How to get pregnant? | 7 Cardinal sins of infertility

infertilityGetting pregnant is not an easy task for all the women. As you must have heard that how Kim Kardashian fought with her secondary infertility last summer. She opened up about her troubles of not getting pregnant with her second child. She desperately wanted to have her second baby but all her efforts were failed. If a woman is trying to get pregnant and when this trying periods extends, it turns into brutal. Inability to get pregnant or infertility makes a couple all sorts of strong and unexpected emotions including envy, anger and lust (or, more accurately, lack of it but with plenty of sex). Anyway, Kim Kardashian got pregnant with the help of technology by using IVF and delivered her second baby son just some months before but millions so women are there whose journey of trying to get pregnant is still going on.

Pregnancy-MiracleInfertility is not the story about the tests, check up and meeting with fertility specialist but it is also about the feelings that only infertile couples can understand. When somebody around us is not able to get pregnant after several tries, we simply says that it’s ok, I can understand but it’s true that the feeling of infertility can be understand only by infertile men and women not others who have their own children naturally. These cardinal sins of infertility is described below-

  1. Envy-

Get-Pregnant-FastEnvy is an emotion that every couples experiencing who are trying to get pregnant for several months or years. Most couples who are at the child bearing age have the feeling of envy when they hear the pregnancy news of their friends, relative or the couples around them. If you are one of them who are dealing with the pain of infertility, you must have familiar with the constant barrage of Face book pregnancy announcements, bump updates and newborn portraits makes you feel jealous and guilty and that such news provoke are enough to make anyone to deactivate their account.

  1. Greed-

If we call envy wants something which we don’t have, greed wants more something which we already have. Couples who are trying to get pregnant for longer time, they are hungry and greedy for more and more information which can help them in dealing with not getting pregnant.

getting pregnant

  1. Wrath-

people who are dealing with inability to conceive naturally seems to be very sensitive which can result in a bit of rage when someone like partner or an unsuspecting friend, says the wrong thing like Just relax and it will happen or the flippant “Maybe you were just meant to adopt” and the oh-so-hilarious “Are you sure you’re doing it correctly?”

  1. Gluttony-

Women who are trying to get pregnant, spends two weeks of every month waiting. She waits when she starts to ovulate and it goes till when she starts her period. It can be more frustrating if she has given up caffeine, alcohol and other vices.

getting pregnant

  1. Lust-

As you know that lust and sex goes hand in hand, unless you are trying to get pregnant and it’s just not happening. Sex plays the key role in making a woman pregnant it is more associated with ovulation predictor kits, basal body temperature and cervical mucus than any real desire to get it on. In fact, having sex because you have to just be as much fun as having sex because you want to.

  1. Sloth-

Every month trying to conceive but failed can be isolation and a lonely experience. Even though, it takes all the thoughts and happiness and struggle of every month is very hard to talk about it. TTC women feel scary to share their personal feelings to other that if her friends and family will make her feel worse. There is some lurking sense of feeling shame that something is wrong.

pregnancy miracle

  1. Anger-

This is a very common feeling for those who are dealing with infertility. They actually feel anger for their inability and that is the only reasons to make an infertile man or woman to be angry.

Pregnancy-MiracleAbove written all those cardinal sins are very common among those people who are trying to get pregnant but not getting success. So, if you are one of them, avoid above written all feeling and think about the natural cure of your problem. Here is a product that work as the miracle and that’s why it is known as Pregnancy Miracle. It will provide you step by step guide to get rid of your all type of infertility in men and women and fall pregnant in just under 60 days. For more information about how to get pregnant naturally in just 8 weeks, please visit the official website.

Diabetes Cure | How Painless Patch Created By Scientists Control Diabetes? | North Carolina

smart-patchDiabetes is the most common condition these days which affects millions of people on the earth. There are no age bars because it affects all age group. So, the treatment of diabetes is not yet confirmed but there are several ways which can help to control blood sugar. Now, the researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University at Raleigh have discovered another option to control diabetes. They created a synthetic patch which can be filled with natural beta cells that can secrete doses of insulin to control blood sugar levels on demand without the risk of inducing hypoglycemia. This creation of insulin patch is the proof of concept builds on an innovative technology and the “smart insulin patch” was reported last year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. These two patches are thin polymeric squares about the size of a quarter and covered in tiny needles, like a miniature bed of nails.

