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male infertilityInfertility is rising and it occurs due to multiple reasons. Unable to get pregnant is not only the women’s fault but it can be due to inability of men too. As we all read that infertility in men and women occurs due to use of many types of chemical and exposer to toxic environment. Now the researchers of Denmark have presented a new study which claims that using sunscreen lotion and cream is also responsible in making a man and a woman infertile for lifetime. According to this study that using ultraviolet-filtering chemicals in these sunscreens interfere with normal sperm cell and progesterone functions. This study was presented on 1 at the 98th annual meeting of Endocrine Society in Boston.


Sunscreen and infertility

Professor in University of Copenhagen and researcher in Copenhagen University Hospital in Rigshospitalet Niels Skakkebaek explain that why unexplained infertility is more common these days. He adds that when we use sunscreen lotion or cream on our body, some UV filters get absorbed through the skin rapidly which contaminate the body. Investigation has found these chemicals in blood samples and in 95 percent of urine samples. The researchers have examined the U.S and European in order to get the effects of using sunscreen lotion and cream and they found UV filters on sperm cells. They took the sperm cells from the healthy human donors and were placed in a buffer solution that mimicked the fallopian tubes.

Researchers looked into the indication of calcium which was caused by an alteration in infertility-solutioncalcium ion concentration. They found that the movement of calcium ions within sperm cells through the cation channels of sperm (CatSper) is crucial for normal function of cell. Cation channels of sperm or CatSper is very necessary for the fertility in men and this is the main sperm receptor for progesterone that activates the sperm to swim in order to get the egg. When progesterone binds to CatSper, a temporary influx of calcium ions into the sperm cell occurs, causing sperm dysfunction.

After examination of effects using sunscreen lotion and cream, researchers found 29 out of 31 were affected. 13 tested UV filters stimulated calcium ion influxes that prevented normal sperm cell function. These include the eight US-approved padimate O, avobenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, meradimate, octisalate or octyl salicylate, octinoxate or octyl methoxycinnamate and oxybenzone or benzophenone-3 or BP-3.

infertility causesHowever, from these 13 U.V filters, 9 imitated the effects of progesterone that directly activates the CatSper channel stimulating the surge of calcium ion. Some have even affected the sperm’s ability to move through the female reproductive tract, which is also known as sperm motility. According to researchers, these U.V filters are also used in makeup, moisturizers and lip balms. They warns that even applying a small amount of sunscreen can cause these effects. Anyways, researchers say that but still more investigations are needed. They recommend agencies responsible for regulating these chemicals to delve into their effects before approving these for public use.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookAnyway, natural and holistic ways are proven for centuries and it doesn’t need any more study to get the effects of using it. So, if you are one of them, who are suffering from infertility through any reason, just follow the natural and holistic approach suggested by expert and beat you any type of infertility. These natural and holistic approaches will provide you step by step guide and get pregnant in just 2 months. For more information, please visit the official website.

Weight loss | How does embolization is effective in weight loss?


Weight loss preliminary study suggests that a procedure which was used by long time in order to halt stomach bleeding is now offering another way to treat severe type of obesity. According to the study of seven severely obese adults, found that the minimally invasive procedure caused no serious complications. This procedure also spurred some weight loss and patients who used this procedure lost their 13 percent of excess body weight on average over the next six months.

tips for weight lossAccording to experts, the procedure, bariatric artery embolization is still remains the clinical trial and it is not approved for weight loss yet. Now it’s not clear that whether or how it could fit in with the current treatments for severe obesity. Those treatments include invasive procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, which alters the digestive tract to limit how much food a person can eat and the body’s absorption of calories.

fat lossDr. Clifford Weiss, an associate professor of radiology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and he also led this new study, says that those procedures are highly effective, but they also have some risks. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveals that short-term risks include bleeding and infections and in the long run, people can develop nutritional deficiencies and potentially dangerous hernias. He also adds that embolization could potentially works as an intermediate step between lifestyle changes and weight-loss drugs which have limited effects for severe obesity and gastric surgery.

The approach of this embolization is an extension of a long-used procedure which can be named as gastric artery embolization, where microscopic beads are injected into an artery supplying the stomach. Traditionally, it has been done in emergency situations to stop serious stomach bleeding but this new study has revealed that embolization may also help in weight loss. this study has been conducted on 32 patients who had the procedure for stomach bleeding, found a pattern: Those who’d had the left gastric artery treated lost 8 percent of their body weight, on average, over the next three months and in contrast, patients who had a different artery embolized, lost 1 percent of their body weight.

