How To Get Pregnant? | How Celebrities Are Dealing With Infertility?

INFERTILITYGetting pregnant and giving birth to own baby can be the most wonderful feeling in the world for every women. Many women get pregnant faster and naturally and experience the world’s most beautiful feeling from inside but it gets very complicated when a women struggle to conceive naturally for years without success. It becomes scarier when they have to through the potential land mines of infertility. So, here we have the list of some famous celebrities who came forward and shared their personal journey and struggle to fight with infertility and get pregnant.


Infertility journey of celebrities


Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen

Recently Chrissy Teigen boldly brought up the topic Infertility. After talking to her, obviously true to her nature, she revealed that she got pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF). She also revealed that she chose the sex of her child while going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. Apart from Chrissy Teigen, many other celebrities openly talked about her infertility journey.

pregnancy-miracleTrista Sutter

SheTrista Sutter talked about her infertility journey in the book Happily Ever After in 2013. Trista Sutter went through the pain of infertility for almost two years. She said that I always wanted to be a mom and it was her dream. Trista Sutter says that after getting married every couple thinks that the next very natural things are going to have children. When it doesn’t occur naturally, the list of questions begin to raise in your relationship, yourself and sometime even with god. It’s very difficult to admit that you are not able to do that particular thing that is very natural. It is definitely a dark time when trying to get pregnant for years without success.

get pregnantKim KardashianKim Kardashian

After giving birth to her first baby girl, Kim Kardashian had issues in conceiving for the second child. If a woman has a child but she is unable to get pregnant for the second child, this is called as secondary infertility. Kim Kardashian suffered from the pain of secondary infertility while she was trying to get pregnant. Her doctors recommended surrogacy but she was not ready for it. She holds a little longer and still tries. She said that I’m just going to keep on trying. She suggests to all who are struggling to get pregnant without success that never say never.

Pregnancy-MiracleKim Kardashian tryied for over a year and faced so many complications. She had the condition which is known as placenta accreta. She went through couple of little operation to fix all that and created a little hole in her uterus. According to Kim Kardashian, making hole in the uterus and going through couple of operation made it really tough to get pregnant again. She adds that it was a very long road of infertility. She was visiting her doctor everyday 5 in the morning to find if she was ovulating. Kim Kardashian says that in order to get pregnant for the second child, she did everything including, acupuncture, and following a nutritionist to eat healthier to boost fertility.

pregnancy-miracleSo, if you are also one of them who are trying to get pregnant but not getting success, do not give up. Do not think that you can NEVER have your own children. Just keep trying like Kim Kardashian and have a positive thought. Natural and holistic ways are the proven to provide an effective result for those who are dealing with any type of infertility. These natural and holistic methods are very simple and step by step guide which you have follow and you can beat any type of infertility naturally and can conceive in just 8 week. So, if you want to know how to get pregnant naturally, if your doctor has told you that you can never have your own child, please visit the official website to know more.

Infertility | Does e- Cigarettes can cause Infertility? Hong Kong

e-cigarettes and infertilityInfertility is rising day by day and there are several reasons which help to raise infertility on double pace. Here is a new study which reveals that electronic cigarettes are also a reason which can affect thousand of couples. This device is more dangerous and our experts have previously thought that. This electronic cigarette contains one million times more harmful substances than polluted air. These substances are a factor to raise cancer rate and flame retardants. Anyway, this is the first time in the history that scientists have discovered something which contains the toxins which is linked to raise infertility and development of fetus in mother’s womb and thyroids disruption. This study has been done by the researchers from Baptist University in Hong Kong. They call for an immediate ban on total e-cigarettes.

pregnancy-miracleThe Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health said that potential health risk due to use of e cigarettes must not be ignored. Experts from the council said that mostly e-cigarettes are being sold without providing the information on their components and they commissioned a lab test by researchers of Baptist University. Antonio Kong, the chairman of the council said that these result is based on the quality of e-cigarettes and one of the very harmful substance name carcinogens has been found in this. He said that in order to nip it in the bud and for the sake of people, we will urge the government to ban these e-cigarettes totally and promptly without any delay. Researchers from Baptist University, Hong Kong analyzed 13 different types of device (e-cigarettes) which has been got the huge popularity in the very recent times. The entire test has confirmed that these e-cigarettes are having the presence of very harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). These both are known carcinogens and are hazardous to health of people who are used of it.

Infertility treatmentE-cigarettes contains harmful chemicals, scientists also found a significant variation in the components even in those who have same batch and same brand. According to Dr Chung Shan-Shan, assistant professor of the department of biology, e-cigarettes doesn’t contain only carcinogens but it has flame retardants called poly-brominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and it has been used in electronic products. He said that poly-brominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) effective flame retardants and extensively used in electronic products and it was first discovered in e-cigarettes. Researchers say that poly-brominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are used in e-cigarettes in order to reduce the rate of combustion eg. Plastics.

getting pregnantInfertility, thyroid hormone disruption, affects development of fetus and can cause several types of cancers if poly-brominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) can be inhale. However, e-cigarettes are available in all over the world via several channels and their main target is youngsters. Many e-cigarettes manufacturer are not providing the detail of their product and many manufacturers are misguiding the customers by labeling that it is healthy, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, safe and no harm. Users of these devices are inhaling those harmful substances which are mainly unknown to them and it can lead them to very serious health illness.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadAccording to a survey, it has been found that 85.4 per cent of respondents had heard of e-cigarettes in 2015, a rise on the previous year when that figure was 75.4 per cent. The main reason to use this e-cigarettes that people thinks that device will help to quit smoking habit and about 68 percent of user are unaware about what they are inhaling. However, a total ban should be enforced promptly in order to prevent an epidemic of its use by children and youngsters.

