Infertility | Is Fast Food Linked To Cause Infertility? | New York

fast-foodInfertility has taken a largest place in today’s generation’s life. You can find many people around are suffering from any of the reason of inability to conceive naturally. Unable to get pregnant was very rare condition some years ago but now one in five couple is dealing with infertility. Anyway, in this blog you can find several articles, news and tips to get pregnant naturally and how to beat infertility? So, today we are going to discuss about the most loving but most cursed thing in today’s life. You often seen that people warn to eat fast food because this is not just good for the sake of health it’s not pocket friendly too. But instead of quitting this cursed food for the goodness of our health, we all love to eat this. Many of us can find themselves tempting when these types of fast food are offered.

Fast food and infertility

Till now, we were thinking that fast food is not good for health because it increases the chance to develop diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity but according to a recent report, it has been cleared that fast food consumption may increase the chance of infertility too. Fast food consumGet-Pregnant-Fastption has become the biggest threat among the health risk. Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition and food studies at New York University says that traditional fast food was never meant to be the daily fare and it should not be. Fast foods are very high in calories and salt and the chemicals which should be kept in the food through industrial food production. As you must know that the chemicals that get into our food supply through industrial food production is not good for our health but it increases the chance to develop many types of illness and disability like getting pregnant naturally.

infertilityAccording to a study which was conducted recently shows that Big Macs and Whoppers might also cause inability to conceive naturally or infertility. Ami Zota, an assistant professor of environmental and occupational health at George Washington University and one of the study’s authors says that we do not want to create any type of paranoia or anxiety but this finding may be an alarm for those used to eat fast food on daily basis. Zota later adds that we would prefer to refer this finding as “striking” instead of “alarming because it’s not every day that you conduct a study where the results are this strong.

pregnancy-miracleThis study found that if a person increases the consumption of fast food may give the result of higher amount of potentially harmful chemicals that includes a phthalates — an acid that is found in many products like soaps, makeups, and luggage and automobile interiors. Phthalates helps to make any item softer and flexible that is used in hundreds of consumer and industrial products that demand high performance, long-lasting wear and durability. It is also used in the process of fast food preparation. It has been found that the more machinery, plastic, conveyor belts and various forms of processing equipment that food touches, the more likely the food is to contain higher levels of phthalates. Zota said that you can find a vast amount of scientific evidence which suggests that certain phthalates can contribute to several adverse health effects. Zota adds that I really hope that this study could help to raise public awareness about the health illness which is associated with our industrialized food system.

Pregnancy-MiracleLeo Trasande, an associate professor of pediatrics, environmental medicine and population health at New York University said that it’s not fair to say, ‘Oh, these exposures only happen if you eat unhealthy foods but it can be due to exposes of phthalates too. Anyway, if you want to start your family without any type of problems, you must avoid eating fast food. As I told you earlier that fast food is not only bad for a single reason but it is linked with many types of health risk. If you get any type of problems in getting pregnant naturally after trying for a year, you should take an expert advice and follow step by step guide which are 100 percent natural and it has no side effects. This natural way to beat any type of infertility will help you get pregnant in just 2 months. For more information, please visit the official website.

Diabetes Cure | Does Hormone Could Fight Type 2 Diabetes? | Houston

diabetesDiabetes has reached to an epidemic and millions of men and women are getting affected by diabetes. As you must know that there are two types of diabetes such as type 1 and type 2. There are several studies has done to manage and cure diabetes and here is a new study that reveals that a natural hormone which is made by fat cells could help us to fight with type 2 diabetes and obesity. The hormone that helps to deal with diabetes was finally identified by analyzing the DNA of two people who were suffering with a rare disease which is called as neonatal progeroid syndrome (NPS). This rare type of disease leaves them with unhealthy low level of fat. According to Atul Chopra at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and his team found that people who have this disease called neonatal progeroid syndrome (NPS) feel particularly lethargic because they have lack of a previously unknown hormone, which they have named asprosin. He says that we and our team looked into this super rare condition of body and the result was a discovery for those people who are dealing with type 2 diabetes. This hormone called asprosin could benefit almost million of people with type 2 diabetes.Diabetes-Destroyer-Info-Download

While researchers were experimenting on mice, they found that hormone plays the key role when it comes to determine blood sugar level especially between the meals. Says Atul Chopra that asprosin hormone is released by fat cells and it goes to the liver, making immediate release of glucose into the blood. When the level of blood glucose rises, the production of asprosin hormone gets switch off.

