Weight loss | 5 Super foods to help you in weight loss after baby

Healthy Weight LossWeight loss means tasteless, healthy and a lot of exercise. People generally thinks that if they want to lose weight, they have to quit their favorite foods, they will have to wake in the morning before sun and they are simply not allowed to party, but it’s not completely right. Women, who want to go for post pregnancy weight loss, shouldn’t be bothering about her sleep and her weight loss regime. Yes. It’s true that all the grocery choices cannot be overwhelming but thankfully here are some foods that you can simply add in your food cart to losing weight in a healthy way. These food items are not only helpful for post pregnancy weight loss, but it will help you lose weight for whole family with any age. Most of the time, you feel like over whelmed in the super market, right? Here is a reason that store is bursting at the stem with thousands of items and most of them varying level of providing a good health along with extra body weight loss. Selection of food items at the grocery store can shore up nutrient gap, helps to build stronger bones, keep your mind sharp, and keep away the diseases, weight loss and many more healthy benefits. So, here I will show the most important super foods which has not only several health benefits but while including these in your regular diet will help you lose weight naturally.

weight loss tips

  • Eggs-

This is no longer considered as the artery cloggier as it has so many health benefits and it is packed with nutrients which is very effective to fight with chronic diseases. Health expert says that an egg contain more than 10 nutrients which are very essential for our body. These essential nutrients are iron, vitamin D, zinc, and lute in, and provide six grams of the highest quality protein. Some food contain Vitamin D but sunshine is the best source to provide Vitamin D which helps to fight against wide range of health issues including some certain cancers, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. It has been found that eating eggs in the breakfast (protein rich eggs) compared with carbs rich is more satisfactory to make you feel fuller for long time with many other health benefits, and feeling fuller for long time prevent you from over eating later in the day. According to one eight week study, it has been found that people who ate egg in the breakfast lost 65 percent of more weight compared to those who ate carbs rich diet. Another study also shows that eating eggs helps suppress ghrelin (a hormone that stimulate your appetite).

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  1. Beans-

Eating beans means you are getting half of the recommended dose of fiber per day. Fiber is not only effective to reduce the risk of some types of cancers but it also helps you for weight loss. Beans are found to be the best source of fiber and it’s very slow to digest with protein. According to a recent study which was published in the journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics shows that people who are suffering from overweight or obesity should eat bean rich diet that will help lose weight nearly 10 pounds in 16 weeks. It also helps to improve their blood cholesterol level and it protects against breast cancer too. A study which was published in the journal International Journal of Cancer revealed that eating beans twice a week helped to reduce the risk of breast cancer up to 25 per cent compared with those who ate beans less than once in a month.

  1. Pistachios-

If you love to eat grevenus-factor-reviewasy chips, you can start eating nuts instead. Pista is one of the healthiest nuts. Eating one ounce about 49 nuts will provide you variety of vitamins, minerals and several nutrients. FDA has approved that eating 1.5 ounce of pistachios or pista will help to reduce the risk of heart diseases as it is a diet which has low saturated fats and cholesterol. It is also found to be the triple threats against weight gain. This is the only nut which has lower fats and calories per ounce packed with protein and fiber.

  1. Salmon-

Eating fish on regular interval is the very healthy habit. Here you can find several fish in the sea but salmon is one of the best. Salmon contains lean protein and it’s loaded with omega 3 fats. It helps to fight inflammation because it has high level of omega 3 fats and protects your bones too. According to one eight week study, it has been found that this is one of best diet for low calories food and people who ate 3 servings of salmon in a week lost up to 11 pounds and improved markers for inflammation. If you want to lose weight naturally in a complete healthy and natural way, you should replace your red meat plate with fish. It will help you limit your intake of fatty and processed meat.

  1. Yogurt-weight loss for women

If you are one of them who are looking for that type of diet which should be loaded with nutrition and which can help you lose weight too. I will recommend you to eat Greek yogurt. This is the product which contains calcium nearly one third of your daily target which helps you in bone building and about twice the protein of traditional yogurt with far less sugar. Study also shows that yogurt helps you lose weight and maintenance due to its protein, probiotic and essential nutrients. According to one study which was published in the International Journal of Obesity shows that people who ate more than 3 servings of yogurt in a week were found to be less likely to gain weight and slimmer waistline compared to those who ate less than one servings of yogurt per week.

Weight loss researchers say that if you want more benefits of losing weight you need to get about 30 percent of your calories from protein to promote fat loss while maintaining muscle. So, you need to translate about 20 to 25 grams of protein at your meals and at least five grams for snack in order to whittle your waistline.

the-venus-factor-reviewsHowever, weight loss doesn’t always require a very hard and rigorous workout and strict and tasteless diet. Many times, it works if you slightly pay attention towards your diet and light and moderate physical movement. Weight loss after baby or post pregnancy weight loss is quite easy and it can done while sitting at your home and playing with your baby. You just need to seek an expert advice and follow step by step methods which are quite easy but very effective. Many women are reducing 3 dress sizes in just 7 days by following this expert advice. If you also want to lose weight naturally within a very short period of time, seek the expert advice and visit the official website.

