Pregnancy Tips | Some Common Health Issues During Pregnancy

health problems during pregnancyPregnancy is a time when a woman has to provide full of help. Support and rest. Pregnancy requires a lot of attention which can help to eliminate all the stress, tension and lack of rest. These all facilities are provided to pregnant women because these things will help in development of fetus. During pregnancy getting sick is not a good sign because it can cause any kind of problem which can affect the baby too. So, this is normal to have some health issues during pregnancy. This health issues arises during pregnancy and sometime you develop it which you have already faced it in past. If you get the chronic health condition, you must visit your doctor immediately.

Risk factors during pregnancy


  • Anemia- This is a kind of problem when numbers of healthy red blood cells are lower than normal. In this health condition, a pregnant woman is advised to take iron and folic acid tablets. During pregnancy blood test reveal the entire data of red blood cells and white blood cells. If doctor find it lower than normal, he prescribes some supplements to increase the blood level. Symptoms of anemia include tiring feeling, pale yellow look, fatigue and shortness of breath.
  • Depression- This situation arises when new mother feels extreme sad due to any reason during pregnancy.infertility-solution This extreme sadness leads a pregnant woman to depression which is not good for her and baby’s health. Depression can be treated by one or combined treatments like therapy, support group and medicines. Depression during pregnancy can affect the development of baby and that’s why treatment of depression is the first priority of family member. Symptoms of depression in pregnant women are intense sadness, helplessness and irritability, changes of appetite and thoughts of harming self and baby.
  • Fetal problems- It includes the poor health condition of unborn baby like poor growth or heart related issues. Treatment starts after checking the result of test to monitor fetus health. If the test shows any kind of problem. Do not panic. It only means that mother has to take extra care of her health and sometime bed rest is suggested or baby can deliver early in this case. Symptoms of fetal problems are less movement of baby, smaller size of baby than normal at gestational age and some problems can be finding through prenatal test.
  • Gestational diabetes- This diabetes condition only occurs during pregnancy and that’s why this is known as pregnancy diabetes. In this condition pregnant women’s blood sugar level goes very high. Many women are able to control their blood sugar level by following strict diet plan and some needs insulin to make their insulin level normal. Health expert says that if the blood sugar level cannot be controlled during pregnancy then it can cause preeclampsia, early delivery, birth of baby through c-section, size of baby big which can make the delivery complicated, baby born with low blood sugar, breathing problems, and jaundice. Symptoms of gestational diabetes don’t indicate but sometime women can feel extreme thirst, hunger and fatigue. Gestational diabetes can be finding through screen test.pregnancy-miracle
  • High blood pressure- This problem generally arise when a woman is more than 20 weeks pregnant. This is common during pregnancy and it goes away after delivery of baby. In order to make sure high blood pressure is not preeclampsia; mother and baby’s health should be watched closely. It doesn’t show any symptoms.

During pregnancy if you get any above written health issues, do not take these matters lightly and visit your doctor immediately. Be relaxed and do some pregnancy exercise and focus on your diet during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tips | 4 Most Important Pregnancy Wellness Tips

getting pregnantPregnancy period is the most wonderful time in every woman’s life that gets this opportunity. During pregnancy women has to take extra care of her health because one more life is totally dependent on her. In fact pregnancy time is the most special time in whole life when women get the entire wish fulfilled by her friends, family and partner. Everybody take care of her and suggests her tones of advice for pregnancy wellness. Getting pregnant is the natural instinct but after conceiving taking care of mother should be the first priority of family member. Many women who get pregnant are suggested by her family member to eat a lot and just have the plenty of rest. Eating and relaxing for whole day is not good for anyone and especially for pregnant women this is hardly accepted. Yes! It is true that pregnant women are suggested to have rest and eat a lot of good things but having rest means you are not allowed to do any hard work which can affect your fetus. But pregnant women can simply do some house and office work as regular and she can take the rest in every interval. Here are some most important pregnancy wellness tips which can help you in maintain a happy and healthy pregnancy so that you can deliver a healthy baby.