Dr. Weiss explained that left gastric artery supplies a part of the stomach called the fundus, which produces the hormone ghrelin and ghrelin’s main job is to stimulate hunger. He also adds that our hypothesis is that embolization can helps weight loss by lowering ghrelin production but it’s not proven yet. Dr. Clifford Weiss has planned to present his findings on Sunday at the annual meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology, in Vancouver, Canada. He stressed that this study is preliminary and it is designed to only to test the safety and feasibility of embolization as an obesity treatment.

weight loss

Weight loss through embolization is a kind of procedure, that you can ask your local radiologist to do but some centers in U.S. are running the clinical trials of this approach. Dr. Bruce Wolfe, a spokesman for the Obesity Society and a professor at Oregon Health & Science University, in Portland says that what remains to be seen is whether embolization has lasting effects that are actually worthwhile. He added the weight loss in this preliminary study was “modest,” and on par with lifestyle changes and medication not surgery. Dr. Weiss says that embolization, by itself, would be enough. The main goal is to decrease a patient’s hunger and it can be used as a tool to be used with proper diet and exercise. This is not a magic bullet against obesity.

How to get pregnant? | 3 most common signs of male infertility

male infertilityInfertility is often considered around the women. If a woman is not able to get pregnant, people often thinks, it must be the woman’s fault but it’s not always true. Men can also be responsible for causing inability to conceive in women. So, if you are also one of them who are trying to get pregnant since long time without success, you must notice the symptoms of infertility in your male partner, which might help you to find ways. These symptoms are not only the signs of male infertility but they are the indication that should be concern, if you are trying to conceive faster and naturally.

Ejaculation and orgasm problems

This is one of the most common and biggest problems of male infertility. This is technically known as an ejaculation disorder. Experts say that there is not only one cause for it but this is the basic symptoms though, is that ejaculation is not normal, whether it only produces a small amount of fluid, rarely happens, is impeded by erectile dysfunction, or something else.

Pregnancy-MiracleEjaculation disorder generally occurs due to huge variety of things as it happens. There is a phenomenon called retrograde ejaculation, where the semen actually goes backward into the bladder instead of outward. This problem mainly causes due to use of certain medications like anti psychotics, neural condition and problems in spinal cord. These reasons can be responsible for difficulties. Anyway, it needs to be checked out because sperm plays the key role in making baby plan or getting pregnant.

Vericocele testicles

If you find lump or swelling in your testicles, it may be a vericocele and it may be bad for your capability of reproduction. Health experts say that if you notice it early, it can be easily treated in most cases. Vericocele is a swelling vein in the testicles which looks like a varicose vein which prevents the proper drainage and lower sperm counDownload-Pregnancy-Miraclet. The causes of these Vericocele testicles are not yet confirmed but signs of it include dull pain, swelling of the testicles, lumps, and visibly enlarged, angry veins. Almost 10 to 15 percent of men suffer from this problem but it can be solved with the help of surgical intervention. So, if you have any kind of lump or problem with your testicles, do not make any delay in checked out because it may prove to be an impediment to fertility.

Lower sperm count

The simple reason of male infertility is low sperm count and not enough sperm get a chance to get the eggs for fertilization. This has a fascinating scientific name as oligozoospermia but in fact it leads to a lot of pain and the reason of not able to get pregnant naturally for many couples. Low sperm count in a man is defined if they have fewer sperm than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. It sounds tremendous but considering that semen analysis medicine counts between 20 and 150 million sperm per milliliter as normal. This is the symptom that cannot detect on your own but it can be detected with the diagnostic help. There are many reasons which can lower sperm count like infections in the testicles to high levels of sperm-attacking antibodies, environmental exposure to toxins, imbalanced hormone levels, and previous experience of STDs. Many reasons from them can be solved while other requires a long way of treatment.

get pregnant fastHowever, if any of these signs that you find in yourself, you need to get to a doctor to find out what’s going on. Anyway, you can try natural and holistic approach in order to treat any type of infertility in men and women and it has no side effects. Natural and holistic approach helps you to be able to make your female partner pregnant in just 2 months. For more information, please visit the official website.

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