Infertility Treatment | A Major Breakthrough That Could End the Male Infertility

male infertilityInfertility is rising and reaching to an epidemic very shortly. According to survey, it has been found that one out of six couples is fighting with inability to get pregnant naturally. Now infertility is not only the women’s woos but men are also responsible to make a woman unable to get pregnant naturally. Men are equally responsible for infertility. There are so many factors to affect male fertility and several ways which helps to treat it. According to very recent study of the researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, Nanjing Medical University, and elsewhere reported their findings on Thursday in the journal Cell Stem Cell, sperm are taking very granted because a man can produce million of it. Every month a man produce it and billion of it goes unused.

get pregnantInfertility treatment researchers say that stem cells are the biology’s magic elves. These stem cells have the power to differentiate it into hundred types. When it is in an embryo, it has the central process which can make it a fully formed human being. But it’s crucial for maintain and repairing the body. A recent survey revealed that one-third of the 50 million couples are dealing with infertility around the world and they are unable to conceive naturally because of their man’s inability to properly create sperm cells. In many cases, stem cells don’t work. It has been found that around 5 to 10 per cent of men are completely infertile because their embryonic stem cells are failed to go through a series of steps that result in healthy sperm producing testes. These men have no option to go for even in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure.


Infertility treatment scientists and researchers from china are now able to recreate the environment of the testicle in a Petri dish and succeeded in coaxing mouse stem cells to form sperm like cells that could be able to fertilize eggs and make healthy pups. According to researchers, there may be a way out for such men who are dealing with infertility. This study will raise the hope for men who want to seek help in male infertility treatment. Dr. Rebecca Sokol, an expert in reproductive medicine at the University of Southern California said that this is a breakthrough in the field of male reproduction and infertility. This milestone study is the first who will achieve the “gold standard” set a few years ago by stem-cell researchers. To do this study Chinese researchers had to go from stem cells to sperm-like cells through a series of pre-decided steps. At each step, the cells were supposed to have all the crucial parts—the right number of chromosomes, effective representation of the original donor’s DNA, etc. The final step involved using the sperm-like cells to produce healthy offspring.

pregnancy miracleInfertility researchers have exposed the stem cells from the embryos to a mixture of several chemicals that will be able to differentiate between sperm or eggs into the germ cells. Once the differentiation will begin, they will place them next to natural tissue that mimicked testes and exposed the cells to testosterone. It will enable the stem cells to Get-Pregnant-Fastgo through a series of steps and form spermatids (immature sperms without the growth of tail). These spermatids will be ejaculated into a mouse egg to create an embryo and then finally it will be transferred to female who bore pups. These pups are able to produce second generation of healthy pups through normal reproduction.

Infertility researchers will now replicate these results in more mice and eventually in humans. There is a hope they find because researchers in past has shown that skin cells can be converted into pluripotent stem cells which are equivalent to embryonic stem cells which could be converted into precursor of sperm and egg cells. However, still if scientists get success, they have to show it that this process is safe or ethical. Will the lab-grown sperm will be the same as those that fully functioning testes would have created?  Because of such concerns, fertility clinics in the UK, which is a world leader in the field, don’t permit the use of artificial sperm or eggs.

Pregnancy-MiracleHowever, if you also suffering from infertility and want to have your own baby, you can try natural and holistic approach, it will not only treat your all type of infertility but it helps in conceive as faster as within 8 weeks. These natural and holistic ways are clinically proven and it has no side effects have shown. Want more information about natural treatment of infertility, visit the official website.

Weight Loss | Does Small Amount of Weight Loss Benefits?

obesityObesity or over weight is the main reason behind several deadly diseases. Now a days, lifestyle has completely changed and that is the only reason which makes today’s generation people overweight or obese. Weight loss demands a lot of hard work and very strict discipline especially for overweight or obese people. According to a new study, health experts says that losing as little as five per cent of body weight for obese or over weight men and women can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart diseases. The main guideline of this recent study focuses on losing weight up to five to ten per cent of their body weight. Dr. Samuel Klein of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri and senior author said that weight loss up to five percent is the most reasonable goal for obese men and women. According to Klein, for many people hearing about weight loss goal up to five to ten percent makes them assume they should shoot for ten percent and are disappointed when they fail. He add that people who comes under obese or over weight should focus to lose weight up to five percent when you do it, you will keep it off, that’s quite a good achievement.

tips for weight lossWeight loss researchers have randomly assigned 40 adults who were obese to either weight maintenance or diet induced weight loss. According to this study, of the 20 people in the weight loss group, 19 members achieved five per cent weight loss goal in which 9 member subsequently achieved additional target of losing weight up to 10 and 15 percent weight loss. People who were assigned under weight loss group, their average weight was 106 kilogram or 234 pounds but after losing weight up to five per cent, their average weight was 100.8 kilogram or 222 pounds. Researchers kept checking their metabolic health, diabetes risk and heart diseases risk factors in the weight maintenance group after six months and in the weight loss group after losing weight up to 5 percent of their body weight at about four months, weight loss up to 11 percent at about six months and losing weight up to 16 percent at about 11 months. Researchers found that people who lost body weight up to 5 percent had reduced overall fat mass, better and improved sensitivity of their liver and muscles to the effects of the hormonal insulin and improvement in function of the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas.

the-venus-factor-reviewsWeight loss researchers reported in Cell Metabolism that more weight loss further improved these factors. According to Klein, this is big news for people who are suffering from obesity or over weight and they think that a small amount of weight loss will never benefit them. He says that only losing weight up to 5 percent will improve the function of multiple organs simultaneously. He adds that it’s very exciting to that people are getting metabolic benefit by only weight loss up to 5 per cent and there may even be some benefits of losing weight as little as 2 to 3 per cent. Klein clarified that people who were the participants of weight loss group did not have diabetes but metabolic changes for people with diabetes may not be the same according to this study. This study did not focus on hard end points like heart attack or diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. This study only focused on the risk factors of diseases which generally occur due to overweight or obesity.

weight lossWeight loss researcher Klein said that many people get weight loss success from lifestyle modifications like eating healthy and balanced diet, reduced portion sizes and they pay extra attention on time of eating. Dr. Herbert Tilg of The Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria who was not part of this new study said that many studies focus on health benefits of losing weight up to 7 percent or above and they often include the weight loss surgery like bariatric surgery. Tilg said that losing weight up to 5 percent is achievable goal and it can be possible without surgery. In order to get faster result, you can combine diet and exercise for better weight maintenance. If you want more information about how to lose weight naturally in just 3 weeks without any side effects, please visit the official website to seek expert advice.

