Male Infertility | How Preconception Supplement Helps To Avoid Infertility?

male_infertilityInfertility condition can be finding among more than one couple out of six in their reproductive age. Now, infertility is not only the female woos but men are equally involved. Now 40 percent of infertility cases are associated with men. Health expert says that in most cases the reason for infertility is unknown. Researchers have been done an exclusive research and they found that there is a significant factor for rising rate of infertility is “Oxidative Stress”. This type of stress is generally caused by the exposure to chemicals pr radiation, poor nutrition, infection and some lifestyle habit such as smoking. These all important reasons contribute to a high oxidative burden on the male fertility system and that in turn impairs the potential of reproduction or fertilization.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadOxford University Press study has found a promising treatment for male infertility. Experts says that this treatment will not help only men to treat their fertility problems but women can also get the benefit of reducing the chances of miscarriages. Men who try to become father, often uses preconception supplements according to a little data which has existed until now. According to this recent study, it indicates the precise formulation which has been offered by CellOxes. People can find it without prescription and it is well known as the antioxidants ingredients. This supplement can be known as fertilix and it is very carefully formulated. This supplement can be used as the preconception preparation which will counter the oxidative damage with antioxidants that support the normal function of sperm. The data has been collected from two separate studies which involved mice. This study demonstrated that fertilix helps to restore pregnancy rates to normal and it also helps to reduce fetal resorption which is equivalent to miscarriages which occurs in women. It happens due to sperm protection cells and the DNA which has carried from oxidation during the development and subsequent storage. Researchers says that damaged or spoiled sperm DNA is strongly associated with sub fertility or infertility as well as higher chances of developing the risk of miscarriages. It appears as the new genetic mutation among children.

get pregnantThis is a collaborative study between CellOxess and Professor Joel Drevet from the University of Clermont in France and Professor Alfonso Gutiérrez-Adán at the Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria or INIA in Spain. This study was first published in the journal of “Human Reproduction,” in February 2016 issue. This is a peer-reviewed scientific journal from University Oxford Press. The inventor of Fertilix formulation, Dr. Parviz Gharagozloo commented that male infertility plays the major role in making a couple infertile for lifetime and unfortunately, oxidative stress which is very common these days due to pollution and hectic lifestyle is often overlooked as a causative factor while treating a male infertility. He add that we firmly believe that appropriate treatment of such patients before trying to conceive will surely help to avoid sub fertility or infertility by achieving a healthier pregnancies.


Professor John Aitken, a world leader in sperm biology, from the University of Newcastle in Australia said that if the results found on mice translate into human, it will surely influence the clinical practice because this is an inexpensive adjunct therapy to the most expensive and risky IVF treatment. Fertilix can be sold in the USA and international market. It is available in three strength to provide more personalized option of treatment. This is a unique strategy which will can minimize the risk of over supplementation which can lead to reductive stress level, a phenomenon that equally damage to spermatozoa. Many IVF experts are coordinating a large multicenter, multinational clinical study to confirm the results translate into humans.

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Infertility Treatment | Does IVF Causes Childhood Cancer In Children? | Norway

Ivf and cancerInfertility has become very common problem these days and we can find many couples around us, who wants to start their family but they are unable to do that. Inability of getting pregnant or not able to conceive naturally after one year of regular and unprotected sex is known as infertility. Infertility can occur due to any reasons. Now days there are so many factors are involved to create the situation of infertility among couples. These factors are only linked to our internal part of the body but it can the environmental factor, social factor, emotional factors and many more. So, if a man or woman is infertile, they should go for screening first to find the exact reason of their infertility and they begin the treatment to get the higher success rate.

Infertility treatment

Getting pregnant is the most natural instinct but many couples are there, who gets maximum level of difficulties in this natural process. They try for many years in order to conceive their own child naturally but their efforts goes fail and they becomes infertile or childless for lifetime. Many couple tries to get their own child by doing any type of process. They go for too expensive treatment and medicines with least success rate. Infertility treatment are several and it’s varies from the type of infertility in the couples. Now, many couples are going to opt IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) process in order to get pregnant because this is the only infertility treatment, who has the maximum success rate by 40 to 45 percent compared with others. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is one of the most expensive treatments for fertility and in many cases, it needs several attempt to make it successful. Each attempt of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) costs up to $ 10,000 and above.