HowToCureDiabetesType2Naturally-DiabetesDestroyerSystemHowever, there were two people with NPS lack this mechanism for boosting the amount of glucose in their blood between meals; it left them to feel lethargic. Abigail Solomon, one of the people who helped to complete this study says that I do get hungry very often. I eat a lot frequently and most of them are sugary stuff first and then protein.  Diabetes researchers were fascinated with these findings. In fact asprosin hits the liver and causes overproduction of glucose, that is a key factor in type 2 diabetes and it makes even more interesting,” says Alan Cherrington of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Says the lead researcher at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, Atul Chopra says that my dream would be for those patients who are on insulin, will be able to reduce or even stop taking it. Sometimes they can be prescribed to take antibodies that can block asprosin once a week in order to get blood glucose level down and this would mean patients will have to take less insulin or get off it completely.


Anyway, Chopra and his team are already working out on the patient to block the asprosin-blocking hormone antibody.  They say that they are treating mice with diabetes and it seems to be working well. According to Chopra, they hope to begin a safety trial in human within a couple of years. He says that asprosin also play a very important role weight gain and obesity. While people with NPS like Solomon, are extremely thin, obese people having twice as much asprosin in their blood than people who are not obese? He says, in our next study, the main focus will be obesity. It’s just like that as fat level goes up, asprosin goes up too.

Weight loss | Top Weight Loss Tips Suggested By NHS Professionals

weight loss tipsWeight loss means lots of exercise, very strict and tasteless diet and only focuses on the calories consumption and burning. This work schedule makes any men and women less interested in losing weight and maintains a healthy weight. Many people search on the internet about natural and healthy weight loss tips for faster result but most of the time they get misguided and instead of getting benefits of losing weight; they suffer from the severe health issues. So, if you are also one of them who comes under overweight or obese list, then you must follow the expert advice. Here are some top weight loss tips which are suggested by NHS professionals.

Weight loss tips by NHS

These tips include a 12 weeks program for those people who’s BMI comes over 25. This program helps people to lose weight up to 1 lb to 2lbs per week. These plans limit the consumption of calories to around 19, 00 a day for men and 14, 00 a day for women. This plan came in the action after a study and researchers found that it takes a year before the body’s chemical make-up changed enough to help make weight loss stick. Below are some top tips which are suggested by NHS professionals and these tips are very easy to follow but it will make a drastic change in your body.half day diet

Commit yourself to change

As I told you earlier that weight loss requires a lot of discipline with strict diet plan and rigorous exercises. Experts says that if you go for drastic diet changes and extreme exercises regimes, it will help you in rapid weight loss in the beginning but it’s unlikely to work for long term as they are unsustainable. Once you stop following your strict diet plan and extreme exercise plan, you are like to regain your lost weight. So, better you should commit yourself to change which can be continuing forever. Make a realistic diet changes and exercise regimes, which can be part of your daily routine. These changes can be-

  • Drinking fresh fruit juices or lemon water instead of swapping fizzy drinks
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol
  • Reduce the portion of your plate
  • Avoid using vehicles for nearer supermarket, office or any work which comes under the walking distance.

Make a meal plan aheadhalf day diet

Make sure to buy something which are really healthy before grabbing something which are easy’ at the end of a tiring day – such as a ready meal or takeaway. Buying healthy food help you swap your ‘treat meal’ for a healthier version like a homemade pizza or takeaway which contains less sugar and less fat than store-bought varieties.