Blood Pressure Cure

Whereas, the former insulin patch was filled with human made bubbles of insulin and this new integrates the needles with live beta cells. Former was known as smart insulin patch and this new one is known as “smart cell patch”. The test of this painless patch is done on the small animals which can be the model of type 1 diabetes and result shows that it could quickly respond to skyrocketing blood sugar levels and significantly lower them for 10 hours at a time. Result of this painless patch were published in the journal Advanced Materials. Zhen Gu, PhD, assistant professor in the joint University of North Carolina and North Carolina State department of biomedical engineering said that this study provides a potential solution for the tough problem of rejection, which has long plagued studies on pancreatic cell transplants for diabetes. Additionally, it demonstrates that we are able to build a bridge between the physiological signals within the body and these therapeutic cells outside the body to keep blood sugar levels under control.

diabetes preventionBeta cells works as the body’s natural insulin manufacturer and it resides in the pancreases. In a healthy human being, it works to produce store, and release the hormone insulin in order to process the sugar that builds up in the blood stream after having a mean. In diabetic people, these beta cells get either damaged or they are not able to produce enough insulin which can keep the blood sugar under control. As we know that diabetes is affecting million of people in the world and who are suffering from type 1 diabetes and advanced type 2 diabetes, always monitor their blood sugar level and try to keep it under control. In order to keep blood glucose level under control, diabetic people inject themselves with variety of insulin which are very painful and imprecise. If they inject wrong amount of medicines, it can lead to significant complications such as blindness and limb amputations or even more disastrous consequences such as diabetic comas and death.


Researchers have researcher transplantation of insulin-producing cells as an alternative treatment for diabetes and first successful transplant of human beta cells was performed in 1990. After that hundreds of diabetic patients have undergone the procedure. Now most transplants are rejected, and many of the medications used to suppress the immune system wind up interfering with the activity of beta cells and insulin. This new painless patch are applied to the skin, the patch’s micro needles poked into the capillaries and blood vessels that forms a connection between the internal environment and the external cells of the patch. So, now you can control your blood sugar level by just applying this painless patch.


Here are some more tips about how to manage blood sugar naturally, please visit the official website.

Male infertility can be the reason for metabolic diseases? | Munich

low-sperm-countInfertility has become the most serious issues these days. Almost 15 per cent of couples are suffering from the pain of infertility. As we discussed it earlier those difficulties in getting pregnant may occur due to any reason and it can be linked to men or women and sometimes both. It means if a woman is not able to get pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected sex, anyone can be responsible for it. Every time infertility is not linked to women only but men is equally involved in raising fertility problems among couples. Sometimes health experts are not able to find the exact root cause of inability to get pregnant, this type of situation is known as unexplained infertility. Unexplained infertility is a condition when health experts don’t link inability to any one either men or women. Anyway, as I told you, now men are equally responsible for raising fertility problems, this is known as male infertility.

get pregnantMale infertility is also rising day by day and there are several reasons for spreading infertility in men and women on double pace. According to a new study, it has been found that male infertility has become the biggest reason for increasing the risk of metabolic diseases in men as they grow old. Study found that one third of men who are going through infertility pain are at the higher risk of developing metabolic diseases. A team of Swedish researchers measured the level of sex hormones and biochemical parameters in men with fertility problems. This study is presented at the European Association of Urology conference in Munich. Researchers wrote in the study that men who are being diagnosed of infertility, shows the higher risk of signs of metabolic disease and osteoporosis. They warned that apart from increased risks of developing illnesses such as diabetes or osteoporosis, they also have lower sex hormone levels which highlight a potential link between hypogonadism and metabolic disorders.

pregnancy-miracleResearchers from Sweden involved 192 men in this study who were suffering from male infertility with low sperm count (one of the biggest reason of male infertility) and compared them with 199 age-matched control groups of fertile men. They have done some tests to compare their sex hormone levels such as testosterone, bone mineral density (which indicates risk of osteoporosis) and HbA1c (a biomarker for diabetes) between the groups. This study was carried out by the team of researchers from Sweden at a reproductive medicine centre in the city of Malmo, Sweden.