Childhood cancer and IVF

According to a new study it has been found that children who are conceived through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) might have an increased risk of developing blood cancer. Researchers done the analysis among more than 1.6 million children in Norway and they found that children who are conceived through the procedure of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) had a 67 percent higher risk to develop leukemia and more than tripled risk of Hodgkin’s lymphoma when compared to the children who were conceived and born naturally without any fertility treatment. Dr. Marte Myhre Reigstad the lead author of this study and she is a researcher with the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Women’s Health at Oslo University Hospital said that parents shouldn’t need to panic about it. Risk to develop childhood cancer is still a very small even after factoring in the result of this study. Reigstad said that the risk of being diagnosed with leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma is 0.5 in 1,000 children in Norway within the first 10 years of life. She adds that risk increase of such magnitude which can lead to leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma as found in our study would amount to a risk of 0.8 in 1,000. So, for children who conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF), they still have only a very small chance of developing cancer.

getting pregnantStudy which was published online on February 4 in the journal Pediatric reveals that children who were born between 1984 and 2011 according to a medical data shows that about 25,800 children were born through different type of infertility treatments or assisted reproductive technology procedure. Researchers says that they did not find any significant increase in risk of cancer other than leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma which are cancers and affects the blood cells among the kids who born through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Susan Amirian, an assistant professor with the Baylor College of Medicine’s Duncan Cancer Center in Houston and the co-author of an accompanying editorial in the journal says that the statistics behind the risk factors are based on the small amount of kids who suffered from a type of blood cancer and they were conceived through IVF (in vitro fertilization). Amirian says for example, only 12 kids were reported as the patient of leukemia and three kids of Hodgkin’s lymphoma among the sample of IVF kids. According to her, this result is based on those kids who were statistically on the borderline.

Pregnancy-MiracleThis study needs some more cautious interpreting number which can show the exact reason for getting blood cancers in those kids who were conceived through IVF. Amirian says that we have to do a lot more study and research to confirm the link between blood cancer and IVF kids and then after we can find the true link. Amirian and her editorial co-author, Melissa Bondy, also of Baylor’s Duncan Cancer Center says, there are several possible factors for making IVF kids more prone to be at higher risk for cancers. According to a previous study, it has been shown that those kids are also more prone to have an increased risk of childhood cancers, whose mothers are older than normal. Hereditary is also a very important factor and treatment and medication to boost fertility for infertile couples is also plays a key role to make a child more prone to have on higher risk of cancers, says Bondy. Amirian and Bondy agreed at a point that this study doesn’t warrant “sounding any alarm”. Bondy said, this is only an implication that there may be something going on. We have to investigate it before taking any action and we don’t want to alarm people and no recommendation for right now.

getting pregnantReigstad concurred and adds that this study doesn’t misguide to those couples who are hopeful from using assisted reproductive technology in order to conceive their own child. She said, this study should not dissuade couples from seeking treatment for their infertility as IVF but health experts should keep thin findings in their mind. We also must keep observing those children as they grow old who were conceived through assisted reproductive technology. According to background note along with this study has shown that more than 5 million babies have been conceived through any type of infertility treatment or assisted reproductive technology.

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Pregnancy Wellness Tips | Does Eating Fish During Pregnancy May Cause Obesity?

fish and pregnancyPregnancy is a time when pregnant mother is allowed to eat everything which can benefit the health of her baby and herself too. When we find around us any women pregnant, we automatically offer some rest and unwanted advice. Yes, this is the time when not only the family members take care of pregnant women but people around you too show the concern. For example if a pregnant woman is standing in queue for a long time along with many other people but people generally gives her preference to finish her work first or she can sit instead of standing like all. So, this is the basic courtesy to show concern toward pregnant women. Anyway, today we are talking about eating habit during the time of pregnancy. As you must know that eating healthy foods during pregnancy plays the key role in the development of baby.

Foods during pregnancy

Pregnancy care requires a lot of discipline and you always wonder that what will be the best for mother and baby. During pregnancy, you always think that it is very important to eat enough fish during pregnancy, but it contains mercury. Eat Meat provides protein but it’s too fatty. Are eggs okay or it has too much cholesterol? So, here is some most important advice from nutritionist about their pregnancy foods

  • Eggs- This is amazing because in one egg, you find only 90 calories along with 12 vitamins and minerals along with higher amount of protein which is very important in pregnancy.
  • Salmon- This food is not only rich in high quality protein but it also an exceptionally good source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is very essential for baby’s growth and it also boost the mood.
  • Beans- These are enough to provide protein during pregnancy and beans are a good source of fiber which help pregnant women by putting at the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Leafy vegetables- Spinach, kale, Swiss chard, and other green leafy vegetables are the good source of vitamins and nutrients. These leafy vegetables contain vitamins A, C, and K, as well as the all-important folate. They’ve also been found to promote eye health.