Include Vegetable in your diet

Fiber and vegetables is the key for weight loss. Fiber helps you feel fuller for long time. It can be done by just swapping from white to whole meal bread and it will keep your hunger at bay. As you know those vegetables are a wonderful source of fiber and it has very low calories. So, make sure that you will get at least two portion of vegetables in your plate at each meal. Including vegetables not only boost your level of fiber but it also leaves a less space on the plate for high calories food.

The_Half_Day_DietWeight loss tips suggested by NHS professional which are above written are very easy to follow and it will help you to lose weight slowly but truly natural way. Once you achieve your targeted body weight, then you can include these tips in your daily life with little bit modification in order to maintain a healthy body weight.

Infertility Treatment | Can fertility treatment rise the risk of breast cancer?

breast-cancerInfertility is a very wider problem these days. Millions of men and women are affected with it and after diagnosis of their causes of infertility, they simply start the treatment in order to fix the problems which have caused under their body and which prevents them to start their own family. So, here is a big news that people who are suffering with infertility and seeking treatment, they should be little careful. Scientists has revealed a study, which shows that fertility treatment has become the most common reason for increasing risk of breast cancer. According to a new study, infertility and hormonal fertility treatment may help to influence the amount of dense tissue in the breast, which are enough to increase the risk factors of developing breast cancer in women.

infertility causesInfertility is linked to raise the risk of breast cancer says the researchers at Karolinska Instituted in Sweden. They found that those women who have the history of infertility have a denser breast compared to those women, who have no infertility history. The association between infertility and breast cancer is more pronounced in those women, who went through the controlled ovarian stimulation (COS). This is a kind of hormonal treatment that is necessary for the procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

how to get pregnantFrida Lundberg from Karolinska Institutet, the lead author of this study says that according to the result of the study that indicates that women with history of infertility and especially those women, who went thorough controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) might represent a group which has increased risk of breast cancer. There are mainly two types of tissues can be find in women’s breast: dense, fibro glandular and non-dense, fatty tissue. However, women who have extremely dense tissue breast has the four to six fold higher risk of developing risk of breast cancer than those women who have non dense breast. It has been found in the previous research.

get pregnantAnyway, in this study, researchers have found that women who have the history of infertility have the higher level of dense or extreme dense breast with more dense, fibro glandular breast tissue. According to study researchers, among infertile women also, who have received the hormonal treatment like controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) had extreme level of dense tissues breast than those women who have the history of infertility but did not received controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) treatment. The treatment of hormone replacement therapy like controlled ovarian stimulation (COS), increases of estrogen and progesterone levels has been suspected as the causes of increased risk of breast cancer.

Get-Pregnant-FastThis is the first study which is based on the population in order to investigate the effect of infertility and hormone stimulation on mammographic density. This study is very useful marker for the effect of hormonal fertility treatment on the risk of breast cancer and especially in those women who are below the age of 30 at which breast cancer is normally diagnosed. For this study, researchers selected 43,313 women age between 40 and 69 years. Those women had mammograms as part of the karolinska mammography project for risk prediction of breast cancer (KARMA) between 2010 and 2013. Women also participated in a questionnaire that included questions about age, height, weight, smoking status, alcohol consumption, history of infertility, and family history of breast cancer.

pregnancy-miracleIn order to get the exact associations between infertility, hormonal fertility treatments and mammographic density, researchers first compared the mammographic density levels between fertile and infertile women and later they compared infertile women who had never received hormonal fertility treatment to those who had infertility issues. At last they found a stronger link between controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) treatment and mammographic density in older women which has the potential long-term effect of COS on the breast tissue. Whether differences in breast density may affect potential breast cancer risk remains unknown. This study was first published in the journal Breast Cancer Research.

getting pregnantHowever, if you are also one them who are dealing with infertility, first go for natural and holistic approaches. Natural way to treat your infertility is the best and it has no side effects. Follow step by step methods of natural way and get pregnant in just 8 weeks. For more information, please visit the official website.