Weight Loss | Does Weight Loss Supplements Really Works?

weight_loss_supplementsWeight loss gets highly demanding when we get our belly is being expanded and our love handles begin to wobble. Many people simply go for the simplest way where they are not supposed to move their body and their all body fat will go away, means weight loss supplements. People, who are very lazy to make some physical efforts to lose their body weight, try every week different type of weight loss supplement. These all supplements are touted as the latest answer to over eating. But, I will suggest you to think twice before taking these weight loss supplements that does they really work or they just simply wasting your time? Dr Nick Fuller, an obesity researcher at the University of Sydney says that as you must know that manufacturer of weight loss products are being to be one of the largest growing markets worldwide. All manufacturers of these products claim to go unscrutinised. He said while he was writing for The Conversation, the list of over-the-counter supplements is exhaustive and for their effectiveness, they have scant evidence. So here Dr Nick Fuller made a list of those products which are proved to be effective in weight loss and which are simply wasting your time and money.

Weight loss with Guarana

fat lossThis is a seed from a tree which is found in South America. Guarana is found to be high in caffeine. According to a short term study, which was conducted over eight weeks showed that herbal combination of guarana with a Chinese medicine made from the Ephedra sinica plant called as Ma Huang is found to be effective for weight loss. He said that people who used it lost about 8.8 pounds of body weight compared to those who served placebo and lost weight up to 1.8 pounds. However, guarana may be effective in losing weight if people will use it for short term but it’s not safe. It has been found that the Food and Drug Administration banned ephedra (Ma Huang) in 2004 and then it has been sold without its active ingredient. Now, ephedra (Ma Huang) extracts are being sold which has less effect in helping you lose weight faster and effectively. Anyway, manufacturer who claims that guarana alone will help you shed some pounds, it’s completely wrong because without accompanying ephedra (Ma Huang), it’s not at all effective for weight loss.

Acai Berry

This is a fruit which contains lot of vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants but it’s not at all effective in losing weight. It is clinically proven that using Acai Berry will provide you many types of health nutrients like any other fruits without losing weight.

Aloe Vera and weight loss

This plant has been used for centuries and traditionally it is effective in wounds and burns. Aloe Vera contains laxative properties and if it can be used in high doses, the serious side effects will occur. Weight loss manufacturer often claims that this plant is very effecting in weight loss. According to a short study for eight weeks, researchers found that aloe Vera plant helps to lose weight but it’s not significant enough too meaningful to clinician as it helps to burn fat in very low amount. While doing study, researchers saw a significant difference in weight loss that people who used this plant were losing more weight compared to those who were taking other plant. At the end of the study researchers found people who took aloe Vera plant lost 0.91 pounds and people who used other plant lost 0.41 pounds.

tips for weight loss

Weight loss with Caffeine

Caffeine is found in the leaves and fruits the plants which are specific. It is a type of stimulant and if it can be used excessive, it can raise the short term of blood pressure and heart rate. It also increases the energy which we generally burn at rest. Caffeine increases the fatty acid which helps to convert stored fat on the body into energy when we eat excess calories. But mostly fatty acids convert back to their storage form like bingo wings and love handles. However, it means consumption of caffeine is not a meaningful way to lose weight. Unfortunately, according to human studies says that little evidence has been found that consumption of caffeine helps to lose weight.

Weight loss with Ginseng

This is a kind of plant tuber and the native of this ginseng is eastern Asia and North America. As many weight loss manufacturer shows the product effects of weight loss on animals but ginseng is not clinically proven to lose weight in humans. It is being investigated in a double-blinded randomized controlled trial as the gold slandered trial at the University of Sydney.

Green tea and weight loss

weight loss

Green tea is popularly known as the most effective for weight loss. It has the potential to increase the activity of noradrenaline in the body. Noradrenaline is a hormone that is responsible to increase the level of blood pressure and heart rate. It has an ingredient that is called as catechins are actually antioxidants. These molecules are commonly found in the fruits and vegetables which help prevent some types of cells damage. Many studies showed its effects on weight loss but clinicians don’t found it meaningful. In 2009, all the human studies which were conducted with green tea also find the same conclusion with the clinicians. According to study, researchers found that people who drink green tea is able to lose weight 2.9 pounds which is greater to those who drinks placebo. They also found major differences that Asian people lost more weight than Caucasian people and the greater effect was due to lower consumption of green tea each day. So, it has been proved that if you want to lose weight with green tea, you have to drink it every day rather than taking it in a form of extracts or supplement. It works as the complimentary product to assist you in losing weight and it’s an easy option to incorporate into your routine.

