Diabetes treatment | Recognize the seven warning signs of diabetes

warning-signs-of-diabetesDiabetes is a biggest health issue of millions of people and it gets increasing every day. Many people get surprise when they first time hear the news about their diabetes. They simply go to the doctor for a routine checkup or because of some specific complaint and their lab work comes back with the bad news that their blood glucose level is high. If they really payed attention to their health, they wouldn’t be surprised. There are many symptoms that show that you are on the risk of pre-diabetes. So, you need to recognize those signs or symptoms in order to protect yourself from having a high level of blood glucose body. Diabetes is not just a single health issue but it is linked with much other health illness, so be ware. Here are some warning signs of diabetes that you need to recognize on time.

  1. Frequent thirst- Your mouth gets dry very often and you need water very frequently. Dehydration is actually about the brain but people thinks, it about mouth and even though your mouth gets dry very often. Actually, brain cells need a steady supply of glucose and when your brain is bathed in overly concentrated sugar water, it will summon fluid from any source to dilute the uncomfortable fluid surrounding each cell. Your brain gets this fluid from other cells, which leads to dehydration. However, you urge to drink copious amounts of fluid as your body tries to overcome the lack of water. So, drink more pure, filtered water instead of drinking soda pop junkies thinking that it will hydrate you.diabetes destroyer
  2. Frequent urination— Its normal thinking that if you drink more water because of constant thirst, then you will be urinating a lot too. You are taking a longer time than normal in sitting in the bathroom because there is too much sugar in your blood and your kidneys are getting a serious sugar bath. And that’s because your kidneys are pulling extra water out of your blood to dilute all this sugar. As your kidneys continuously draw extra water out of your blood in an effort to dilute the sugar and all this water fills your bladder, and this sensation causes the urge to pee and you become thirsty again. Your kidneys do their best to eliminate excess glucose. The amount of protein spilling into the urine also increases with time, which interferes with normal kidney filtration. If your kidneys can’t filter wastes properly, toxins build up in your bloodstream. The insidious thing is that kidney damage can occur even when blood sugar is controlled by medication.diabetes-destroyer
  3. Weakness and fatigue- Many people feel weakness chronic exhaustions but they don’t realize that it happens due to increased level of blood sugar. When the glucose from your meals can’t reach into your cells, your cells can’t produce energy and you feel tired and hungry very often. If glucose from your meals is locked out of your cells, you never get the energy boost or that satisfying sense of fullness after you eat.
  4. Numbness and tingling in hands and feet- these symptoms occurs due to Blood Pressure Curedamage of nerve. It may take months or even years to show up. In the medical term, this pain is called neuropathy. It can occur because the bloodstream is overwhelmed with glucose, which is like acid to your nerves. It damages the delicate nerve endings that extend to the hands, legs, and feet. That’s when you start to feel the pain, numbness, tingling, itching, and other weird sensations that you may be experiencing.
  5. Blurred vision- If your blood glucose levels remain high, fluid may be pulled from your tissues for dilution purposes. It includes fluid from the lenses of your eyes. This may affect your ability to focus and teeny tiny capillaries that lead to your eyes become damaged from all the free radicals. Free radicals are damaging molecules that people with diabetes produce in alarming quantities.diabetes prevention

However, if you have these symptoms, you need to visit your doctor and have a complete check up. Diabetes destroyer is a product which helps to manage your blood sugar in all natural way. It has no side effects and it’s completely natural. For more information, please visit the official website.