Weight loss | 5 common myths about weight loss which should be ignored

weight loss mythsWeight loss requires a lot of discipline and determination. In order to achieve your goal to lose weight, you must ask some sure fire tips and ideas that can be used for faster result. People around you, who went through the path of weight loss or not but they have plenty of tips and ideas which can not only distract you from your path but it makes your weight loss journey tougher. So, if you really want to lose weight faster and naturally, you need to filter the genuine ideas which can help you achieve your goal. Here are some myths about weight loss, which you must have heard before, you can ignore it completely.

Weight loss myths

  1. Breakfast is a necessary do- You must have heard from your older and many people around you that eating breakfast is a very necessary thing because it helps to boost metabolism after a long hours of sleeping in the night. Just because of this many people eat breakfast forcefully, if they are not hungry at all. Expert says that eating breakfast is a good thing but it’s not a necessary for losing weight. In fact, some studies shows that eating or not eating breakfast has a very little impact on weight and not eating breakfast may even result in slightly more weight loss. Skipping your breakfast is a kind of intermittent fasting which is an easy way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight but this is only for some people. Actually eating breakfast is important for those who want to control their weight according to a survey of National Weight Control Registry members who lost their weight and kept it off for at least 5 years. So, eating breakfast is not so important if you are not hungry and if you are hungry, eat protein rich breakfast.weight loss
  2. Do not weight everyday- Your body is fluctuating everyday and there are several factors are responsible for that. So, many people who are on their weight loss path are often advised not to weigh themselves every day. But for some people, it may actually be true. So, you can simply ignore this myth and weight yourself everyday but you need to keep one thing in your mind that your weight can fluctuate from one to another day and it happens due to hormonal changes and many other factors like fluid balance and frequency of bowel movement. So, these changes don’t reflect on the scale and that’s why your weight is getting fluctuate. However, weight yourself everyday helps you provide accountability and confirm that your weight is trending in the right direction. Experts suggest that frequent weighing actually helps you lose more weight than contrary to popular belief.
  3. Do not go for quick weight loss- As you always see that health experts suggest to go for slow weight loss procedure rather than quick way. Yes it’s true that losing weight slowly helps you maintain your lower weight for long time. While it’s fine to lose weight slowly but according to a recent research shows that quick weight loss also doesn’t lead you to risk of weight regain. In fact it has been found that quick weight loss seems to be more beneficial for long term weight management. However, it has been advised that if you go for quick weight loss procedure in the beginning, it will not increase the chances of regain the lost weight but it will provide you better result for long term. Eat many small meals throughout the day- You must have heard that in order to lose weight faster and naturally, you should eat every 2 to 3 hours 3 week dietthroughout the day because it helps you keep your metabolism up. Anyway, this is truly a weight loss myth. Actually frequent snacking often end up consuming too many calories. So, increased eating frequency does not help you lose weight but sometimes it leads you gain weight.
  4. Count your calories everyday- Yes, it’s recommended that focusing on your calorie consumption is very important for weight loss but this is only the part of the story. Food type is more important because it has a huge impact on your hunger, appetite and hormones that control your weight. For example, if you eat a 100-calorie pack of pretzels isn’t a good idea because it’s made of refined carbs and it can raise the level of blood sugar, cause hunger and lead you to overeating. In other hand getting the same amount of calories from ahigh protein food like cheese makes the hormones changes that lead to increased fullness and reduced hunger. High protein food not only makes you feel fuller but it has a higher level of thermic effect than carbs and fat because it burns more calories during digestion. So, calories counting on processed food often go wrong. Calories are important, but food quality is just as important when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.The-3-Week-Diet-System
  5. Do not eat foods high in natural fat- Avoiding all foods which are high in natural food is good for losing weight is a myth. Fat has double calories than carbs and protein but it is also very filling and takes a long time to digest. Standard low-fat diets, with fat under 30 percent of calories, generally have a poor track record when it comes to weight loss. Foods which have high level of natural fat such asavocados, nuts and coconut have also been shown to be beneficial for weight loss. Full-fat dairy products contain a fat that is called as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that helps to reduce body fat and improve insulin sensitivity. In other hand, consuming fat-free or low-fat products in order to cut calories could backfire because these food products are loaded with refined sugar. So, eating natural fat foods are not bad but actually it works in your favor.natural weight loss

So, above you have found that in order to lose weight faster and naturally, you often get myths that is not at all helpful in your way and sometimes it create the problems. So, do not go for any misconception and follow the expert advice and get the satisfactory result. For more information about how to lose weight naturally up to 20 pounds in just 3 weeks, please visit the official website.