  1. Healthy diet- When it comes to pregnancy wellness tips, healthy diet is the most important in fact it has to be given the first priority. A healthy diet which includes all the nutrients which is important for the overall growth of fetus. Health expert says that a healthy diet which is recommended for pregnant women should not be very complicated. According to health expert diet which is rich in all the important nutrients which is necessary for fetus and mother is more beat infertilityimportant in the first trimester of pregnancy. It has been found that it’s difficult to obtain all the important nutrients from food and especially when you are suffering from the nausea or morning sickness. So, you can take some supplements like folic acids and calcium which should be prescribed by your doctor. To get all the benefit from your foods and drink, you can replace your most loved drink like cold drinks or coffee with milk or juices. Milk and fresh fruits and vegetables juice is very effective all the time but these are more effective during pregnancy. If you want to maintain a healthy and slim body after pregnancy, please focus on your calories intake. While eating fresh and balanced diet during pregnancy, you don’t have to more stressful for your weight after delivering your baby. Eating a healthy diet with all the nutrients will help you in maintaining a happy and healthy pregnancy.
  2. Exercise- Doing exercise during pregnancy means you don’t have to hit the gym. Some yoga poses and light stretches are good during pregnancy. Walking is one of the most suitable exercises for pregnant women. Just remember one thing, whatever you are doing, either it may be yoga, stretches or just walking but don’t overdo it. Walking is said to be a very good exercise not only for pregnant women but for everyone. Brisk walking increases the energy level and improves the blood circulation. Please note that you have to avoid all type of sports activity and physical activity which involves put strains on joints and hips like difficult yoga poses and running or jogging. Exercises during pregnancy help you cope with extra body weight of baby. It is a proven way to provide a fresh feeling to your mood, increases the energy level and you feel active throughout the day.Pregnancy-Miracle
  3. Good oral hygiene- During pregnancy oral hygiene is the most important factor because due to conception, hormone level gets increase and inflammation of the gums occurs. Maintaining a good oral hygiene can give you the most amazing benefits. Flossing may help you reduce diseases which are associated with gums, decreases systemic inflammation. Good oral hygiene during pregnancy may actually help in reducing the risk of pre-term labor. Here are some symptoms of bad oral conditions which includes tender, red and swollen gums, gum bleeding and bad breath. Health experts suggest that do not ignore any type of dental problems especially during pregnancy because it may be the indication of something wrong inside the body which can harm your baby’s health. Gum diseases are associated with pre-term birth. Visit your dentist and have a proper cleaning to maintain a good oral hygiene during pregnancy in order to avoid pre-term birth.
  4. Be stress free- As you know that stress and tension is not a good sign for anyone and it is totally discarded during pregnancy. Stress is a bad signal for your mental status during pregnancy which can directly affect your unborn baby. Every woman feels nervous about the delivery of her baby and it is more common in first pregnancy. Little bit stress is normal because it occurs due to changes in life and body but very stressful lifestyle during pregnancy may create the problems in maintaining a healthy pregnancy and it can cause miscarriages too. So, it’s suggested to be stress free during pregnancy. In order to maintain calm and stress free pregnancy, you should learn some tips which can help you in maintain a mental calm. You can do some yoga poses and meditation to attain mental calm. Walking in fresh air is also a good idea to avoid stress.

get pregnant fast

Above written pregnancy wellness tips are very important in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy. All women who are pregnant and staying in a large or small family should focus on above written tips. You can also consult your doctor to get some more pregnancy wellness tips. Visit your doctor regularly as it is prescribed and think positive for the arrival of your baby. Worry during pregnancy is a normal fact because you are growing a life inside you. However, do not worry, just relax and think about your baby.

Infertility Treatment | Natural Remedies to Reverse Infertility

Natural-Help-for-InfertilityInfertility has become one of the rising problems in today’s society. As we all know that getting pregnant is the most natural instinct but today’s generation are not getting pregnant very easily as it happened in past. Now, you can find one out of six couple infertile and the reasons of infertility is linked to any one of the partner. Infertility can be linked to either men or women partner. Many people think that if a woman is not able to conceive naturally then it must be the woman is infertile but it’s not true. Infertility is linked to both and women and sometimes it’s not associated to any one and this condition is known as unexplained infertility. Millions of couples are spending billions of dollars on the infertility treatment and after that they are not assured that they will have their own baby. In many cases you can find that a woman’s body can able to beat infertility naturally and conceive their own baby truly naturally. The most important thing to understand that infertility is a kind of health condition that indicates that something is not right in your body and in order to get pregnant naturally, couple are suggested to fix that problem.