Fish and pregnancy

According to a recent study has concluded that if pregnant women eat fish more than three times in a week is more likely to make her child overweight or obese. The child will begin to gain weight right afterbirth and can become overweight or obese at the age of 4 to 16 years. This study is very large and is being conducted in many countries. According to researchers, side effects linked to weight is directly associated with high consumption of fish during pregnancy by mother and it was more pronounced when the offspring was female. Researchers says that Omega 3 fatty acids is found in a large quantity in fish and it might predispose fetal stem cells to differentiate into fat cells or the wastage which is found in fish could disrupt fetal hormones which are related to metabolism which can greatly rise the fat storage.

Pregnant women should eat two to three servings (8-12 ounces) of fish per week were recommended by Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency in 2014. They say that pregnant women can eat which are clearly known to be contaminated with mercury for example tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico, shark, swordfish and king mackerel and choose instead salmon, shrimp, Pollock, light canned tuna, tilapia, catfGet-Pregnant-Fastish and cod. The author of this study says that their findings are line with the EPA and FDA advisory. For this study, researchers tracked 26,184 pregnant women along with their children who were born between 1996 and 2011 in U.S and across Europe. Researchers observed the pattern of growth and weight status of the children up to the age of six years old. They also questioned the pregnant women about their food intake and they reported that they ate a smallest size of less than half a serving of fish weekly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland to as many as seven servings of fish per week in Spain and Portugal. The women from Massachusetts made up the U.S. study cohort that they ate an average of one to two servings of fish per week.

Researchers found that children between the age of 4 and 6 years old is more likely to be over-weight or obese between 14 to 22 percent because their mother ate highest level of fish during pregnancy. Babies whose mother ate highest amount of fish during pregnancy are 22 percent more likely to have a rapid increase in growth than babies of women who ate little fish. As many women in U.S eats very less amount of fish during pregnancy because of largely scared by reports of mercury poison which is found in fish. Public health campaigns have urged the U.S women to eat fish because it contains a higher amount of Omega 3 fatty acids are critical building blocks for the development of the fetal brain and retinal tissues. These fatty fish contains essential fatty acids which also help to determine the length of fetal gestation and provides the prevention from depression among women during pregnancy or after giving birth of baby.

pregnancy-miracleEating fish during pregnancy at least 12 ounces of oily fish per week provides children to have better IQ scores, fine motor coordination and communication and better social skills with many other benefits. In 2014, the U.S government advices on fish consumption by saying that too little or too much consumption of fish may lead to more harm than benefits. So, it’s advised to eat fish in an appropriate amount to get maximum benefits with no harm. The researchers of this study are hailing from 1 country where women and their children were the participants. They says that next step might be to get the better understanding about why a pregnant woman’s fish consumption, as well as other dietary patterns shows the different effects on a female baby than it does on a male child. They suggested that researchers should delve more closely into placental tissue to glean how intra-uterine factors such as diet could have sex-specific effects.

How Diabetes Drugs Can Exhaust Insulin Producing Cells? | Stockholm | Miami

diabetesDiabetes is near the epidemic and millions of people are suffering from this condition. treatment for this high blood glucose level are several like many people go for natural and ayurvedic ways and many people uses the high tech devices and medicines to control their blood sugar level. A recent study which has been done on the uses of Liraglutide. This is a medicine which is generally used for making the blood sugar level normal and it is used by the patient of type 2 diabetes. The study has been done on the mice to find the effects of using long term of liraglutide.

According to researchers from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and University of Miami. USA. Researchers say that if people, who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and using liraglutide for the long term, may have a deteriorating effect on insulin-producing beta cells. These cells will lead them to an increase in the level of their blood glucose.

diabetes preventionResearchers claim that they have compelling evidences which can proof that liraglutide therapy is more effective, if it is used for short span because it makes an initial reduction in the level of blood glucose. Anyway, many people who uses this liraglutide therapy for type 2 diabetes doesn’t show any respond to it but some people even shows the adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Researchers from Stockholm and Miami conducted this study on mice and they implanted them with human insulin producing cells. This blood sugar suppressor ion the form of analogues of the in cretin hormone GLP 1. This is mainly used in the diagnosis of diabetes type 2 since they help to stimulate the glucose response to the pancreatic beta cells to make them secrete more insulin.

How-does-it-work-diabetes-destroyerAs we read earlier that to find the effects of using in cretin therapy for long term, researchers used the mice which was humanized by transplanting human insulin-producing cells into the anterior chamber of the eye. These mice were receiving daily dose of liraglutide for more than 250 days. Meanwhile researchers from Stockholm and Miami were monitoring them to find how the pancreatic beta cells were affected by using liraglutide for such a long time.