Infertility | How Endocrine disruptors are major cause of infertility?

infertilityInfertility is affecting more and more women in the world and they are finding the most natural instinct pregnancy as the most difficult task. Researchers say that increasing rate of inability to get pregnant naturally shows the evidence of chemical uses in plasticizers and pesticides. The recent consequences are estimated the cost the EU €1.4 billion per year. Avoiding chemicals in everyday life is almost impossible despite endocrine-disrupting substances being considered a health hazard. But now millions of women in the world are getting difficulties in getting pregnant and they came to know that they are infertile. Here are so many scientific evidence which are enough to point the finger at some substances which are used in pesticides and plastic products. These pesticides and chemical used in plastic products are enough to cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, infertility and other developmental disorders.

Pregnancy-MiracleAccording to a scientists, who are involved in the study found that endometriosis, a type of chronic disease that occurs in the uterus as lining and uterine fibroids, benign tumors in the uterus, are both condition of uterus of women are linked to endocrine disruptors. These both condition of uterus are very painful diseases and it lead to female infertility. According to the researchers, it has been found that 70 percent of women who are dealing with infertility and exhibit at least one of these two diseases. a study that was published in the”Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” shows that the issue costs Europe €1.4 billion Euros every year. This bill accumulates due to healthcare spending and loss of working hours due to ill health.

infertilityFor the purpose of this study, researchers tested some substances which include DEHP and DDE. DEHP is a plasticizer and it is classified by the EU’s chemical regulation as a very high concern substance. Uses of DEHP are banned in the production of toys and other products which is used by children. EU member states are currently considering authorizing the incorporation of DEHP in plastics that would be usable in several consumer products. DDE is a byproduct of DDT pesticides that was banned decades ago in Europe. According to many studies, it has been found that some components of poison build up in the fatty tissues of animals and humans. It means they are being available in the food chain for a significant period of time.

get pregnantHowever, the fact is that pesticides and other chemicals are being found in the environment long after their use. The recent study demonstrated this fact by a study which was conducted in the South-East France, where traces of DDT were found in the soil, despite it’s not been used for several years. United States researchers said that DDT could lead to the onset of Alzheimer disease. Leonardo Trasande professor of pediatrics, environmental medicine and public health at New York University, warned that although many women are being diagnosed with endometriosis and fibroids condition which leads them to infertility but we acknowledge that this analysis only shows the tip of the iceberg. As infertility has become the growing problem of today’s generation, evidence tends to suggests the expose to endocrine disrupters which is directly or indirectly linked to wider range of fertility issues in women.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookAn increased number of cancer and fertility problems have drawn the attention of researchers. Scientists stress the importance of these chemicals which is used in everyday products which is made by plastics. They say that millions of life can saved if the precaution is taken.

Weight loss | How Anant Ambani Lost 108 K.Gs in just 18 Months Naturally?

weight loss news of Anant Weight loss is always a tougher and harder task for everyone but it becomes more stressful and harder if the people are obese or extra over weight. As you must know that those people, who suffer from obesity has poor physical movement and less metabolic power but Anant Ambani proved it wrong. He did a dramatic weight loss by losing 108 k.g of extra body weight all through naturally. Anant Ambani is the youngest son of Nita and Mukesh Ambani- Anant Ambani. He shocked everyone when he showed up at the ongoing IPL matches a whopping 108kgs lighter body. The 21 year old and he were battling with medicine-induced obesity.