Infertility | How To Deal With Infertility In Simple 6 Ways?

tips to deal with infertilityInfertility is like a curse that not only makes you unable to get pregnant naturally but it also leave you to deal with grieve, loneliness, and lost confidence in yourself. In simple word, you can say that infertility simply ruins your life completely. Many couple feels the emptiness in their marriage life which is the hardest part and it can be a strain in their marriage, friend circle, relatives and in their faith. So, if you also one of them who is fighting with inability to get pregnant naturally, do not grab this type of lifestyle which is mentioned above. Feeling loneliness and less self confidence can lead you to stress and depression which can be biggest rival of your fertility. Today, I will provide you super simple six ways which are very easy to follow but its effect are immeasurable and you will deal with your infertility without any grieve and lost faith in yourself.

Simple 6 Ways to deal with Infertility

  1. Always keep your love life active

infertility treatmentInfertility is a condition which can take the biggest hit in your relationship. Many couples who are dealing with inability to get pregnant naturally make the biggest mistake by feeling sad and frustrated which literally suck the passion and the joy of marriage and relationship. Lack of joy and passion makes the relationship worst and results separation of couple. So, if you are one of them who want to get pregnant but not getting success, just make some positive move and save your relationship. Experts say that many couple conceive when they get full support and love from their loved one because reproductive organs are linked to our hormone which can be reverse and regulated by doing any natural efforts. So, in order to get pregnant faster, make an active effort to keep your romance alive. Talk about other exciting and interesting things and avoid the conversation about the baby. Keep going on dating night, friendship alive, keep your sex life active regardless of negative result of your pregnancy test and ovulation kit.


  1. Make friendship to them who are going through the same condition

Infertility or inability to get pregnant is conditions that cannot be understand by those who did not go through this condition. If you want the real support, reach out to others who are also going through this condition. You will get the best support from other men or women, who have found themselves in your same shoes. So, talk and vent to those who also facing the pain of infertility and take the genuine advice and gain strength and wisdom from those who have come through it. Couples who are going through infertility always feel the loneliness and suffocating until they realize that there are number of people around them to identify their struggle and help you get success in your way.

  1. Bring home a pet

Yes, you will think that I’ve gonna mad, but it’s true. Although, pets cannot take the Download-Pregnancy-Miracleplace of own child but their love and companionship will give you an awesome remedy to fight with loneliness and emptiness. Playing with your loved pet and taking care of will work as the healing balm for your soul. So, bring home any furry friend that will follow you around, seek your attention and get your mind off of the pain of inability to conceive. Feeling happy and relaxed is the best mantra to fight with any type of pain and it will boost your fertility too.

  1. Explore your hidden talent

Couples who are struggling to get pregnant without success are advised to explore their hidden talent. Many couples who are dealing with infertility simply ruminate on the struggle and they don’t focus on any other things which make the situation more complex and unbearable. Occupy yourself with other type of gift which you have been given to grow and bless others lives. Experts say that many of your hidden talent will change your life and you can become a better parent. If you are one of them who thinks that they have no talent, then you can develop any hobby which can be your talent.

  1. Prepare yourself and your home for baby

infertility causesYes, it sounds crazy but it’s true. You will think that you are the victim of infertility and I am advising you to prepare your home for baby. So, always think positive and move in the right direction. It’s never too early or too late to prepare yourself for a baby. Start taking vitamins and prenatal nutrition at the direction as your physicians advised, get enough sleep, do regular and moderate exercise and develop a habit of eating fresh and healthy. These things will help you to increase the chances of conception. Instead of thinking about the negative test of your pregnancy report, prepare your home and your life to make a child comfortable that you will be bringing into tomorrow.

  1. Expand your option

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookInfertility is a condition which makes you unable to conceive naturally. If you have done everything and you are not getting success in getting pregnant naturally, you should explore the other option which is medically proven to treat infertility in men and women. Now days there are so many infertility treatments are available which helps million of men and women to get their own child. Option for infertility treatments are In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra-uterine insemination (IUI), Donor Sperm, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Surrogacy, Donor Embryos, Reproductive Surgery, Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT), Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer (ZIFT) and Adoption. Not every treatment will suit you but you can talk with your physicians and get the best treatment option. Once you explore and pinpoint the path for you, lots of hope will be restored.

get pregnantInfertility can be treated with several options but the best option is nature. Natural and holistic ways are always proven that it will work without any side effects. As I suggested you that if you want the faster result, you should explore everything. So, before going to opt expensive treatment, why don’t you try natural and holistic ways to treat all types of infertility in men and women and get pregnant in just 8 weeks? If you want more information about natural and holistic ways to get pregnant faster, please visit the official website.

Wellness Tips | Amazing Health And Beauty Benefits Of Grapefruit

grapefruitBeauty tips are several available on the net and there are so many ways which can help to enhance your beauty from inside out. Many tips and ways are effective but many of them who use lots of chemicals to make you more beautiful but these chemicals are not as effective as natural tips. So, if you want a beautiful skin, healthy and fit body and real happiness from inside, then you must go for natural way. As you must know that nature has no side effects and it’s not pocket pinching too. Natural way to enhance beauty requires a very simple way and very small amount of money that I think everybody can afford. Now a day’s many big and famous celebrities are also following the natural way in order to avoid severe side effects from the chemicals which has been used in beauty treatment in clinics. Today I am going to reveal the secret of a fruit which is not as special as it will become after knowing the facts about it. That fruit is none other than GRAPEFRUIT.