Male infertility and hypogonadism

The team of researchers found that one third of men who were infertile under the age of Get-Pregnant-Fast50, were seven times more like to show the signs of low sex hormone levels e.g. low testosterone, which is known as hypogonadism. In fact, hypogonadism is one of the reasons of infertility in men and that’s why scientists were not completely surprised. However, result of occurring hypogonadism in infertile men with low level of hormones or low testosterone, clearly showed that these are linked to develop metabolic diseases in men. They also found that infertile men who had hypogonadism were also had the lower bone mineral density which leads them to more prone to get fracture. As they will grow older, their lower level of bone density will increase the risk of developing osteoporosis. The osteoporosis is a condition which makes the bones more fragile and breaks more easily and regularly.

how to get pregnant

Male infertility and hypogonadism also leads infertile men to biochemical signs of elevated glucose (with elevated HbA1c), and greater signs of insulin resistance which indicates a tendency towards diabetes. Increased risk of diabetes may lead to develop many more diseases when they will grow older. So, study leader Dr Aleksander Giwercman said that although, infertile men can be affected by hypogonadism or it can be the reason for their infertility but if they take it in the positive way, it can be the an opportunity to predict the development of metabolic diseases, and to offer a closer follow-up to the patients. He said that we suggest to all men who are seeking treatment for their fertility problems, should check their reproductive hormones level. If you find yourself on the risk of serious diseases, you can seek the treatment after the completion of fertility treatment in order to save your life.

Weight Loss | Foods You Should Eat And Avoid For Weight Loss

Healthy Weight LossWeight loss naturally means eating healthy diet with less calories and fat. As we learn more and more about the right nutrition and healthy diet, we find self-propagating beliefs and trends are flying. Anyway, here is a list of some foods and drinks which you need to eat and avoid in order to lose weight in healthy and natural way.

Skim Milk-

Weight loss naturally requires natural eating and it has been the health enthusiasts keen to consume their foods in as natural a state as possible. We often argued that skim milk is more processedweight loss for women than full cream milk and it contains more sugar, which is not true. The truth is that public health recommendations to swap full cream dairy to low fat varieties and it came from the observation of Australians. They were used to consume too much saturated fat like dairy and meat. These two are the largest sources of saturated fat in the diet and that’s why it made sense to recommend skim milk. Skim milk is beneficial for those also who have heart disease. People who are slim and fit and they have no history of heart disease, they can use full cream milk and it is unlikely to cause any harm.


The anti-sugar brigade has always warned about the toxicity of fructose for a number of years and of course one of the richest sources of fructose we find from the diet is from fresh fruits. In the other hand, fruit does contain the sugar fructose; it also contains plenty of fiber and key nutrients. If we go back of thousands of years consumption would tell us that a couple of pieces of fruit a day will do no harm except providing health benefits. Snacks and juices which are fruit based and dried fruit on the other hand are all concentrated sources of fruit sugars and it provides multiple health wellness if consumed moderately but it can be easily over consumed. Study shows that over consumption of these are linked to weight gain in long term.

Olive oil-

weight lossAntioxidants in olive oil are found and it helps protect the oil from oxidizing when it is heated. Yes, of course you can get the best results from olive oil when it is used in dressings or for roasting or baking but it does not turn carcinogenic when it is heated as commonly thought. So, olive oil is also the good option for cooking in healthy way.

Coconut Oil-

Coconut oil contains a high proportion of medium chain fats which are primarily metabolized through the liver, it is still fat and fat contains a lot of calories relative to carbs and protein. So if you swap a small amount of oil for coconut oil, you are more likely to use this fat as energy but if you use lashings of oil, and more than you usually does, you still have to burn all these extra calories coming from fat. Coconut oil may be fine for a personal trainer who used to burn 2000+ calories a day, but for the average person who spends much of the day sitting, it does not offer the health benefits that extra virgin olive oil does. So, using coconut oil on regular basis is not a good idea for maintaining a healthy weight.

Nut Milks-

weight loss for womenNut milks are generally for those who cannot tolerate dairy milk or prefer not to drink it. The key nutrients which we get from milk are protein and calcium and it is important to remember that almond milk contains literally none of either of these. Some non-dairy milk has a little calcium added, but again it is much smaller amounts than is found in dairy milks. So, if you choose to use nut milks, please make sure you get your calcium from somewhere else.