The_Half_Day_DietWhy Anant Ambani was obese?

When Anant was a child, he suffered from chronic asthma. Heavy doses of medicines lead to the drastic weight gain and that’s why he became obese. But Anant determined that before his 21st birthday, he will do everything to achieve a healthy body weight.

Weight loss routine of Anant

The total body weight that Anant Ambani lost is 108 k.g and he was recommended to lose up to 6 k.g every month. According to his BMI, 6 k.g of weight is a healthy one but more than 6 k.g in a month cal lead to severe health issues. Health experts says that losing too much too quickly might affect the immune system and that’s why medium pace of weight loss process is recommended as the best way.

How he lost 108 k.g in 18 months?


The rumors said that he went through gastric bypass surgery but Anant claims that he did it all naturally.  He followed a strict diet plan and done rigorous exercises. He was used to work out for 5 to 6 hours in a day. The exercises regime of Anant Ambani included a 21 Kim walk, yoga, weight training, functional training and high intensity cardio exercises. Each of the aforementioned exercise forms helps the body in different ways. So, here is a short description of how Anant Ambani followed his exercise regime and lost 108 k.g weights in just 18 months.

Slow cardio-

As I told you that he followed 21 k.m walk everyday and it is a great form of low slow cardio. Low slow cardio is the only option for those who are extremely obese. This is the great way of get started as it helps to get rid of the initial fat and also because other intense forms of exercise regimes might be too strenuous for the body.

Weight training-

tips for weight lossWeight training is also known as strength training or resistance training. It is also very important for natural weight loss but here is a misperception that weight lifting doesn’t help in losing weight. According to the book The Guide to Your Best Body, wrote by the Fitness icon and Hrithik Roshan’s trainer Kris Gethin, when you start training regularly with weights, your muscles develop, become denser, and burn more calories all day and night. Cardio is the best way to lose weight but it burns the fat only, while you are doing exercise, not around the clock. Weight lifting fat losshelps to add lean muscles and it turns your body in to a full time calories burning machine. For example, if you add 5 pounds of muscles to your frame, you could be able to burn an additional 250 to 300 calories per day, that’s a whole meal for some people.


Yoga has also the immense benefits. Performing yoga not only helps to lose weight but it also improves the overall health condition. A study which was published in the journal of the American Dietetic Association that doing yoga every day, actually promote the mindful eating and it can be performed even by extreme obese people because of its low intense nature.

Functional training-

It refers to those exercises that are similar to daily movement; you’d carry out every day. It involves a combination of exercises to strengthen one’s core, leg muscles and upper body. Functional training leads to better joint stability, flexibility, balance and agility. Common exercises include weight bearing and stretches.

High intensity cardio exercises-

High intensity cardio exercises also known as high intensity interval training. It is also a great way to target stubborn fat areas like abdomen area for men, thighs and arms for women. It’s just like regular cardio but with intervals of intense exercise and rest. So instead of jogging on the treadmill at 8km/h for 15 minutes, one breaks up that exercise into intervals of low-intensity exercise walking at 5km/h for 2 minutes and high-intensity exercise sprinting at 10km/h. So, it helps to fire up your body’s metabolism, and it makes your body a fat burning machine, shedding weight even after a person is done exercising.

Strict diet plan-

Apart from doing a very hard work on performing all the exercises and workouts, Anant also focused on his diet too. He ate only those things which were recommended for him in order to maintain a good health as well as losing weight. He followed a very strict diet plan along with rigorous exercises. It has been found that he strictly avoided the sugar and he ate a zero-sugar with very low-carbs diet along with adequate fat and protein.

weight lossHowever, it was the true story of a millionaire’s child, Anant Ambani, who can afford anything but for common people, it’s something like impossible. So, if you also want to lose weight naturally but don’t afford everything, do not worry. Here is a weight loss program that can help you lose weight naturally in just 21 days. 3 weeks diet plan is quite affordable for everyone that will provide you step by step guide to follow your diet and along with it, you will get an exercise program too. This is a foolproof science based diet plan which 100 percent guarantees to melt away 12 to 23 pounds in just 21 days. The 3 weeks diet plan is very easy to follow and it helps you to lose some adequate amount of unwanted weight in just 3 weeks naturally. For more information, please visit the official website.