Beauty TipsGrapefruit, just by hearing the name of this grapefruit and you must salivate, right? This fruit is fairly famous for its citrusy flavor and a great option for juices. But a health expert has revealed that this fruit is not only delicious in taste but it contains a lot of nutrients. So, from now add this fruit in your diet and have a great benefit for your health and beauty. But, Stop before you go to grab this fruit, here are some facts about this grapefruit which you can’t ignore.

Facts about grapefruit

  • Grapefruit is also known as pomelos. This fruit is mostly abundant during Chinese lunar New Year celebration as it looks like moon.
  • This fruit can be found in California and Arizona.
  • The grapefruit is available in various colors such as golden, pink, and white and red.
  • This grapefruit is originated from Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • This fruit is fairly juices up to 75 per cent.
  • You can get 2/3 cup of juice in just a single medium sized of grapefruit.
  • It can be peeled like orange.
  • This fruit can retain up to 98 percent of vitamin C even after being peeled after a week.

Beauty careGrapefruit is a wonderful source of vitamin C. as you must know that now a day’s maximum numbers of people are suffering from poor immune system. Low immunity arises due to poor diet and lack of physical activity. If anybody has low immunity, any type of illness can affect very easily and recovery takes a longer time. So, eating grapefruit will help you get the maximum source of vitamin C which helps to boost immune system along with several other health benefits. This fruit is also rich in antioxidants. Grapefruit is considered as the best fruit in terms of abundance of antioxidants which is found in this fruit. As it is a citric fruit, it will definitely be a little bit bitter along with sweet and sugary in taste.

Grapefruit is highly recommended for those who want to lose weight naturally because it contains very low calories.

Health benefits of grapefruit

  • Strengthens immune system- This fruit contains high level of vitamin C demi moorewhich is very necessary to strengthens the immune system of your body. This fruit is also helpful in working together with other micronutrients that provides regular and best nourishment to the body. Health experts say that when the level of vitamin C increases in your body, it starts producing antihistamine naturally which is very much important in fighting with allergies. In fact this fruit alone contains 78 percent of daily intake of vitamin.
  • Boost metabolism- People, who are fighting with losing weight without success, you must try this grapefruit. This is an ideal food to include in your diet, if you are trying to lose weight faster and naturally. It helps to boost metabolism which is really very important in burning fat. If you will get a boost metabolism, you will be able to burn fat even while you are taking rest. According to a recent study, it has been found that people who used to eat half of this fruit with each meal without changing their diet is able to lose weight up to 3 pounds in 12 week.
  • Protects from cancer- Vitamin c is a very strong source which helps to decrees the risk of cancer. It helps to repair damaged DNA especially in prostate cancer cells. Once the damaged DNA is repaired, it can be protected from being invaded from the cells which causes cancer. Health experts say that, if you will regularly eat this grapefruit, you will be able to reduce the risk of developing esophagus, colon, bladder, and stomach and breast cancer.
  • Reduce stress- Grapefruit doesn’t only provide the ultimate health benefits but it also helps in reducing stress. It has been found that smell of citrus alone is a good enough to provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression. It is said that the smell of citrus can result in awakening the senses and provides calming effects. This is the reason of calling this grapefruit as a therapeutic power of plants by experts.

beauty treatment

  • Prevents from kidney stone- The taste of bitterness in grapefruit is called as naringenin and it’s very helpful in eliminating the formation of cysts in the kidney. As it is a natural compound that helps to regulate PKD2 protein. This protein is known to the formation of the cysts in the kidney but anti-inflammatory and antioxidants which is found in grapefruit prevents these cysts from forming.
  • Improve gum health- You can reverse the damage of the gums, if you will eat two grapefruit every day. It prevents the gum from bleeding and helps in healing faster if you get any type of gum injury. Vitamin C found in grapefruit is very important to keep your teeth align and provides you fresher breath and healthy gums.
  • Provides healthy and glowing skin- This fruits contains high level of vitamin A and C, minerals and antioxidants which is very important to make skin healthy and glowing. Vitamin C and antioxidants in this grapefruit prevents the skin from environmental factors. It also stimulates the production of skin collagen that helps to make skin smooth and provides elasticity to the skin. The retinol oxidants make the skin soft and supple, renew damaged skin cells and treat pigmentations and scar.

natural beauty tipsHowever, here you have found bundle of health and beauty benefits of grapefruit. You can also find so many tips and idea from the natural source which will provide you a healthy and slim body, soft silky hair and healthy glowing skin. You don’t have to pay any extra money on any type of beauty treatment which is full of chemicals and severe side effects. So, try only natural way to make yourself as gorgeous as you want. If you want more information about natural beauty tips, please visit the official website to seek expert advice.

Beauty care

Getting Pregnant | How Infertility Occurs? | Causes | Treatment

infertilityGetting pregnant is a very big commitment that every couple has to take once in a lifetime to make their family complete. As we all know that getting pregnant is a complete natural process and it happens very easily when couples decide to start their family. But this natural process becomes the most difficult task for some couples. According to a recent survey, it has been found that around one out of six couples are suffering from the inability to conceive naturally. Health experts say that if a couple is not able to get pregnant naturally after one year of regular and unprotected sex, is defined as infertility. There are several factors which can affect the fertility system of men and women and infertility can occur. Experts say that the cause is unknown for approximately one fifth of infertility cases. In other hand men and women are equally responsible for causing inability to conceive their own child naturally. Sometimes, when couple is not getting pregnant and the factors will be associated with combination of both men and women. As men and women are equally involved in reproduction and if they get any type of problem in conception, it is advised to visit the clinic together.