Weight loss supplements need to built upon the evidence of its effectiveness and most important the composition of each product varies between manufacturers. So, always buy the specific product with proven result and safety. You can also try some natural tips which are not so hard to follow and it has no side effects. Natural ways are used to centuries to provide effective weight loss and some people are able to lose up to 20 pounds in just 21 days. If you want more information about how to lose weight faster and naturally in just 3 weeks, please visit the official website.

Pregnancy wellness tips | Obsessed with diet and exercise can cause serious health risk

workouts during pregnancyPregnancy time is basically a time zone when woman has to take lots of rest with no hard work or physical work. Many times doctor suggests some easy and light exercises with healthy diet. One of the most important pregnancy complications is weight gain which threats almost every woman who is conscious about her look. So, here I present a story of a woman who is also a very health-conscious like many other women. Her name is Maruka and she lives in Wall, New Jersey. She was also very much worried about developing gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications that can occur with pregnancy weight gain. She cut out all the junk foods and loaded up with vegetables, high protein and low calories diet. In order to avoid morning sickness, dizziness and weakness, she kept eating at every three hours around the clock. Once a week, she allowed herself to eat pizza and half slice of cake.

She used to workouts for 90 minutes six days in a week. In her workouts she included elliptical, weight lifting, outdoor biking and roller blading and at 9 p.m., she’d take a 60-minute brisk walk. As Maruka was thinking that she has a healthy pregnancy but as she got closer to 40 weeks, her doctor expressed her to concern towards her baby’s health. The baby was weighing just 4 pounds and that’s why she suggested cutting back her exercise routine. Maruka was not worried at all and anticipated that her baby would weigh about 5 pounds and she continued to workouts. She said that I wanted to be in a good shape after my baby was born.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed according to their survey that about 47 percent of women gain too much weight during pregnancy. Experts agree that women who are a public figure are very conscious about their look. These celebrities always put an eye on the weight and after 2 weeks delivery they come back in their bikini figure. According to a survey, it has been found that 48 percent of women are cutting their calories, restricting over food groups and over exercising during their pregnancy. So, experts say that Women who are hyper-focused on their weight might actually fear having a baby and how their lives will change? Pregnancy is a time periods when many things goes out of control. The food and exercises really works as the coping mechanism.

Risk of over exercising and strict diet

Pregnant women generally face a higher risk of bone and muscle loss, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and anemia which can cause fatigue and weakness. Dr. Daniel Roshan, an OB-GYN and director of ROSH Maternal-Fetal Medicine in New York City says that over exercising and very strict diet put the unborn baby on the higher risk of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), a condition in which the baby doesn’t grow normally and has a low birth weight. This problem generally causes by the problems with the placenta and other complications which can lead to the severe issues which can be continue till the birth of baby and it may demand a cesarean section. Small babies who have the problem of breathing, feeding and have low Apgar scores may need to be monitored in NICU. Dr. Roshan says that this type of baby may grow the problems with brain development and intellectual disability.

According to a study out of U.K revealed that pregnant women who doesn’t eat enough calories during pregnancy is actually increasing the risk factors of being obese later in the life for their babies. Even more alarming study which was published in the American Journal of Public Health found that babies born to women who didn’t gain enough weight during pregnancy were more likely to die in the first year of life, compared to those women who gained more weight.

Focus on your health, not weight

Maruka was back in the gym after two and half weeks of delivery of her baby boy and she was recommended to wait till six weeks. Her son weighed 5.7 pounds which was considered to be low birth weight. The recommended weight of baby at the time of delivery should be 7.5 pounds. According to National Institute of Health revealed that babies who born with low birth weight are at the higher risk of developing many types of health issues like infections early in life, or delayed motor and social development.  Even though, Maruka ignored her doctor’s warning and kept her baby on the risk. She said, felt proud that I have maintained my body during my pregnancy and what doctors considered to be a healthy weight during her pregnancy. According to her, baby was a perfect weight and she was not able to push out eight or more pounds of baby. She said, her son had the same birth weight as she did.

However, health experts say that pregnant women should eat well balanced diet instead of placing too much focus on calories, workouts and weight gain. If they will be worried about their weight gain, it will cost their sense of calm, trust and happiness about mom to be. So, you are suggested to look at the pattern instead of looking at the weight gain. As you start looking at the pattern with your doctor that is based on the flexibility not on the fear of gaining weight and you’ll find that pregnant women are gaining weight within the recommended range without trying to control it. Rebecca Scritchfield, a registered dietitian nutritionist and a health and happiness expert in Washington, D.C said that I’s also very important to realize that pregnancy period is unpredictable and you can experience morning sickness, cravings, hormonal fluctuations and energy levels interfere. So, at this time be flexible and stay calm. When fear ends up driving the car, you end up making irrational choices that cause more stress, which is not good for you or the baby. Always try to involve something which makes you feel happy and relaxed, it will help you to enjoy the most amazing time in every women’s life.


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