Male infertility | How Marijuana Can Help To Reverse Male Fertility? | Rome

marijuanaInfertility has become the most rising problem for today’s generation. It is a worldwide issues and it affects almost 15 percent of couples. Male factor is also responsible for raising the number of infertility issues in women. If a woman is not able to get pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected sex, it doesn’t mean that all the faults belong to that woman only. According to a survey, male factors account for 20 to 70 percent for making a woman not able to conceive naturally.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadA new study suggests that frequent smoking pot can take its toll on your sperm now as marijuana receptor might actually hold the key to new fertility treatment for men. In the research of treatment for male infertility, scientists showed a cannabinoid receptor that is called as CB2. It helps to regulate the creation of sperm. Not only evidence showed that marijuana can disrupt fertility in males, but it also suggests a therapeutic strategy for treating male infertility. A researcher Paola Grimaldi from the University of Rome Tor Vergata said that the main focus of this study to improve all the possibilities to treat infertility because now it has taken a wider place in the world and millions of families are getting affected by it.

infertility causesInfertility treatment researcher Paola Grimaldi and colleagues from the University of Rome treated three groups of mice with different agents for 14 to 21 days. The first group of mice was treated with a specific activator of the CB2 receptor. The second group of mice was treated with a specific inhibitor of the CB2 receptor and the third group of mice was treated with only a saline solution and served as the control group. After completion of 21 days of treatment, three groups showed the result as the first group, who was treated with the CB2 activator, showed an acceleration of spermatogenesis and the second group, who was treated with a specific inhibitor of the CB2 receptor, displayed a slower rate of the process. However, it means it has been suggested that a tight balance of CB2 activation is required for the proper progression of spermatogenesis. Scientists says that the normal beneficial effects of endogenous cannabinoids on spermatogenesis can be stimulated further by a chemical mimic that is an agonist and it is a potentially promising new idea for treating male infertility.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookSo, if you are one of them who are looking for the ways to treat your inability to start your family, you can also get updated with our regular news on the treatment of infertility in men and women. But I always suggest that before grabbing any expensive and medical term of treatment of your infertility, you should first go for natural process. Natural and holistic approaches are proven for centuries and it helped thousands of men and women to beat their all types of infertility. It provides step by step guide to treat all type of infertility in men and women and get pregnant in just 8 weeks. This is not expensive at all and it has no side effects as compared to fertility treatments. So, to treat your fertility in the first place, natural and holistic ways are the best. For more information, please visit the official website.

weight loss | Does High Protein Foods helps in weight loss? |Israel

whey-protein-dietWeight loss after baby is a very difficult process. A new mother has to take care of her new born baby and she learns to manage her baby every day. As you are also one of them who have a little baby at home, then how difficult to get time take care of your health and beauty. Actually the lack of time is the most common reason for almost every woman who gains weight after delivering their baby and they keep it continues gaining. After gaining extra body weight, you must look fat and unhealthy and this is the most important cause of less self esteem. However, if you are the one who have the baby and you are also suffering from the weight gain, you must focus on your diet. You diet can help you lose weight naturally without paying extra time.