Study shows an initial improvement in the insulin producing beta cells which was gradually followed by exhaustion with reduced secretion of insulin as a response to glucose. Researchers say that this was unexpected. Midhat Abdulreda from University of Miami says that lack of clinical study on the effects after a long time of these drugs which is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, and that’s why this is the most important discovery.

Per-Olof Berggren from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm says that before prescribing these blood sugar suppressing GLP 1 analogues for the long term treatment regimens for patients, we also need take the result of this study into account. Berggren says that our study also focuses in general that how to carry out in vivo studies about the effects of diabetes drugs on human insulin producing cells if it is used for long term. This report was first published in the journal Cell Metabolism and the information has taken from

diabetes-destroyerHowever, this report shows that people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and using liraglutide for the long time may have the more prone to exhaust their insulin producing cells. According to Center For Disease Control, it has been found that every 3 out of 5 American adult are the patient of overweight or obese. Obesity is the major cause to lead you to diabetes. So, now a day, we all are struggling to maintain a healthy and fit body which should be disease free. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, many people are opting natural diet, super foods and countless wonder diets.

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Infertility | Does Asthma Causes Fertility Problems? | Copenhagen

asthmaGetting pregnant is the most natural instinct but now a day this natural instinct has become very serious matter and it’s not as easy as it was decades ago. These days infertility is affecting million of couple in the world and the reason behind it several. According a recent report, Copenhagen says that women who are suffering from the health illness called Asthma may have problems in getting pregnant naturally. Researcher says that women with asthma may have some issues with their fertility health which can delay the conception or it may make them childless for lifetime also.get pregnant

According to researchers from Copenhagen, women who are suffering from asthma may make the women unable to get pregnant naturally faster than those women who are not suffering from asthma. Researchers included 245 women between the age group of 23 and 45 for the study. They all were suffering from unexplained infertility and they were seeking fertility treatment. 96 out of 245 women were diagnosed with asthma. These all women were followed by the researchers until they successfully conceived their child, fertility treatment stopped and the study ended. Researchers found the average time of getting pregnant for those women who were not diagnosed with asthma was about 32 months. Average time for those women who were diagnosed with asthma was about to 55 months. So, women who were suffering from asthma took almost the two more times to get pregnant than those women who were not diagnosed with asthma.

pregnancy-miracleGetting pregnant became two times more difficult for women with asthma. According to the study which was published on Feb. 12 in the European Respiratory Journal shows the gap between the two groups increased with age. The lead author Dr. Elisabeth Juul Gade said in a journal news release that the trial finding adds several evidence which suggest a link between asthma and fertility. Gade is working with the department of respiratory medicine at Bispebjerg University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookInfertility has become one of the most painful health issues and one of the biggest reasons of it is asthma which can be finding among many women. Asthma increases the time to get pregnant and even more so with age, Gade said. According to her, medical science did not know the casual relationship between asthma and fertility issues and it may be the complex process with types of asthma, psychological well being, medicines which is used for asthma and hormones. These all are playing a role to make women unable to get pregnant faster than normal women who are not suffering from asthma. She says that doctors and health experts should encourage those women who are having asthma to start their family at the early age and they should step up their asthma treatment before they get pregnant. Gade says that patient education is also very important as adherence to treatment may be enhanced if the women with asthma are informed about the link of fertility and their illness. She adds that while this study only focuses on the association between asthma and the difficulties to get pregnant which generally occurs in those women who have asthma. This study doesn’t prove and cause and effects.

Infertility | what are fibroids and how it affects the fertility?

Infertility can occur due to many reasons and one of the most important reasons for female infertility is Fibroids. This is a type of tumor which is non cancerous and it grows from the muscle layer of the uterus or womb. This tumor is also known as uterine fibroids, myomas or fibromyomas. Fibroids growths as the smooth muscle and fibrous tissue. It can be vary in sizes and shapes. Fibroids can grow as small as bean and as large as melon. According to health experts, it has been found that fibroids are affecting almost 20 percent of women in the at least once in a lifetime. It generally occurs in the women aged fibroid-and-infertilitybetween 30 and 50. Health experts say that women who are over-weight or obese are at the higher risk of developing fibroids compare to those women who maintains the normal body weight. Sometime malignant which causes cancer may growth on the smooth muscles inside the uterus or womb is called as leiomyosarcoma of the womb but it happens extremely in the rare case. Smooth muscles which are known as fibroids are very common and it has been found that one out five women develop these tumors after the age of 30. It tends to be more frequent in African American women and less frequent in Asian women.

