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fertilityInfertility in older women is much likely to happen but reproductive lives of mice have been extended by scientists. According to this new research, it has been found that it’s possible to boost fertility in older women or for those who have gone through chemotherapy. While it is an early days when a research team Dr Dave Listijono and Dr Lindsay Wu at University of New South Wales, and the University of Queensland’s Professor Hayden Homer said that the result which was observed on the mice is very much encouraging. This new findings were presented at the inaugural Australian Biology of Ageing Conference, hosted by the University of New South Wales. Dr Dave Listijono said that it was almost impossible to get pregnant for mice after completion of their 12 to 13 months but according to this new study, mice still got pregnant at 16 to 17 months which is equivalent of the late 40s in human age.

infertility causesReproduction clock of a woman starts tickling down after completing the age of 30, said Professor Homer. Anyway, according to this new study, it has been assured that there’s a possibility that even when the effects of ageing have already set in, you could potentially reverse some of that like fertility issues. This study is not a miracle that will help those women who are 60 year old and who are menopausal pregnant but this study is just like miracle for those growing number of women who find that they’re ready in life to start a family, but biologically they might have missed the mark slightly. Dr Listijono said mice’s biological process is just like human being and if it is effective for mice then it’s very promising for human being too. In the coming days, we will potentially use a simple pill in order to improve oocyte (egg) quality and fertility too. For the study purpose, the family of protein that is called as sirtuins were involved. One sirtuin regulates a particular protein, the levels of eggs which were dropped in from older women. The old aged mice and those mice that were given chemotherapy were fed the precursor to a chemical which activates sirtuin naturally.


Fertility expert, Professor Homer said that when we did that in old aged mice, we found that now we can improve the quality of fertility in older mice and some of the preliminary findings suggest that we can actually reverse what is quite severe infertility. Experts said that with the help of this treatment, it seemed to protect eggs during chemotherapy, which can leave cancer survivors unable to have children for whole life. Dr Listijono at University of New South Wales said that chemotherapy is a procedure which leads to infertility through irreversible damage to the oocyte for life time. The preliminary research suggests that it is a miraculous ability to reverse infertility which occurred due to chemotherapy. Professor Homer said that this is a subject to funding the researchers in hope to move on to clinical trials “within a few years”.

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Weight loss | Is Drinking beer effective for weight loss? | Oregon

weight loss and beerAlcohol is usually found to be bad for the health but when it comes to health benefits and alcohol, we generally recommend the red wine because it is rich in antioxidants. Drinking beer means lots of carbs and calories but according to a new study showed that beer can help prevent kidney stones, strengthen bones, and aid your digestive system. Now scientists have discovered another health benefit in your beer. A compound that is called as xanthohumol, a type of flavonoid is found in hops. It can be a boon for weight loss and may help scientists create a novel approach to addressing obesity. Many tests showed the result that xanthohumol, can help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

3 week dietCristobal Miranda, a research assistant professor with Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute and lead author of the study said that No, drinking beer won’t help you lose weight.  A pint of IPA contains only 0.0757 mg of xanthohumol, published in a special issue of Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. So, if you want to derive any benefits of xanthohumol that is found in beer you will have to drink 3,500 pints per day. According to researchers, a concentrated amount of xanthohumol could be packed into a supplement and it can be taken once a day. The supplement of xanthohumol will be very low cost and a very effective treatment for metabolic syndrome, which is responsible to increase the chances of risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other health problems.

tips for weight lossAccording to American Heart Association revealed that about one in three Americans have metabolic syndrome and that’s why it could be a welcome innovation. Miranda says, to find out the actual effect of xanthohumol on weight loss, researchers done it in laboratory on animals and in cell culture. The results have shown the compound found in hops (They are used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, to which they impart bitter, zesty, or citric flavors; though they are also used for various purposes in other beverages and herbal medicine) holds promise, potentially reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. Anyway, before we know its safety and real efficacy for fighting obesity and more, though, studies will have to be conducted on humans.

The-3-Week-Diet-SystemFor the study purpose, lab mice were fed with a high-fat diet and given varying levels of xanthohumol. The all lab mice were fed with the same rich diet and given the sameweight loss with garcinia cambogia amounts of food which generally leads to weight gain or obesity. At the end of the study, the rats who received the highest dosage of xanthohumol cut their LDL or “bad cholesterol” by 80 percent and their insulin levels by 42 percent. The levels of IL-6, a biomarker of inflammation, was reduced by 78 percent but weight gain was 22 percent less in those mice who received xanthohumol in their diets. Miranda says many researchers have long been interested to explore the health benefits of flavonoids, a compound found in tea, garlic, chocolate, apples, blueberries, and other foods. Xanthohumol is also a type of flavonoids found in hops is unique because of its potential to address so many health problems, and to do so dramatically. The most important part of Xanthohumol is only found in the hop plant, and is not naturally present in any other plant. Miranda says, any product like beer, hop tea, or a beverage or dietary supplement in which hops, or hop extracts are used may contain xanthohumol.

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weight loss with garcinia cambogia

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