3 week dietPoor old potato a food staple for thousands of year and it packed full of B group vitamins and fiber and relatively high glycaemic index. It is banned from many weight loss programs but the truth is that a single potato contain just 20 gram of carbs which is less than ½ cup of rice or pasta. Health experts say that a simple baked potato of reasonable size and not made into chips is a great choice nutritionally.

Diabetes Treatment | A Positive Way To Control Your Diabetes

type 2 diabetesDiabetes is a rising problem these days but health experts says that it can be controlled. According to a recent survey, it has been found that diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death for citizens of United States of America. Rates at which people are being diagnosed are also rising at double pace. For the running month, Health Check 12 James Quinones sets the record straight about some common types of myths and facts that is most important to know. A recent sufferer of diabetes condition Deirdre Nezzie was in shock when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She said that she was in the denial condition for two to three months. She assumed that diabetes condition is also the same condition when people suffer from cold and fever and after taking medicines for sometimes, it goes back.


Diabetes is that type of condition that doesn’t go back and it affects your whole life, if you will not control on the correct time. Anyway, Deirdre Nezzie is not alone. According to The American Diabetes Association estimates that approximately 29 million Americans people either have diabetes or they at the greater risk of pre-diabetes. Many studies have done on diabetes and a new research is offering new insights into diagnosing and treating the condition of diabetes. For example, type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes because it only appears in younger age group and in this condition; your body doesn’t produce enough insulin. But age is no longer a factor says Sathya Jyothinagaram, the executive director for the Institute of Diabetes at Banner Health. In fact, one of the oldest people I have ever diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When she was first developed the condition, she was 77 years old. In the other hand, type 2 diabetes is known as mature onset diabetes.

diabetesType 2 diabetes is now being found in teenagers. In fact type 2 diabetes has become the fastest growing segment of the population within teenagers said Jyothinagaram. Health experts say that the leading causes of higher level of glucose or type 2 diabetes are obesity and a genetic pre disposition. Anyway, Deirdre Nezzie was in shocked after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but she said that it was a waking call for me. She overhauled her lifestyle and signed up for a triathaon. She said that she was weighing 230 pounds when she started the triathaon and she lost 50 pounds. First she was used to sit at home and doing nothing physical activity but after joining triathaon, now she is used to go for swimming, running and biking. Now she became the part of the Tour de Cure. It is a cycling event which raises money for diabetes research.

How-does-it-work-diabetes-destroyerHowever, here you have seen that how Deirdre Nezzie got herself in shocked when she first heard that she is suffering from type 2 diabetes but she took it in a positive way started her lifestyle changes to live her life with full harmony. You can also do it, if you find that you suffering from high glucose level or you are at the greater risk of developing diabetes. You just need to do some lifestyle changes and you can be able to control your diabetes naturally. For more information about how to control diabetes naturally, please visit the official website.

Infertility | Facts about Endometriosis That Could Lead To Infertility

EndometriosisEndometriosis is a condition that is very common among women and it affects almost 10 per cent of women worldwide which lead to infertility including Hollywood A-lister Lena Dunham. March 2016 is mark as the World Endometriosis Month and with National Endometriosis Awareness Week ended just yesterday. According to a survey, it has been found that endometriosis condition lead to infertility in 30 to 35 percent among women and most of them don’t know about this. The actual cause of this condition is unknown yet and there is no cure for endometriosis. Dr Xavier Santamaria suggests that women should know the key element about this condition. Explaining a little more about endometriosis, Dr Santamaria said that endometriosis is the name given to that condition where cells like the ones in the lining of the womb (the endometrial) are found elsewhere in the body. These tissues also behave in the same way as the tissues which are found in the lining of the womb, mimicking the menstrual process. Every month these cells build up and break down and higher quantity of bleed occurs at the time of monthly periods because unlike monthly cycle this blood has no other way to escape.

infertility causesEndometriosis is a chronic and debilitating condition and it often leads to pain. These conditions of health can also lead to infertility, fatigue and bowel and bladder problems. Around 2 million women in the UK are affected by endometriosis and can manifest itself in a range of symptoms, varying from person to person. Endometriosis has the potential to affect all women and girls of a childbearing age.