Symptoms of fibroids

Fibroids in the uterus can be confirmed by doing ultrasound and it generally doesn’t cause any symptoms but sometimes it can show some symptoms like


  • Anemia – It can occur due to heavy periods which causes lower amount of hemoglobin and anemia occurs.
  • Backache
  • Constipation
  • Frequent urination
  • Heavy and painful menstrual cycle
  • Leg pain
  • Frequent urination
  • Discomfort in the lower abdomen
  • Pain during the time of sex
  • Swelling in the lower abdomen

Types of fibroids

beat infertility

Fibroids are divided into three parts according to their location

  • Subserosal- It grows under the outer layer of the uterus which is also known as serosa of the uterus. That’s why it is called as subserosal.
  • Intramural- The smooth muscles (fibroids) grows within the muscular wall of the uterus
  • Sub mucosal or intracavitry- It grows just under the lining of the uterine cavity which is known as mucosa or it occupies the inside of the uterine cavity. These types of fibroids are able to change the shape and size of the uterine cavity.

Fibroids and infertility

Fibroids and infertility is linked with each other in approximately 5 to 10 percent of infertility cases. Fibroids are the major cause for infertility in many women. Fibroids may make a woman infertile by

  1. Abnormal uterine cavity- An enlarged cavity could interfere with the sperm transport and a cavity with an abnormal contour can prevents normal implantation of sperms and stop fertilization.
  2. Fibroids can create a distorted uterus and cervix which could result in decreased access to the cervix in order to ejaculate sperm which prevents an effective transport of the uterus.
  3. Fibroids can obstruct or distort the uterine segment of the fallopian tubes.

getting pregnantInfertility which occurs due to uterine fibroids in women is made exclude all the possible causes of infertility. A standard fertility test to find the uterine fibroids could be done by an assessment of the uterine cavity which should be performed by hysterosalpingogram (HSG) or fluid ultrasound and then a doctor decide how to manage these fibroids?

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Male infertility | How to improve quality and quantity of semen? | Danish

Male-InfertilityInfertility is rising and it’s not only the women’s woo. Now a day many men are also getting affected by infertility. Reproduction is the very simple process by nature which can be done by couples. But now for some couples it’s not so easy. In fact this is the most difficult task for them. Infertility can occur due to any reason and it can be associated with anyone. Male infertility is a kind of inability to make a woman unable to get pregnant naturally. If a man is not able to start his family with the help of his female partner, he can be called as infertile. Male infertility is mainly linked with quantity and quality of his sperm.

Male infertility

According to a survey, it has been found that male infertility is a globally spreaded health issues which affects about one in five infertile couples. This survey reveals that one out of twenty men has some kind of health illness which is directly or indirectly linked to his reproductive system. Very less number of sperm or low sperm count is the most common factor for male infertility. Infertility in men generally occurs due to quality and quantity of semen.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadMale infertility is recognized when female partner is not getting pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected sex and doctor declare female partner is absolutely fertile then it must be associated with the male partner. Sometimes couple do not conceive naturally and according to their doctor, both of them have no problem in their reproductive system, then it is known as unexplained infertility. This kind of infertility is also very common among today’s generation. In fact doctors say that one out of five infertile cases is linked with unexplained infertility. In this problem couple doesn’t get the exact reason of their inability of becoming pregnant and they keep hoping to become a parents one day. They can also do all the efforts in order to increase their fertility naturally.

However, after completing entire check up to find the exact reason of not able to get pregnant and the female partner has no issues with her fertility track, then doctors start the test to male partner. To find the reason for not occurring conception, doctors perform the physical examination of men. Physicians perform a thorough examination of the penis, scrotum, testicles, anus and rectum. Orchido meter is kind of test that can measure the volume testicular which in turn is tightly associated with both sperm and hormonal parameters. A physical exam of the scrotum can be done which reveals a varicocele, but the impact of detecting and surgically correct a varicocele on sperm parameters or overall male fertility is debated.

Getting pregnant

Diagnosis of male infertility

According to Daily Mail report an IVF Danish company has released the world’s first complete test for men. This is a home sperm test kit that is supposed to check the fertility in men. It can be used for both semen count and quality. Thus this test kit will help busy men eliminating the need for going to the fertility clinic. Daily Mail reported that the company, Motility Count, claims to be different from all existing sperm test kit. This test kit is absolutely different because existing test kit only checks for the number of sperm count that doesn’t ensure the semen’s fertility but this test kit by Motility count’s test kit shows the quality of the semen. This device is known as the Swim Count. This kit helps to find the quality of sperm which should be more accurate in telling the men that they have good or bad swimmers.