beat infertilityInfertility or inability to get pregnant can be occur due to even very small health related issues that can cause the pain of infertility and a long wait for arrival of baby. However, what could be the health issues including infertility but nature has all the solution. Here is good news that if you are one of them who are suffering from any kind of infertility and spent a huge amount of money on the infertility treatment, you must try the natural way. Health experts say that a little bit of changes in your diet and lifestyle can do the miracle in your life and people are getting 100% success rate. In many cases infertility is a very complex problem and it requires a very simple solution to fix it. Here are several confounding factors which can drag you to infertility pain and that’s because many conventional treatments are ineffective. This conventional infertility treatment simply not able to address all the possible causes of infertility. In many cases fertility medicines and any kind of artificial hormones such as birth control pills can create an underlying problem. This underlying problem can make your future fertility more difficult or even worst because hormonal birth control pills are often prescribed for various type of hormonal imbalance.

Natural remedies are a very specific system that often prescribed for people who are looking for natural way to get pregnant but these remedies can work for them also who are suffering from PMS, cramping, fatigue, heavy periods and other hormone related problems. These natural ways will help to solve all type of health issues which is associated with inability to conceive.


Nutrition For Fertility

Now a day’s many people are undernourished and it leads them to much kind of health issues including infertility and overweight. In order to get pregnant your body has to make the basic foundation which it needs to sustain and in an undernourished body, pregnancy is simply not possible. Undernourished body will not allow conception and if it happens it can’t be continued till nine months. Today’s women love to be slim and lean and that’s why they eat the foods which contains very low fat, high fiber. These types of foods are good for those who want to increase their health condition and lose extra body fat. Many women can’t get pregnant because they are overweight or obese and in order to get pregnant naturally they have to lose weight. Losing weight by following strict diet like low fat and high fiber is not so effective to increase the fertility because in this way body deprives the necessary proteins and fats which are good for hormone production. Nutrition is the most trusted way to boost fertility. Below are some lists of nutrition which are very important for you before trying to get pregnant.

  • Carbohydrate- You can simply discard grains, processed foods, sugar and starches and include fresh vegetables and fruits to obtain carbohydrate.
  • Healthy fats- Increase your healthy fats from sources like coconut, coconut oil, olive, olive oil, butter, eggs, avocado and nuts.
  • Protein- Eat grass fed meats, eggs and nuts.
  • Fiber- Consume a lot of leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard, chard, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and many more.
  • Processed dairy- You can avoid processed dairy products and if you want to eat you can take it in raw form like butter, ghee and heavy cream.
  • Water- You have to drink enough water and your urine should be in light color. Approximately four quarts a day.
  • Under control insulin level- If you are not type 2 diabetic patient but you’ll have to keep you’re your insulin level under control because high carbs food may increase the level of insulin.

get pregnantAbove written natural remedies for infertility is very effective for many women and these tips can help them in optimizing their fertility which can allow the conception to occur. These tips are not only important for getting pregnant but it’s more important after getting pregnant. You should have to provide a full and sufficient proportion of nutrition to your body which your unborn child will obtain from you. Proper nutrition is even more vital for the growth of fetus. Many women cut the essential fats from her diet in order to lose weight but lack of enough essential fats and proteins can produce the hormones which need to make body able to conceive. So, before opting any expensive infertility treatment, you should try natural remedies for infertility. Natural and holistic approaches are made for everyone and it doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor. It is easy to afford and very simple way of use. Please note that following natural remedies for your any type of illness will not cause any kind of side effects that mostly expensive treatment does. Nature has the power to treat all type of illness including infertility in a very mild way. So, just relax, keep calm and follow the step by step methods which are especially made to beat any kind of infertility without any side effect and allow you to be ready to conceive naturally in just 60 days. If you want more information about natural remedies for infertility, please visit the official website.

Weight Loss | How To Cut The Risk Of Diabetes And Heart Attacks?