Factors for female infertility


  • Lifestyle- This is one of the main cause of not getting pregnant naturally after doing several efforts among women. When a woman crosses her age 35, her fertility starts to get reduce. Weight is also a very important factor for affecting a women’s fertility. Being over-weight or underweight can affect the ovulation and fertilization reduced. Alcohol and drugs abuse, sexually transmitted infection (STIs) can also affect the reproductive system in both men and women.
  • Ovulation- This is one of the most common factors for leading a woman to the pain of infertility. Ovulation problem which is mainly known as Polycystic beat infertilityOvarian Syndrome (PCOS) makes a woman to ovulate irregularly or not ovulate at all. Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome problem often experiences irregular periods or no periods at all. Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can be treated with fertility drugs in order to stimulate the ovulation. In many cases, if the medication will not shows any effect on their ovulation, they have to go for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process in order to get pregnant.
  • Early menopause- If a woman stops having periods before the age of 40, this is also a sign of infertility. In this situation if a couple want to have their own child, they have to go thorough In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure with donor eggs. So, if women have the family history of early menopause, she should be on the high alert.
  • Pelvic issues- This condition includes anything which can damage the fallopian tube, ovaries or womb. Women who have pelvic problem may suffer from endometriosis, STIs such as Chlamydia or gonorrhea, ectopic pregnancies, fibroids, ovarian cysts and repeated surgery.

Factors of male infertility

infertility treatment

  • Lifestyle- This is the first and the most common factor for male infertility. Generally, many men are used to Smoking, steroids or testosterone injections as well as recreational drugs such cannabis. All these habits play a major role to affect a man’s fertility.
  • Testicular injury- When a man gets a serious injury in his testicles, he is on the high risk of developing infertility. Injury and surgery like surgical intervention for undescended testes in childhood can also cause the problems in making a woman pregnant. STIs or a testicular infection such as Chlamydia or mumps affects the testes which can result in male infertility.
  • Low sperm count- As you must know that this is one of the most common causes of male infertility. Many men are there who are suffering from the guilt of inability to conceive their own child has the most common problem of low sperm count but some men are there who have no sperm at all. In this type of condition a testicular biopsy where sperm is surgically removed from the testes can be performed.
  • Sexual dysfunction- This condition include erectile difficulties. Erectile difficulties can also cause infertility in men.getting pregnant

So, here you have got the huge information about the factors which makes a man and woman unable to conceive their own child and how this condition occurs among men and women. So, before starting your family, you should be aware of your health, lifestyle and the symptoms if you have any and then take a smart discussion. Many couples are there who try to get pregnant naturally for such a long time without knowing the exact reason of their inability. Health experts advised to encourages the men to improve their lifestyle and they should consider taking some vitamins if they are not getting the proper vitamins from their diet. According to world famous health experts says that if men and women are suffering from any type of infertility issues, they should first consider the natural and holistic approaches. As it is always proven and it has no side effects. However, in majority, people often go for IVF procedure if they have significant sperm problem.

Unexplained Infertility

This is a kind of condition when a couple is not able to get pregnant naturally and their physician is not able to trace the exact reason of their inability to conceive. After doing several test and check up, doctor or health expert couldn’t find the reason which is making them childless after doing all the efforts. In this condition couples are advised to keep trying for a little longer time to get pregnant naturally and if they don’t get success, they are recommended to take next step as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or IVF.

how to get pregnantHowever, treating all type of infertility or inability to conceive can be solved if the couple will follow the step by step methods suggested by expert. Natural and holistic approach to get pregnant is clinically proven and it helps million of women to reverse their inability and get pregnant under two months without any side effects. So, if you are also one of them who have tired of trying several methods without success, you need to go for natural and holistic approach that will help you get pregnant in just 60 days. If you want more information, please visit the official website.

Weight loss | How supplements Are Linked To Cause Deadly Health Illness?

weight-lossWeight loss is a complete natural process which demands’ regular exercises and balanced diet. Men and women who wants to lose weight for any purpose like getting a slim and fit body or want to maintain a healthy weight, they have to do regular exercises and eat balanced foods which should be full of nutrients and low calories. Many people who gains weight and want to have a fit body, but doesn’t want to do any efforts achieve their weight loss goal, they simply go for the short cut like supplements which offers weight loss without exercise and balanced diet. These weight loss supplements are advertised as the miracle supplements who offer to lose weight in a very short period of time without spending minutes on workout and no tension about caloric foods.

weight loss tipsAccording to a recent report, weight loss supplements, vitamin pills or protein powder have the potential to harm you seriously or it can even kill you. This week a 27 years old man Matthew Whitby from Western Australia have suffered from liver failure. It has happened after drinking a pre-workout protein shake and he consumed a weight-loss supplement. Within a week after consuming these supplements, he was experiencing fatigue and jaundice. The symptoms persisted two months later and he visited to hospital and he was diagnosed with liver failure. These weight loss supplements are told to have the potency to lose weight in a very short time as it is a miracle and people who uses these pills and powder to lose weight doesn’t have to move their heavy body and they are allowed to eat all those things which are generally restricted while losing weight naturally. People who desperately want to lose weight at any cost, doesn’t get the full detail about the product which makes them fool and they simply starts consuming those weight loss supplements. Mr. whitby is also from one them who want to lose weight with using weight loss supplements and you can see that how he suffered from liver failure.