Get-Pregnant-FastAccording to Mirror report, Managing Director Dr. John Reese said that Motility Count developed this home sperm test kit product with J R Biomedical Ltd. in North Wales. “In November 2014 and I came to know that there was a Danish biotech working on a new type of male fertility home test that would be complete in 2015. The companies then had the test kits registered as a medical device, which has been launched via the Swim Count site. So far, this is only place where the product can be legitimately sourced, but Reese stated that it will hit drugstores or pharmacies later this year. Reese added that other home sperm test kit only helps in just a sperm count which can overestimate a man’s fertility and provide a false sense of reassurance that all is OK but the key benefit of Swim Count is that it provides a measure of motile sperm (good swimmers) rather than just a sperm count.

Meanwhile, some men are wary to use this test kit in order to avoid fertility test in clinics. These home sperm test kit made by Danish company will cost €49.99 and it comes with a cup and a syringe. Man has to collect sperm samples without using condoms or lubricants then he has to place this in the cup for 30 minutes. Then using the syringe, he should stir the contents of the cup and draw out 0.5ml to drop into the test device. After another 30 minutes, his test results will appear as the device’s indicator changes its color. Many commenters have opposed this device via Daily Mail.

Treatment for male infertility

Pregnancy-MiracleHowever, I don’t say that you should completely test this device or completely oppose it. When a woman missed her period, the next step she takes to test her pregnancy by using home pregnancy test kit and she takes the next step according to her test report which appeared on her pregnancy test kit. In the same way, if you find that something wrong with your sperm, just take the home test by using this home sperm test kit and take the right decision. Meanwhile, you find that your semen quality and quantity is poor, you can take the prior step to make it better by using which can help your female partner to conceive faster and naturally. There are several ways which are very effective in increasing the number of sperm count and improves the quality of the semen naturally without any side effects. So, if you want to know more about the natural treatment to improve the quality and quantity of your semen, visit the official website and take the expert advice.

Infertility Treatment | Does Infertility Treatment causes Cancers? India

fertility-cure-treatmentInfertility treatments are causing cancer, is not a conclusive evidence but medical found it. According to medical fraternity, women who consider the treatment in order to get pregnant are more likely to develop the risk of cancers like ovarian and breast cancer. There are lacks of fertility clinics who aims to make women able to conceive child and become mom but they hardly counsel that, after going through infertility treatment, women can develop the risk of cancers. According to the research finding which was mainly done in the abroad that there is no significant risk of cancer. According to some medical oncologist, to minimize the risk of cancer, take the preventive measures.

get pregnantV.P. Gangadharan a medical oncologist from India says that women who are under the age of 40 and goes for infertility treatment she can clear her all doubt by doing a simple clinical test and ultrasound. He added that many people are there who have suspicious growth may get their suspicion clear by doing MRI mammogram. Dr. Gangadharan says that women who have the family history of mutation in breast cancer genes should consider the expert opinion before getting start of infertility treatment. V. Girija a gynecologist says that there is some evidence which supports the cancer risk by infertility treatment mostly are hormonal related is lacking. Doctors advices those women to get screening who are going through infertility treatment for long time.

pregnancy-miracleHealth expert says that since infertility treatments have been available for some time now, the government could take up the issue in a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research. Generally treatment for infertility is maximum available in private sector and that’s why there is a scant data on the outcome and follow up with women who have under gone the infertility treatment. There is also the hesitation among women due to not getting success even after infertility treatment or the failed treatment.Get-Pregnant-Fast

However, as we all know that cancer is not a one cause disease and many debates over health revolve around the prevention of developing the risk of cancer. Generally, people’s lifestyle and eating style is the most prominent factor for causing cancer. Lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habit causes obesity and cancer. Obesity itself a disease and it causes several other types of health issues. A direct co relation has been found between oral cancer and lung cancer with consumption of tobacco in any form. Hence, people can opt non smoking lifestyle to get prevented from oral and lung cancer. They can include plenty of vegetables and organic fruits in their daily diet and some regular physical activity to get prevented from number of diseases. Laly K. George, assistant professor, Amrita College of Nursing, India who has come out with an anti-cancer diet says that what you eat and what you don’t eat has the powerful impact on your health. Without knowing, many people ignore the food which has powerful nutrients that protect from cancer and most deadly diseases and they eat the food that fuels the cancer and other diseases.

