kind of stress and tension in your personal or professional life and you worry about not able to control your blood glucose level. Studies reveals that a major portion of diabetes patients feel the fears, guilt, worries and negative feelings towards life at some stage of life. Here is some risky situation when diabetes burn out can occur like family relationship problem, loss of someone you love, poverty and many more.

However, diabetes is a very common condition it can be as small and big as you’ll take it. If you’ll think it’s just a small health issues then you can tackle it very easily but thinking that it’s a very dangerous condition then you may suffer from diabetes burn out and your condition may become critical. Anyway, how you take your health condition is totally dependent on you but doing regular exercise and some yoga postures, following expert’s diet plan, being happy and stress free and regular check up of your blood glucose will really help you in dealing with diabetes. In order to avoid any type of side effects, you should follow an instructor advice on how to manage your blood glucose level? Visit the official site of diabetes destroyer and get the full detail about managing your blood glucose.

Diabetes | How Women With Diabetes Has Greater Cardiovascular Risk?

Type 2 diabetesType 2 diabetes is affecting billions of people in the world. A new study has found that reveals that women suffering from type 2 diabetes has the greater risk of cardiovascular disease compared to men. According to a recent research it has been suggested that women who has the condition of type 2 diabetes has to more action than men in order to lower risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and strokes. 90 to 95% of diabetes case belongs to type 2 diabetes in U.S.it affecting the both men and women at the similar rate. The recent data reveals that approximately 12.6 million women and 13 millions of men are getting affected by type 2 diabetes. American Heart Association (AHA) says that adult who is going through the condition of type 2 diabetes is two to four times more likely to develop heart diseases or heart stroke than people who are without the condition of diabetes. Generally people who get the disease type 2 diabetes also get connected with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity or over weight. These health conditions play the key role in arising the cardiovascular diseases.

Type 2 diabetes in women increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

diabetes preventionAccording to recent research also suggests that cardiovascular diseases risk among diabetic patients also vary by sex and these findings are reflected in the new American Heart Association (AHA). PhD, chair of the AHA’s statement writing group and professor of medicine and director of the Center for Women’s Health Research at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and coauthor of this study Judith G. Regensteiner says that women suffering from type 2 diabetes are twice at the risk of coronary heart disease than men. Coronary heart disease is one of the most common form of health issues linked to heart. Author also noted that African and Hispanic women also got affected by coronary heart diseases compared to men. According to the Judith G. Regensteiner statement, a woman who has type 2 diabetes is more likely to get heart attack earlier in life than man and she can also die even after the first heart Blood-Pressure-Protocolattack.

Causes of higher risk of cardiovascular diseases in women with type 2 diabetes


Causes of greater risk of cardiovascular diseases in women with type 2 diabetes also depends on the strategies to protect their health. Regensteiner and colleagues pointed out that cholesterol lowering drugs such as statins, blood pressure lowering medications and aspirin are less used by women compared than men. Women are less likely to give prior attention towards their health than men. Type 2 diabetes women are less efficient to keep their blood pressure under control than men and they rarely undergo procedure to open their closed arteries like angioplasty. The authors of this study also add that women with type 2 diabetes also develop the condition of greater risk of cardiovascular diseases when it comes to sex- specific variances which include the reasons for PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Protection from risk of cardiovascular diseases in women with diabetes


How-does-it-work-diabetes-destroyerType 2 diabetes is more deadly for women when compared to men. In order to get the proper protection from the risk of getting affected by cardiovascular diseases, women have to give prior attention towards her health. Women with diabetes have to engage in more frequent and intense exercise in order to lower their risk for cardiovascular disease. The authors of the study suggests that in order to improve the health condition of women with type 2 diabetes may require the blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI should be under control and physical activity could be increased.

However, treating diabetes naturally is one of the best solutions for the entire problem. As you know that diabetes is affecting both men and women equally and they all are suggested to give a prior attention towards their health. Diabetes destroyer is a 100% natural product which provides you step by step guide to eliminate your diabetes forever. If you want more information, please visit the official site of diabetes destroyer.

Type 2 Diabetes | Does Weight Loss Helps To Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

diabetes and weight loss

Type 2 diabetes is affecting almost millions of people on the earth. It has been found that 3.3 million of people in England and Wales are affected by type 2 diabetes. Here is big news that type 2 diabetes can be cured by doing weight loss. A new study by scientists of Newcastle University suggests that if people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes can cure their disease if they will be able to lose weight. This new study shows that this lifetime disease occurs due to fat accumulating in the pancreas and losing weight less than one gram from the organ. This lifetime condition blood sugar level can lead to blindness, stroke, kidney failure and limb amputation. But now scientists from Newcastle University claims that this life time condition can be reversed even in over-weight or obese people who are going through this type 2 diabetes since long time.