Causes of Endometriosis

Get-Pregnant-FastThere is no exact cause of endometriosis according to health experts and unfortunately there is still some confusion throughout the medical world as to what causes endometriosis. However, the widely accepted theory is retrograde menstruation. At this time where the womb lining doesn’t leave the body properly during the time of period and embeds itself on the organs of the pelvis. Other potential causes of Endometriosis are to be the weakness of a woman’s immune system, environmental causes and metaplasia (in which cells can change into endometrial cells to adapt to their environment). However, none of these theories are a definite cause or reason of occurring Endometriosis and therefore the exact cause of it remains unknown till yet. Health expert says that can be more common in the sisters and mothers of women who have the history of Endometriosis. Therefore it is believed to have a genetic background.

Symptoms of Endometriosis

infertilityAccording to health experts the symptoms which are associated with Endometriosis will vary from woman to woman, and some people will also suffer more severe symptoms than others. However, generally the most common symptoms which are being experienced by women who were suffering from Endometriosis condition. The lists of symptoms are

  •        Painful periods or heavy periods
    •        pain in the lower abdomen (tummy), pelvis or lower back
    •        pain during and after sex
    •        bleeding between periods
    •        difficulty in getting pregnant

get pregnant fast

Anyway, the most common question on everyone’s lips is that how can endometriosis affect fertility? Doctors said that Anatomical distortion and adhesions which is caused by Endometriosis reduces the chance of getting pregnant naturally. It becomes more serious problem in those women who suffer from severe condition of Endometriosis and as the increased number of adhesions means there is higher possibility the egg will get trapped and prevented from getting down the Fallopian tube. It is particularly a significant, if the ovary is wrapped in adhesions or if the Pouch of Douglas (the lowest area of the peritoneal cavity) is covered by adhesions. According to American Fertility Society Revised Classification of Endometriosis (AFS) score that Endometriosis is classified into minimal, mild, moderate and severe. This score helps dictate the chance of getting pregnant naturally.

Infertility | Super Easy Tips To Beat All Types Of Infertility Naturally


INFERTILITYInfertility is a condition which is affecting one out of six couples in the world and you are one of them, Right. So, this is the important information for everyone but it’s most important especially for if battling with fertility issues. Pay your close attention to it in order to get precious information about your inability of having children. The first thing you have to understand is the ground root of your problem. So, let’s start-

Infertility, what is this exactly?

get pregnantIf you are a woman, it refers your inability to conceive your child after having regular and unprotected sex with your partner since one year. It refers to those women also who are able to get pregnant but unable to carry their pregnancy to full term of nine months. If you are a man, it can be referred your biological inability to contribute in making a woman pregnant. As infertility has become the almost epidemic these days, the accurate information about treatment of infertility took some longer time. In many cases, it has been found that it doesn’t matter what causes the root problem but it can be reversed if the body will get the correct resources. Ass all the diseases indicate that something is wrong inside the body, infertility does the same and it can be fixed surely. Most of the men and women are found to be able to reverse their infertility and conceived naturally by just adopting some lifestyle modification.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookInfertility issues affected men and women gets 100 percent success rate by adopting lifestyle modification if they are under the age of 21 to 45. If people who want to have their own child on any terms and condition, simply prefer to go for in vitro fertilization (IVF) process which has only 20 percent success rate. As in vitro fertilization (IVF) process costs over $10, 000 per session and lifestyle modification costs far below. According to health experts, infertility is often a complex problem which requires a very simple solution with no matter who is affected by it, either men or women. There are so many reasons which can be responsible for your infertility and that’s why conventional treatment is rarely effective because it simply can’t address the root cause of problem.

According to a recent survey, it has been found that any type Get-Pregnant-Fastof fertility medicines and artificial hormones including birth control pills or Viagra makes the fertility system more worse which makes the future fertility more difficult because these artificial hormones or birth control pills is often suggested in order to reverse various hormonal imbalances and other type of problems in women. So, before grabbing any type of infertility treatment, I will recommend you to go for lifestyle modification. Lifestyle changes or modification is 100 percent natural solution to your fertility problems which will help you to reverse your infertility and you can get pregnant faster and naturally in less than 2 months by following expert advice. You can go for step by step guide to get the accurate way of lifestyle modification and say good bye to your stress and infertility forever, and make arrangement for your future baby. For more information, visit the official website.