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Diabetes | Does Diabetes Medicine Could Treat Heart attack? | Newcastle

diabetes-and-heart-diseaseDiabetes is near the epidemic and millions of people are suffering from this condition. According to a recent survey from the International Diabetes Federation, it has been found that 382 million (8.3 %) of people in the world are suffering from diabetes and it is estimated that by 2035, the number will rise up to 592 million. The reason of occurring diabetes is not exactly the same for everybody. As we first knew that high blood sugar level can occur due to over-weight, highly consumption of sugar and after a stage of life but now many people are getting this condition even if they are not over-weight, not eating too much sugary products and now teens and many kids are getting affected by diabetes. So, factors which are responsible for causing higher blood glucose level is not yet clear but generally we can say that over-weight or obesity, higher consumption of sugary and highly processed foods and lack of physical activity can increase the level of blood sugar.

Diabetes and heart disease

diabetes preventionHeart disease is the leading health illness which generally occurs due to high level of blood glucose. Health experts say that it accounts for more than half of all fatalities and the search for enhanced treatments is of high importance. Now the experts from Newcastle University, United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, UK, and King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, have explored the mechanism behind metformin. This is a key treatment which is generally used to prevent heart disease in diabetic patients. This report is first published in the journal Cardiovascular Diabetology. These experts used the stem cells to cure the heart diseases in diabetic patients. They used stem cells from cord blood and cells from umbilical cord to construct a model simulating a heart attack in a lab. After this experiment, researchers found new blood vessels formation which is very essential in recovery of heart attack.

diabetesHeart attack occurs in diabetic patients just because lack of oxygen due to presence of high blood glucose which delays blood vessels formation while metformin reverse that process. This research put the light on metformin and shows that it affects several new genes which are very important for the growth of new blood vessels. However, not all the patients of diabetes need to take metformin but this research can lead to new drugs because there is a better understanding of action and reaction of the medication. Dr Jolanta Weaver, Senior Lecturer in Diabetes Medicine at Newcastle University, and the led author of the study says that the outcome of heart disease which is found in diabetic patients is much more worsen that those heart diseases which occurs in non diabetic patients. Now a day the demand for better approach of treatment for the survival rate of heart diseases are rises in diabetes patients. Researchers are very excited because they explored a new and better approach of treatment for instantly and it can make a difference to treat heart diseases in patients who are suffering from high blood glucose level. New therapy may now develop but this research is really out breaking for the diabetic patients for prevention from heart disease.

diabetes-destroyerAccording to this research, it can be believed that this study is the first report in order to describe the effect of physiological concentration of metformin seen in the patients of diabetes. This study also focused on the time period of arising the heart attack and the new therapy and it can help the patient most.

What is metformin?

Metformin is an oral diabetes medicine that helps control blood sugar levels and it is a kind of treatment which is cost efficient drug which is generally used as the first line treatment for the patients who has type 2 diabetes as it helps body to produce more insulin. This research was funded by the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Diabetes Charity, Newcastle University and King Abdul-Aziz University in the hope that the ability of metformin will aid heart attack recovery.

Brian Watson the secretary of Diabetes UK Gateshead, (a support group for patients, their families and friends) says that it is very important that as much research as possible should be done into diabetes and I welcome all the study. People who are suffering with diabetes always get worried that their condition puts them to be more likely to increase the risk of heart disease and a heart attack. This research is offering reassurance that experts are gaining a greater understanding into the treatment options available for diabetic patients. So that health experts will be able to save more life in the future.

How-does-it-work-diabetes-destroyerThe research team who doing the study about diabetes at New castle University, United Kingdom is doing a marvelous job and it is fantastic to see the advances that are being made. We are very lucky and grateful that Newcastle University is leading the way in diabetes research says Mr. Watson.

Diabetes prevention

Diabetes treatment are several and the list of diseases are also several. So, if you are the patients of diabetes and looking for the prevention which will not only help you to lower your blood glucose level but it can also help to fight against the health illness which occurs in diabetic patients. As you are the regular reader of my blog, then you must know that I always insist the people to go for natural and holistic treatment. Nature has the power to treat any kind of illness and the most important; it gives you no side effects which you generally get from the high expensive medicines and treatment. Natural treatment for diabetes is full proof to lower your blood glucose level till normal and you can be able to live your life happily again. To get the better result from natural treatment, you should consult an expert advice. Health expert will provide you step by step methods which are very easy to use and it’s very effective in your way. You just need to make some changes in your daily diet and some modification in your regular lifestyle which can be advised by the expert and your diabetes will go away along with the illness which comes with high blood sugar level. So, if you are interested to treat your diabetes naturally, follow the expert advice and visit the official website.

Post-pregnancy weight loss | How To Eat Carbs For Weight Loss? | Lewes

Carbohydrates-For-Weight-LossWeight loss after baby or just want to maintain your healthy weight, but the most important thing is diet. Diet plays the key role in weight loss or keeps off with your health weight. Many people around you have seen that they are going for walking, jogging and doing all the efforts like yoga and exercise but still they are not able to maintain a healthy body weight. Do you know why? Because they do all the efforts in order to maintain a healthy and fit body but their diet plan is not according to a healthy body weight. According to a recent report, many health experts say that if you are unable to do exercises and workouts but you are following strict diet plan, you will definitely achieve your goal to weight loss.