What’s in the weight loss supplement?

Yohimbine: (Triggers manic psychosis)- Dr Venkata Kodali, from the University of Western Australia, wrote in the British Medical Journal that once a healthy and young man arrived at the emergency room with palpitations and he was feeling unwell. An ECG reports showed irregular heartbeat and concluded that he had been taking a supplement which can help him to bulk up his muscles. When natural tips for weight losshe checked the components of that supplement, he found Yohimbine. This is a general stimulant that works by increasing adrenaline level and it inhibits the process that normally suppresses the fat burning cells. But health experts warn the substance. According to them, Yohimbine can cause extreme anxiety in individuals predisposed to the condition. It may trigger manic psychosis or suicidal episodes in people who have bipolar disorder. The dose of Yohimbine has been found to vary from the labeled dose by 25 to 150 per cent. Yohimbine is also interacting with a large number of neurological medications. Dr Jon Wardle, a senior public health researcher at the University of Technology Sydney said that if you’re using multiples substances they can react together. So, before using these supplements, you need to talk to a health professional.

Garcinia Cambogia (Testicular atrophy)

According to a study which has been published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology in 2005, revealed that while it can aid weight loss but large doses of the extract seemed to cause Testicular atrophy and toxicity.

tips for weight loss

Green Tea Extract (Like drinking 20 cups a day)

We generally get the positive points of drinking green and it sound harmless enough. According to Dr. Wardle, concentrated doses found in powder form of green tea extract could be the equivalent to having 20 cups a day. He adds that there are compounds found in green tea extract interact with liver enzymes.

Acacia Rigidula (Untested amphetamines)

Body building supplements contains the substances called acacia rigidula could pose a risk to human health. Department of Health has said that acacia rigidula contained a synthetic amphetamine that has never been proven safe in humans.

Protein, Vitamins, Electrolytes

It’s always advised not to add any additional supplements to your diet unless you have deficiency. Generally, it doesn’t cause any effects but sometimes you are taking risk for life. As we know Niacin is used to treat cholesterol but if you take fairly high doses it may pose risks in terms of liver damage, gastrointestinal problems and glucose intolerance. An Australian Institute of Sport says even athletes should not need to take any additional supplements of protein. They can also obtain all the protein from a good which they need. There is no need for the amount of protein provided by many supplements and there is certainly no justification for the extra cost. Dr Wardle said in fact high protein intake can accelerate the progression of kidney disease or it can increase the calcium excretion and weaken the bones. The worst part of using high protein food is that it may displace other valuable nutrients from the diet. He said at last that people should monitor it and discuss it with any health professional before using even a protein, multivitamin or green tea. The real problem arises when people talk to a retail assistant.

weight loss

However, above you have found that how weight loss supplements and bodybuilding supplement are responsible to lead you to several health issues which are not only dangerous but it can be deadly too. So, natural treatment is always best either it was in the past or in present. Natural ways are not only effective to provide you sufficient result but it has no side effects. Yes, of course while you are using natural way to lose weight, you must have to do some efforts. If you will follow the expert advice, you can get step by step guide which will help you lose more weight with high speed and you will be able to boost your metabolism. Natural tips to lose weight are proven to aid weight loss up to 20 pounds in just 3 weeks. So, just follow the expert advice and lose weight naturally along with many other health benefits. To know more about how to lose weight naturally without any side effects, please visit the official website.

How To Get Pregnant? | Causes And Diagnosis Of Female Infertility

infertilityInfertility is known as the inability to get pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected sex. When a couple is not able to conceive after several efforts while doing regular intercourse is defined as the infertility. There are so many factors which can be blame to take the responsibility for causing infertility in men and women. In order to know the exact reason of inability to conceive, clinical assessment is necessary. After doing clinical assessment to know the reason of not getting pregnant naturally, physicians have found many causes which are associated with infertility and the range goes from tubal and peritubal abnormalities to uterine, cervical and ovarian abnormalities.

infertility treatmentInfertility treatments are very vast but it starts from HSG (Hysterosalpingography). This is usually the first test that evaluates the patency of fallopian tubes. HSG (Hysterosalpingography) test can also show the uterine filling defects and contour abnormalities but it often require further imaging with Saline Infusion Sonography (SIS), pelvic ultrasonography or pelvic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). If woman is suffering from infertility and the reason is cervical abnormalities, it can be seen during attempts at catheterization for HSGs or SISs. Ultrasound can reveal the ovarian abnormalities.

Fallopian tube

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadFallopian tube abnormalities are one of the most common causes of infertility among women. It has been found that approximately 30 to 40 per cent cases of not getting pregnant naturally are linked with fallopian tube abnormalities. HSG (Hysterosalpingography) test shows the depiction of tubal patency, tubal occlusion, tubal irregularity, and peritubal disease. The diagnosis of fallopian tube abnormalities includes tubal spasm, infection, and prior surgery. In the very rare case of tubal occlusion include granulomatous salpingitis due to tuberculosis, intraluminal endometriosis, parasitic infection, and congenital blockage of the fallopian tubes. According to health experts, selective salpingography and recanalisation can be performed after getting confirmation of a proximal tubal occlusion at HSG (Hysterosalpingography). The causes of tubal irregularities is inflammatory condition which is linked with pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb), and infertility. Women who suffer from any of these conditions are often conceiving her child through IVF (in vitro fertilization). According to experts, both endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease may lead to peritubal adhesions which can be the reason of female infertility. Women with peritubal adhesions can be evaluating with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Intrauterine filling defects

An abnormal uterine cavity can lead you to infertility. Sperm that enters the uterine cavity through the cervical mucus must then traverse this cavity and enter the fallopian tube to reach the egg in order to fertilization. These structures Get-Pregnant-Fastshould be confirmed to be normal early in the infertility evaluation. This condition can be evaluated by HSG. The causes of Intrauterine filling defects are air bubbles, intrauterine adhesions, sub mucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps, or blood clots. In order to get the oblique views during a HSG will help to identify mobile filling defects like air bubbles and clots but saline infusion sonogram is performed to get the full detailed evaluation.