Weight Loss with surgeryWeight loss is a very important motto for everyone who is overweight or obese. Heal researchers says that if we people who really need to lose weight in order to maintain a healthy body should follow the natural way of weight loss but if they are not able to lose weight naturally then they can opt the weight loss surgery. Researchers says that weight loss surgery is able to cut the risk of most common condition type 2 diabetes and heart diseases which are generally found among overweight or obese people. They say weight loss surgery doesn’t only cut the risk of deadly health issues but it keeps the fat off. This largest comprehensive investigation of weight loss surgery has conducted on 8,000 people for four years. The author of the study said that there is clear and substantial health benefits of weight loss surgery has found among those people who got the weight loss surgery done. This weight loss surgery is also known as bariatric surgery.

Types of weight loss surgery-


Weight loss surgery is mainly divided in two parts. That most common type of weight loss surgeries are-

fat loss

  • Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass– In this procedure, the stomach is removed or the digestive system is re-routed past most of the stomach.
  • Gastric band– This procedure uses a band that is used to reduce the size of the stomach. This reduced size of stomach requires a smaller amount of food and small size of portion is sufficient to make someone feel full.

Weight loss surgery is also known as the bariatric surgery that we learned earlier and this bariatric surgery is known to be the last and only option for losing weight. This surgery used as the last resort to diagnose people suffering from overweight or obesity. Actually, this bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is recommended for those who are dangerously obese and they have no other option to lose weight naturally. According to NHS (National Health Service) guidelines bariatric surgery is required for those people who are above the 35 BMI.

Weight loss surgery benefits


Weight loss researchers conducted the study on 3,882 patients who went through the weight loss surgery. They compared those 3,882 patients who done their weight loss surgery with those who did not went through surgery. They focused on all type of surgery such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric banding. Researchers found that people were able to lose between 20 kg and 48 kg. They also found that people were able to keep off their weight. Along with drastic weight loss people lowered the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, angina and heart diseases. people who have already suffering from type 2 diabetes also got their condition improved substantially and approximately 60% people were able to come off medication altogether. Dr Ian Douglas the lead researcher said that people who went through the weight loss or bariatric surgery got the fantastic results. This result is really impressive and obese people who did not get any benefits from other weight loss program will love the result of weight loss surgery. Researchers say that diets don’t work well for everyone. According to researchers, bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is not right for everyone but it’s really effective to cut the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart attacks. Dr Alasdair Rankin warned the people that bariatric surgery should not be the only option for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and obesity.

tips for weight loss

However, this was the largest comprehensive investigation of bariatric surgery. Researchers says that 1.4 million people in England are overweight or obese but currently only 8,000 people annually are going through the weight loss surgery on the NHS. Researchers estimated that if all those 1.4 million people will undergo to bariatric surgery, it would avert nearly 5,000 heart attacks and 40,000 cases of type 2 diabetes over four years. As we all know that all type of surgery carries some risk and that’s why we suggest people to lose their extra body weight only through natural procedure like following exercises and yoga, expert’s diet plan and reduced stress level.

Weight loss with eating healthy may help you in losing weight faster and naturally and you must get no side effects at all. As you must know that nutritious food may help you melt away those extra pounds that you never wanted to carry on your body. Those nutritious foods are high in carbs and proteins. You may get several weight loss program which claims to melt away all your extra body fat in just some days, weeks or months but do you ever get benefits from those claims. These weight loss programs require your full attention on workouts and most irritating and tasteless diet plan. These weight loss programs may also have several side effects that you never want to face it.

weight loss

Here is a weight loss program which is truly natural and by following this program you cannot get any type of side effects except good. This weight loss program is created by Brain Flatt. He is a sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and health coach with years of experience in the diet and fitness industry. He made a weight loss program which solves the major issues with weight loss and people generally give up on diets faster and complete it in just within 21 days. This fastest solution burns all the extra body weight and fat in maximum 3 weeks. The users of this fastest weight loss program are able to melt away up to 20 pounds in just 21 days. Dr. Clayn who has done the research on this program says that losing extra weight is not only the important factor but metabolism also plays the key role in getting the benefits from the weight loss regime. Metabolism helps to absorb the benefits of treatment properly in the body and giving you the desired result without any side effects. So, if you want to know more about how to get faster solution for slim and fit body by truly natural process, please visit the official website.