Weight loss | Link between peanut butter and weight loss

weight loss with peanut butterWeight loss while eating peanut butter is surprising because we always think that peanut is an unhealthy snacks item. Eating peanut means it will increase the weight gain motion because it has high calories. Anyway, many studies have shown multiple health benefits of eating peanut butter regularly. According to a study, it has been found that those who eat peanut butter regularly are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. A recent study shows the result out of the University of Houston says that eating peanut and peanut butter may protect you from getting affected by obesity. For this study, the researchers followed Latino middle school children who swapped out peanut and peanut butter as taking it as the unhealthy snacks item. After 12 weeks of study, researchers found that children who ate peanut and peanut butter had a lower body mass index (BMI) compared to those who did not eat. They also continued to lower their BMI for 12 weeks beyond this study.

Weight loss with peanut butter

peanut butterWeight loss with peanut butter sounds very unrealistic because it contains 190 calories and 16 grams of fat per serving. Some recent study shows that people can actually lose weight while eating their favorite spread around their meal. Holly McCord, nutrition editor of Prevention magazine says that People who are over-weight or obese take the peanut or peanut butter as the taboo. But studies shows that it doesn’t only help in losing weight but including peanut butter in your regular diet will help in maintain a better health as it is tastier and more satisfying if you 3will compare to those things which has low fat and high carbs. The Peanut Butter Diet book is written by McCord and it is prompted by two recent studies. These two researchers were one from Harvard University and the other from Penn State. Those researchers found that if people will include high level of monounsaturated fats which is generally found in peanut butter may help to prevent from heart diseases along with weight loss. As other weight loss program, peanut butter diet also requires it consumption with exercise. People who love to eat peanut butter are warned to avoid over indulging because too much consumption will lead you to weight gain.

The_Half_Day_DietPrevention magazine ran an article about the health benefits of eating peanut butter, it became the best selling issue and so the magazine decided to create a recipe book on peanut butter. The range will start from peanut butter oatmeal, to entrees such as Tahitian chicken with peanut butter mango sauce and curried peanutweight loss butter soup. However, studies have concluded that taste comes first for the people than health. So liking their meal is very important. In these studies researchers found that people comes under low fat diet group were very jealous with those who were assigned to eat peanut butter diet. According to this study, it has been found that fat which is found in the food like olives, nuts, avocados and peanut butter is a good kind and heart healthy. These food items contain monounsaturated fats which help to lower bad cholesterol and so reduce the risk of heart disease.

However, if you are one of them who love to eat, just don’t stop yourself. You can everything but in moderation. In order to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, eat whatever you want and after that burn those calories which you got from your favorite meal. Here is a weight loss program which is especially designed for you, who love to eat but want to be in perfect shape. This weight loss program allows you to eat everything half of the day and half of the day, you’ll have to diet. For more information about how to trick your body into thinking it is on low carbs diet when it is not, please visit the official website.

Infertility | 7 Reasons Explains how thyroids are linked to cause infertility?

HypothyroidInfertility is affecting one out of six couples these days. There are several reasons for infertility in men and women. Today we are talking about the most common health issue which is generally linked with women. That health illness is known as Thyroids. Yes, this is also the most common problems which are affecting a large number of women. Thyroid is a gland which influences all of the metabolic process in the body. The thyroids disorder can be very small and harmless goiter which doesn’t need treatment to life threatening cancer. The most common problems which are associated with thyroids are abnormal production of thyroids hormones. If your body tend to produce too much thyroids hormones is known as hyperthyroidism and insufficient production of these hormones leads to hypothyroidism. Anyway, the thyroid gland which produces hormones to control many system of body is also including the reproductive system. It plays a major role when it comes to infertility. So, here are 7 most important things which you must know about how thyroid is linked to cause infertility.

