Beauty tips | Best natural beauty advice for hectic lifestyle

beauty-adviceBeauty is one of the most expensive things in the world. Some decades ago, women were supposed to do so many in things in order to get healthy glowing skin, silky soft hair and smooth and shining nails. But now women are also highly ambitious and with the growing work pressure, they don’t have enough to time enhance their beauty naturally and that’s why they go for beauty product which are full of chemical. So, here are some best natural beauty advices which will be suitable in your hectic lifestyle. Now a day’s women want the beauty products that can go with their active lifestyle.

Best natural beauty advice

Beauty TipsFace

A CC cream is good for women on the run. Just put a drop on and it’s white, but when you rub it in, it becomes tinted and it contains a good SPF which will protect your skin with harsh sunrays. You can also use a lip color with moisturizer and it’s easily available in the market.


After face and skin, the clean up your nail game begins. Everyone like to have their nails done. Actually, nails done means it’s such a finishing touch to your daily beauty regime. While you are in hurry, you don’t have time to apply matching nail polish; you can simply put the shade of clean. It’s completely transparent. It’s like you have nothing on but your nails look tips


anti-ageing treatmentYou must have seen a lot of French women use compression stockings and do lymphatic drainage massage as an exercise to increase circulation. A simple way to improve circulation in your legs, you have to put your feet up while you are in any relaxing moment on holiday.


You can recharge your skin by doing regular massage. Massage is a natural way to keep your skin toned, and improve elasticity and circulation. You don’t have to do it very often but you can do it once in a food bibble review

Body fragrance

If you have a busy days like taking care of children, exercising, rushing to work, then you must go for natural deodorant.

Eat more vegetables

Changing the proportion of how much meat to vegetables we put on our plates is good for our bodies and the treatment

Work out for body and mind

Cardio dance is a good option for work out you body and mind including a good sleep, diet, yoga and stretching. You can also use bicycle and enjoy your city and it help you to sooth your mind too.

Beauty care

Use greener beauty regime

I do not want to go for drastic changes to your routine, unless it’s because of a health condition. Instead, I think it’s about balancing and making smart choices. Maybe you’re not into organic makeup but you can buy a natural body moisturizer. I want people to feel good about any change they make, no matter how small. It’s good to do things little by little. If you just make one or two changes, and you feel great, then you want to add more.anti-ageing treatment