Uterine synechiae

Uterine synechiae are adhesions or you can call it scar tissue also can form inside the cavity of the uterus. It can be classified according to their location and extension. It generally covers the small part of the uterine cavity and doesn’t affect the fertility. It causes infertility when it covers too much space under uterine cavity. It generally occurs due to previous pregnancy’s dilation and curettage, surgery or infection. They appear as bright bands that traverse the endometrial cavity on SIS.

Endometrial polyps and sub mucosal fibroids

These factors are able to interfere with the transfer and implantation of the eggs which is directly associated with infertility. SIS (Saline Infusion Sonography) helps to identify the number and location of these lesions and then provides guidance for their removal.

Uterine contour abnormalities


The most common causes of uterine contour abnormalities are adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, and mullerian duct abnormalities. Adenomyosis occurs due to presence of ectopic endometrial glands under the muscular wall of the uterus which is surrounded with smooth muscle enlargement. It may cause impaired uterine contractility, which may hamper the transportation of sperms through the uterine cavity. Sub mucosal adenomyosis is also responsible to impair the implantation of the eggs. There is a strong link between adenomyosis and endometriosis has been found among the young women. HSG, pelvic MRI or ultrasound may help to evaluate the adenomyosis. The most common pelvic mass lesion is uterine fibroids and this is the most common cause of uterine enlargement among non pregnant women. It can be easily identified through performing HSG by uterine enlargement, endometrial distortion, or filling defect. Fibroids can be traced through pelvic ultrasound but MRI is very sensitive and it’s very specific.pregnancy miracle

Blocked tube clearance

You may be wonder to hear that a radiologist could clear your blocked tubes. Selective salpingography is a kind of diagnosis, in which a small catheter directly opacifies the fallopian tube through the uterine ostium. It has been used since 30 years to distinguish spasm from true obstruction. Blocked tube clearance procedure requires catheter and guide wire system is used to clear proximal tubal obstruction. The success rate of this procedure is about 71 to 92 per cent and pregnancy rates after procedure average 30 per cent.


get pregnant fastYou may get the vast information about Endometriosis from my previous article but here I will give you the short review if this factor of infertility. Endometriosis is a condition, when elements which make up the lining of the womb (endometrial glands and stroma) are found outside the womb or uterus. It has been found that approximately 30 to 50 per cent of women who are fighting with infertility are found to have this condition. In order to evaluate endometriosis includes pelvic ultrasound and MRI. Endometriosis may change the shape and sizes form of either small implants or cysts that change in size and appearance during the menstrual cycle. It is responsible to cause an inflammatory reaction, which leads to fibrosis and scarring. MRI imaging is found to have more sensitive and specific way for the detection of endometriosis, but laparoscopy remains the gold standard.

However, you are suffering from any type of infertility but natural and holistic approach is guaranteed to help you and you can be able to get pregnant under 60 days. These natural and holistic approaches are clinically proven and it provides step by step guide to treat all type of female and male infertility naturally. It has no side effects and it’s 100 percent natural. If you want more information, please visit the official website.

Male Infertility | Ancient Ayurvedic Methods For Infertility In India

ayurveda for male infertilityInfertility is a condition which is affecting almost 1 out of six couples in the world. fertility experts say that if a person is infertile, it’s not her/his fault. It can happen with anybody. This is a medical condition which occurs due to several reasons. Now a day’s male infertility is also rising with a double pace. The main problem which is linked with male infertility is sperm. This is the most common fertility issue with men is the inadequate production of sufficient normal, motile (moving) sperm. There are so many reasons which can raise the fertility issues in men and women. Sometimes doctors are not able to find the exact reason of infertility in men and women. This in clarity in diagnosis, infertility treatment in the large majority of cases remains imperial.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadDr Urmila Sureka, India who specializes in infertility and is an IVF consultant says there are so many couples who are unable to get pregnant after several years of regular and unprotected sex. Men and women both are equally responsible for leading them in the pain of infertility. Approximately, in 20 percent of cases, men are responsible for inability to get pregnant naturally and contributory in another 30-40%. She says that these days so many options are available for infertility treatment which has improved the probability of pregnancy. Dr Anil Patil, a yoga guru who also works on integrated medicines, India says that natural medicines is used for centuries to treat all type of illness. Natural or ayurvedic remedies have long been used to address the problems of fertility. He says there is several evidence of the use of herbal or natural treatment for infertility dates all the way back to 5000 BC.