Thyroid and infertility

get pregnant

  1. As we discusses earlier that thyroid gland produces the hormones which influences all the system of body or control metabolism. When thyroid gland produces too much hormones it causes hyperthyroidism and when gland doesn’t produces enough hormones, it leads to hypothyroidism. So, there is a strong link has been found between hypothyroidism and infertility.
  2. According to experts, if inadequate level of thyroid hormones can interfere with ovulation. These inadequate levels of thyroid hormones can prevent ovulation and when there is no egg is present, fertilization cannot occur. Hyperthyroidism creates the interruption in ovulation as well.
  3. As it creates a lot of difficulties in getting pregnant and if conception occurs thyroid makes the biggest challenge for pregnant women to carry a full term pregnancy. Experts say that women who are suffering from hypothyroidism are at the four times more likely to have miscarriage compared to those who haven’t thyroid issue.infertility-solution
  4. A health expert says that if in many cases, physicians miss an underlying thyroid disorder in those patients who are suffering from unexplained infertility. These cases sometimes generally get dismissed due to stress or some psychological issues. So, it is very important for physicians to ask the right questions to confirm if thyroid issue is interrupting the reproductive system and leading to infertility.
  5. Fertility experts suggests that women should go for complete thyroid evaluation if she has experienced difficulty to get pregnant after six month of regular and unprotected sex, went through two or more miscarriages, irregular monthly cycles and family history of thyroid disorder.
  6. Infertility can be occur due to many other reasons but if you find any symptoms of thyroid disorder like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, you should consider a thyroid screening test.
  7. In many cases, if underlying thyroid issues are being treated and hormones return to normal level, many women can resolve their fertility problems and can become pregnant.

Pregnancy-MiracleAnyway, now you can treat all types of infertility naturally and get pregnant in just 60 days by following step by step methods suggested by expert with guaranteed. If you want to learn more about natural and holistic approach of getting pregnant in just 8 weeks, visit the official website.

Post pregnancy weight loss | Follow Kim Kardashian’s Example To Lose Baby Weight

post pregnancy weight lossWeight loss doesn’t only means that you’ll have to hit the gym and working out very hard. Sometimes it becomes very easily if it can be done in the professional way. Kim Kardashian, the 35 years old reality star is on the way of losing baby weight after delivering her second child baby boy. Kim Kardashian is following the high high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet according to Atkins diet. According to a new study which has been very recently has revealed that high protein diet plays the key role in losing weight faster and naturally. Scientists from Purdue University, Indiana says that if you eat protein, you are tend to feel fuller for long time and you don’t want to eat on a short interval. Dr Richard Mattes, the lead study author said that eating protein rich diet helps to activate satiety hormone release that is strongly tied to make a man feel full for very long time. People who want to lose weight or women who want post pregnancy weight loss should follow high protein diet and even dietician often suggest eating this when it comes to lose weight faster and naturally.

natural tips for weight loss

Weight loss scientist’s team set out to conduct the first systematic review of the effect of protein consumption on perceived fullness. According to Dr Mattes, Individual studies are often conducted in a small size of populations or with different approaches that can make interpretation of results more challenging. His study included and combined many types of experiments to confirm the actual result. His team analyzed utilized both meta-analysis and directional analysis to confirm that consumption of higher protein has a greater effect on feeling fullness compared to consumption of lower protein diets. Here is a list of high protein diet which can help you lose weight faster


  • Lean beef
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Chicken
  • Cheese
  • Greek yogurt
  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Port loin
  • Tofu

weight loss for womenThus, based on this study, researchers found that consumption of high protein is directly linked to satiety hormone which helps to feel fuller. Furthermore the team of researchers also found that if a person wants to lose weight, he/ she has to increase the amount of high protein diet to feel fuller to the next meal time. Yet, scientists have noted that feeling full is not the only thing that affects what a person might eat. Feeling hungry and feeling fuller are not the only factors that influence the intake of high protein diet said Dr Mattes.

We feel hungry and then we eat, but many times we eat for other reason. If a person felt fuller to finish his meal but he has a room for desert. So, this time he is eating for other reason not for feeling hungry. This study did not focus on the precise amount of protein should be consumed by a person to prolong fullness nor it focuses on the time of consumption.

weight loss for womenThis study urges people to steer clear of taking high protein diet to excess if they want to lose weight faster and naturally. This study also suggests that people who want to increase their consumption of high protein should consider a moderate increment as a first step. Dr Mattes says that this study doesn’t only evaluate the dieters who are on diet to lose weight but it can be an important factor when dieting. According to this study, the result are sustained over the long term and this study only looked at the short term effects that increased portion of high protein diet will help you lose weight or post pregnancy weight loss as it did with the famous celebrity Kim Kardashian. If you want to know more about what to eat and how much to eat in order to lose baby weight, seek the expert advice and reduce 3 dress sizes in just 7 days naturally. For more detail, please visit the official website.

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