Food and weight loss

In order to lose weight or maintain a fit body is all about the balance and it is especially suited for food. According to a news journal’s annual health challenge, Take It Off is completely focusing on to encourage their reader to get their healthy weight and fit body. The goal of this challenge is weight loss to get healthier and fit body which can help to minimize several types of health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and strokes and many more which generally occurs due to over-weight or obesity. Diabetes is a health condition which is near the epidemic levels and the most important reason is poor eating habit. Weight loss challenge Take It Off is sponsored by Christiana Care Health System.

weight loss tipsWeight loss is simply not possible without knowing how and what to eat better? We get three nutrients from the food which is carbohydrates, protein and fat. Those three nutrients are very important for our body to work promptly. Generally these nutrients often come with a bad rap. Our body needs calories up to 45 to 65 from the consumption of carbohydrates. After consumption of carbohydrates, it broke down and converts in to glucose (sugar). Our pancreases releases insulin into bloodstream helps cells to absorb sugar and convert it into energy. Diabetes arises when the pancreases are not able to produce enough insulin which can help the cells to absorb the carbohydrates and convert it into energy and then the level of blood glucose rises. Risen up of blood glucose or sugar is known as diabetes. Health experts say that carbohydrates play the same role in human’s body as the gas is important to run a vehicle. So, without gas a vehicle is not able to run or move, in the same way without carbs (which gives energy to human body) humans are unable to do anything. But as overfilling up the tank of gas will messes up the engine in the same way excess consumption of carbohydrates will make you gain weight which can be the reason of several deadly diseases.

Eat better for healthy weight

tips for weight lossTrick to figure out that which carbs should be eat and which type of carbs should not eat if you want to lose weight faster and naturally. The amount of consumption of carbs is also very important. We generally get carbs from the consumption of sugars, starches and fibers. These are found in food such as fruits, grains, legumes, vegetables and dairy products. We also get carbs from the snacks items like pretzels, soft drinks and processed foods. When we consume these foods in high quantities, we should burn it immediately but if we get failed to burn off, it may be the reason for creating the risk of weight gain. As you must know that weight gain alone is the single reason to invite several type of health risk like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Many people around us, they don’t associate sugar with pizza and pretzels. They think that they get the sugar for their body only eating after sugar but the body doesn’t behave in the same way. So, if you are also one of them who are eating these types of things, thinking that you are not likely to develop the risk of diabetes, you may be wrong. Stop eating those processed foods and monitor the amount of carbs consumption, not only sugary products.

Choose right Carbs for weight loss

weight lossHowever, if you want to post pregnancy weight loss or simply weight loss or you just want to maintain a healthy and fit body, start choosing the carbs that come from unprocessed whole foods. These carbs are peanuts, chickpeas, quinoa and vegetables and these foods also contains fiber. Lourie Cherundolo, a dietitian with Beebe Healthcare, Lewes says that if you really want to decrease the amount of processed foods, avoid using white flour, low fiber starches, white bread, white pastas because these are low fiber foods. Actually, the main reason to avoid low fiber carbs are that after consuming low fiber carbs it gets digested easily and faster and produces sugar to build up quickly in the blood stream. When body gets too much extra sugar, it can damage the organs and diabetes can occur. Eating high fiber carbs helps to remove waste properly and provides sustainable energy. Alyssa Atanacio, a dietitian with Christiana Care Health System’s Eugene du Pont Preventive Medicine & Rehabilitation Institute says that carbs is the only nutrients that feed the cells of brain because they are easily able to pass through the blood brain barrier which separate the blood in the body from fluid in the brain.

weight loss for womenAccording to Cherundolo from Lewes, if the body will not get sufficient amount of carbs, the body will need to break down and convert protein from muscles and stored fat into energy. This process takes a longer time and it increases the production of waste which puts the extra stress on the kidney. Preparing meals including vegetables and fruits will protect you gravitating toward any processed foods that are easy to throw together on the go, but hard on the body. So, the bottom line of this article is, people who wants to lose weight for any purpose like post pregnancy weight loss or simply weight loss to get a slim and sexy body or you want to avoid health issues which occurs due to over-weight or obesity but you have to eat carbs while choosing the right quality and carbs. If you want expert advice to help you to choose the right diet plan so that you can lose faster and naturally in 3 weeks, visit the official website.

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