Natural treatment for infertility

infertility causesMucuna Pruriens (Velvet beans) – This is a medical plant which has been mentioned in the treatises of ancient Indian books such as the ‘Charaka Samhita’ and the ‘Susrutha Samhita’. Mucuna Pruriens provides potent antioxidants and reduces oxidative damage to sperm by preventing disruption in the membrane integrity of sperms. It helps to treat female infertility too. Oral administration of Mucuna Pruriens seed or extract effects on oestrous cycle, ovulation, reproductive hormones and oxidative stress in the ovary.

how to get pregnantChlorophytum borivilianumIt is said that this is one of wonder plant which helps to treat infertility in men. The dried root of this plant is used in Ayurveda as an aphrodisiac. Tube of chlorophytum borivilianum in ayurvedic medicine preparation. This natural plant contains about 30% alkaloids, natural steroid saponin (10-20%), polysaccaroids (40 to 45%), carbohydrates and proteins (5% to7%). Chlorophytum borivilianum was primarily used as a tonic to rejuvenate the reproductive system. Men who are suffering from impotency, premature ejaculation and low sperm count should use it regularly to get the maximum benefits. It is very effective in curing impotency and low sperm count in which is the major cause for male infertility.

pregnancy miracleShilajit (Mineral pitch)- It is an excellent source to ensures good physical performance for the individual and provides balanced harmonious health. Shilajit or mineral pitch is also known as sex tonic in India as it increases the core energy responsible for sexual drive or libido. It balances debility, general fatigue and provides strength to muscles and bones.

Pregnancy MiracleHowever, above written ayurvedic plants are very helpful in curing your male infertility. As I always suggest going natural and holistic way to treat your any type of infertility. Natural and holistic ways are proven and it has no side effects. so, just go for natural and holistic approaches to treat male or female infertility naturally and get pregnant faster. If you want more information about how to treat infertility naturally and get pregnant in just 60 days without any side effects, visit the official website.


Weight Loss After Baby | Get a stronger and flatter belly in just 1 move!

stomach vacuumWeight loss and wish to have a stronger and flat belly, then let’s face it: As we all know that getting a stronger and leaner body is possible only after sparing hours in the gym with doing some hard workouts and the most important strict and balanced diet. Whenever we think about to get a flatter and leaner belly, the first thing comes in our mind is crunches. Crunches are more than 2000 years old and it’s very tough and complicated process. Health expert says that what will happen when you could put in the efforts and it’s not at all harder than sucking in your gut? So we did the same thing to help you get your stronger and flatter belly by using just one move. This move is known as stomach vacuum and it is on the rise these days. Many people especially girls who delivered their babies and want to get back their college day’s abs back. In order to get a flat stomach, stomach vacuum is the best way because it’s very simple and safe exercises. So, let’s try it! Get a flatter and leaner body and stomach with no any extra efforts.

What is stomach vacuum?

weight loss tipsThis is a kind of movement when you have to pull your abdominal muscles in very much the same way as you do when you suck in your tummy to zip up your pants. Experts say that if you think to start a stomach vacuum to get a flatter and leaner belly, think again. This is not as easy as just about breathing in and your tummy goes inward automatically. This is a movement which should be done very carefully. This is about contracting your abdominal muscles to actively bring your belly toward your spine. The most challenging part of doing this activity is that, you have to pull your abs inward and brace them as though you are about to be punched. Meanwhile you have to keep your abs drawn in while doing a crunch, working all the layers of your abs simultaneously with the deep abs (transverses) pulling the abdomen in and then superficial muscles (rectus) contracting to perform the crunch.

the-venus-factor-reviewsBrian Pankau a certified personal trainer says that vacuum is an isometric exercise that isolates the muscles that lie underneath the external abs and obliques, which are often neglected. Stomach vacuum increase the intensity which is placed on these underlying muscles that could assist a person result flattering their abs and defining their stomach and oblique’s better. Another benefit is increasing maximum output during power lifts.

Expert says that Stomach vacuuming has nothing to do with your Dirt Devil and do not try it at home. Generally, this is a kind of breathing exercise which helps to activate and strengthens your deepest abdominal muscles by simply contracting it. You just have to do it right and you will be able to clinch your midsection while stabilizing your spine. Stabilized spine helps to reduce back pain and helps you improve your postures.

How to practice stomach vacuum?

Flat belly through stomach vacuum is possible if you will do it every day. In order to grab the techniques of stomach vacuum outside the expensive classes, just start with the most basic move and take your core to the next level. Stomach vacuumed should be the first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach while you are on your bed). Simply roll onto your back with your knees bent or your feet should be in flat position on the mattress. Take a big time exhale and pull your belly button in towards your spine (The closer you get, the greater the intensity of the contraction and the move will be more effective). Hold on this position for 15 seconds in the beginning and then progress to hold this position for 60 seconds. Repeat this movement three to five times daily in the morning. You need to take small breath.

weight loss after pregnancyIf you want to make this movement harder, you can try it on your hands and knees, sitting straight up in a chair without back or arm rest. You can try this position on Swiss ball also. Once you master the squeeze, you can be able to hold you’re naval to your spine while sitting or standing throughout the day. According to experts, doing this practice every day, you need to eat well and balanced diet and keep up your regular exercises. You will notice the benefits within a few weeks which are more than doing crunches for whole life.

The-Venus-FactorHowever, here you got the best idea to get a flatter, stronger and leaner abs in a very simple and east movement, you can get more information about weight loss, which are not only effective but these tips are very easy to follow in a very short period of time that you can afford very easily. Generally, all the weight loss program are made and offered according to male metabolism and when a woman follow these tips, she gets very less benefit after paying a lot of efforts. Many people think that when it comes to lose weight, there are no differences in men and women, but it’s wrong. If a man is getting appropriate benefit by following some steps, it doesn’t mean that a woman can also get the same benefit. Weight gain, weight loss, it’s all depends up on the metabolism. Male and female metabolism is not same and it plays a major role when it comes to lose weight naturally. So, The Venus Factor is a weight loss program that is especially made according to female metabolism and you don’t need to hire any expensive trainer. Entire tips will be explained in a step by step formula and you can easily do it at your home without any instructor. This weight loss program doesn’t only help in providing you exercise plan, but it also provides you the diet plan which are not at all tasteless and at the very affordable price. For more information, please visit the official website.

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