How type 2 diabetes can be reversed?

Scientists at Newcastle University have followed 18 people who were obese and suffering from type 2 diabetes for a long time. Those 18 members were given gastric band surgery and put on a restricted diet for eight weeks. After eight weeks they were found to be cured by type 2 diabetes. Those 18 members were age group of 25 to 65. During these experimental periods these 18 participants lost the weight up to an average of 2.2 stone which was almost 13% of weight of their body. Researchers say that they lost 0.6 gram of fat from their pancreases and allows the organs to make the insulin level normal. However, health expert says that people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes can reverse their condition by losing weight and their body function will allow draining excess fat out of the pancreas and body system will work normally. In Britain, the growing health crisis is diabetes and 90% of diabetic patients has type 2. According to a recent survey the number of type 2 diabetes sufferer has increased by 59.8% from the last decades compared to 10 years ago. So, it has been predicted that if the same lifestyle will be continue, the five million people will be diabetic in the year 2025.

diabetesCauses of type 2 diabetes


  • Poor eating habit
  • Lack of exercise
  • Genetics and
  • Over-weight or obesity

Type 2 diabetes was first called as the “mature onset” because it was mainly associated with the middle aged people but now it has found to be wrong. Since 15 years many young and teen aged boys and girls are getting affected by this condition and in September month a three year old girl got affected by this condition. She was youngest patients that ever seen for this blood sugar condition. So, now you can’t say that this blood sugar condition is only linked to middle and old aged people but yes! It is mainly associated with old or middle aged people. Generally type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition which can be controlled by diet restriction then tablets and later eventually insulin. New study from Newcastle University shows that these progressive conditions of blood sugar can be controlled for life time if the patients will be able to lose weight. Researchers found the link between fat which is deposited in the pancreas and type 2 diabetes through a new MRI scanning technique which allowed them to accurately test the levels of fatty deposits in the organ. During the eight weeks of experiment, the MRI scanning techniques shoed the decreased fat level 1.2%. During the experimental eight weeks the diabetes patients were asked to take calories up to 1200 kcal which is half of recommended dose.



Does weight loss helps to cure diabetes for everyone?

Naveed Sattar, professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow says that weight loss is the very big deal in order to cure diabetes. He also adds that losing weight will cure the diabetes is not obviously for everyone but losing weight will make them feel better, lighter and active. Dr Alasdair Rankin, Diabetes UK Director of Research says this study focus on treatment of type 2 diabetes through losing weight. Weight loss ideally should be done by diet and moderate physical exercise. This study mainly focus on maintain the ideal and healthy weight but if some people will be unable to lose weight through diet and exercise should go for surgery also in order to reverse type 2 diabetes. While losing a gram of weight sounds pretty easy but it’s not so easy. You’ll have to lose a lot of body weight to lose this very small amount of weight from pancreas. This research is first published in Diabetes Care and simultaneously and this information has been taken from www.telegraph.co.uk.

diabetes-destroyerWeigh loss seems a very tough task but when you will take it as a challenge then probably you will enjoy losing weight and definitely you will get several health benefits including reversing your type 2 diabetes. So, before starting any weight loss program you must know the fact of health industry which not only hinders your weight loss efforts, but even worse, you could have the early signs of heart disease or cancer without using this method.

  • Why salty foods like chips and French fries are not the real culprits for weight gain?
  • How certain vegetables that you often think are healthy, create serious thyroid problems that add fat to your stomach area even if you are busting your butt in the gym every day.
  • How fat-free, sugar- free, gluten-free, and low-carbs diets will all accelerate your weight because of two body fattening amino acids that are lurking in most of our foods you think are healthy.

weight loss tipsThis health industry injects the acids in the food that you really think as healthy. These acids transport deadly trans fats right into your blood stream, destroying the body’s metabolic system and halts the production of thyroid hormones, (especially in women), which results in abnormal fat storage, specifically around your stomach and thigh area. However, if you want to reverse your type 2 diabetes through weight loss, you must have to follow the expert diet plan. Health experts are very familiar with the healthy diet which will help you in losing weight without any harm. Please visit the official site where you can find several tips and ideas which can help you in weight loss faster and naturally without any side effects.

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