Weight loss with high-protein diet

weight loss for womenAccording to health experts, a diet which is high in protein can aid the weight loss and it also help to manage type 2 diabetes. High protein is generally found in dairy products. A Previous research has suggested that eating a large size of breakfast containing protein, a medium-sized lunch and a smaller size dinner can help a person to feel satisfied throughout the day and it also aid weight loss and prevent spikes in blood sugar. According to a new study by a team at Tel Aviv University, Israel has found that whey protein which is found in cheese product and also found in many dairy products is more effective for controlling the blood sugar than source of protein like eggs, soy and tuna.

belly fatHealth experts involved 48 people who were overweight or obese with suffering from type 2 diabetes and the age of 59, in order to get the effects of high protein breakfast for weight loss. Researchers assigned participants to one of three diets that contained the same number of calories for 23 months. Group 1 at the breakfast which was mainly contained whey protein including protein shakes while the second group ate other proteins rich breakfast such as eggs, soy and tuna and the third group at a breakfast high in carbohydrates.  At the time of re-assessing the groups after 12 weeks, researchers found group first who ate whey protein breakfast, lost 7.6 k.g of weight, while the second group who also ate protein rich breakfast like eggs, soy and tuna lost up to 6.1 k.g of weight and the third group who ate carbohydrates, lost up to 3.1 k.g of weight. So, whey protein diet significantly suppresses the ghrelin, a hunger hormone said Dr Daniela Jakubowicz, professor of medicine at Tel Aviv University, Israel.weight loss for womenWeight loss experts says that whey protein drink can be easily prepared and it provides the advantages of a high-protein breakfast for people who are on the path of weight loss because it reduces hunger, glucose spikes and HbA1c (glycated haemoglobin, high levels of which are linked to diabetes).

Anyway, weight loss after baby or post pregnancy weight loss will be easier, if you will follow the experts’ advice without stepping in gym or diet clinic. You just have to subscribe the Venus factor weight loss program which is especially designed for women which works according to female metabolism and you can reduce up to 3 dress sizes in just 7 days. For more information, please visit the official website.

Female Infertility | Is PCOS the Main Cause of Female Infertility | Dubai

infertilityInfertility has become the most common problems in women who are living an urban lifestyle. According to experts, lifestyle changes, stress and tensions, unhealthy eating habit and obesity are the leading cause of rising health issues among men and women as the infertility. According to a recent survey, it has been found that Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common factor of female infertility and almost 60 per cent of women who are suffering from the pain of inability to get pregnant has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). According to a Dubai Health Authority’s Twitter clinic which was held recently has revealed that polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most common causes of infertility among women in the UAE.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, PCOS

Fertility health experts says that the Dubai Gynecology and Fertility Centre (DGFC) receives around 2, 700 cases in a year and they help to deliver 4, 000 successful birth after treating couples who have the history of infertility issues. So, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a type of condition and it occurs when hormones gets imbalanced. Imbalanced hormones, which are responsible for causing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), are estrogen and progesterone. These hormones leads to cyst formation in the ovary which further leads to hormonal imbalances, obesity and many problems which are directly or indirectly linked to reproductive system or fertility.get pregnant

Fertility health experts say that they receive a huge number of women who are suffering from infertility and 60 percent of them are dealing with the condition of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Obesity is not directly cause the condition of PCOS but it increases the risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, glucose intolerance and dyslipidemia and that’s why obesity is ultimately associated with an increased risk of PCOS. Women who have heavy body weight or obesity have the poor response to fertility treatment and if the conception occurs, it is likely to increase the risk of pregnancy complications. However, for female infertility Polycystic ovarian syndrome and obesity are among the common causes. According to Mary John, Director of Dubai Gynecology and Fertility Centre (DGFC), there is a high prevalence of this ovary syndrome in comparison to Europe and the causes are not known.

pregnancy-miracleWorld Health Organization has revealed that one out of four couple is dealing with any type of infertility issues in developing countries.  A consultant at the Director of Dubai Gynecology and Fertility Centre (DGFC), Dr Wael Medkour said that the sole reason for infertility is women in around 40 percent of couples who are trying to get pregnant naturally and the male partner is either the sole cause or a contributing cause of infertility. Estylini Andronikou, Laboratory Director at Dubai Gynecology and Fertility Centre (DGFC) said that male factors which contribute in inability to get pregnant naturally are few like sperm production disorders and erectile disorders. Factors of male infertility are hereditary and marriage among relatives is found to be the most common causes. Smoking and unhealthy lifestyle are also a contributory cause for male infertility.

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