Beauty Tips | 8 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Orange

beauty tips with orangeOrange is one of the most loving fruits not because of its taste but it has several health and beauty benefits too. Eating oranges can provide you several health benefits and it can help you look good too. Here are some beauty tips with orange have written below:-

  1. Orange helps to close the open pores of your skin and provides you healthy and glowing skin. To enclose your open pores, you’ll have to apply orange juice on your face and let it dry for five minutes. After five minutes, rinse your face with plain water.
  2. Oranges works as the rejuvenate your skin in the hot summer. As you know that in the summer time, sun is the worst enemy for your skin, eyes and hair. Orange protects your beauty in hot summer. You can apply one or two slices of orange on your face and wash it after five minutes. It will refresh your skin again.
  3. Orange contains citric acid which is very helpful in drying your acne. It has fruit acid too which helps to exfoliate your skin to provide a brighter and glowing skin if used regularly. You just need to make the paste of orange peel and apply it directly on the acne and scar, leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and wash it with plain water. If you will apply this paste regularly, you can see the visible result.
  4. Orange peel can also work as to bleach your face naturally. You can use the peel of orange with milk or curd and apply it on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it tips
  5. It works as the anti ageing treatment also. Orange contains vitamin C which is very effective in production of collagen which helps to maintain skin’s firmness and moisturization. It has been found that eating one orange every day will help to keep away ageing process such as fine lines, wrinkles and freckles.
  6. Eating oranges helps to flush away toxins of the body and helps to activate the detoxification process. It provides oxygen in the skin and combats the free radicals which make your skin radiant and glowing.
  7. You can also use the orange peel as the face and body scrubber. After eating oranges, do not throw the peel. You can dry the peel of oranges in sun and make powder and store it in a jar. This orange peel powder can be mixed with milk or curd. Apply this paste on your face and rub it gently. After rubbing your face with orange peel paste leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with plain water. Your face will glow and you’ll get a very soothing freshness in your skin.
  8. With orange peel you can make a skin refreshing spray too. Peel some oranges and keep it in bowl. Pour some boiled water over the orange peel and leave it for 24 hours. Next day strain the left water and fill it in a bottle. Store it in refrigerator and use it as skin refreshing spray with applying this liquid on your face with cotton.

anti ageing treatmentBeauty tips with orange are several but these are very easy to use and it’s very effective too. If you want more beauty tips related anti-ageing, hair care, healthy and glowing skin and many more, please visit the official website.

Weight Loss | Does Water Really Helps To Lose Weight?

weight loss with water

Weight loss is always not an easy task. Experts say that when it comes to lose weight, the more water you should drink, Right. There are numerous studies that shows drinking more and more water help to lose weight. So is it true? According to a study which was conducted in 2010 delivered that obese people who are following a calories strict diet plan can lose significantly more weight if they’ll drink two glasses of water before each meal than those obese people who are following strict diet without drinking water before each meal. University of Birmingham recently found that obese people who are on diet drunk 470ml water before their meal lost more weight than those obese dieters who did not drink any extra water. However, weight loss with water is a vast finding and it is now proved that drinking water at certain times can lead to weight loss cannot be ignored. In year 2003, Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism journal reported fat lossthat drinking 500 ml water is linked to boost metabolism by 30 percent along with extra 100 kilo joule burnt. So, scientists regularly claimed that water plays the key role while it comes to weight loss. However, according to health experts if you want to lose weight or if you are already controlled weight then you can maintain your slim and fit body by drinking more water and keeping yourself well hydrated.

Weight loss with water! How?


  • Keeps you hydrated which leads you eat less- Whenever you feel slightly hungry, you grab the foods to fulfill your hunger and it happens due to dehydration. A simple logic suggests that we all are little bit dehydrated at any point of time and feels hunger. This dehydration leads you feel hunger and you eat. So, in order to lose weight, when you’ll feel light hunger, just drink one or two glasses of water and your hunger for food will go away. Please note, light and clear urine indicates that you body is well hydrated.
  • Prevents you drinking kilo joule drinks- After drinking 1.5 to 2 l of water every day, your thirst will not demand for kilo joule packed drinks such as soft drinks, milk based coffee, flavored tea and juice which we generally tend to take when we are thirsty. In simple terms, we consume a very less amount of kilo joule drinks when we are well hydrated which helps to lose weight.
  • Helps to keep your stomach happy- Many people are there who regularly feel tired, bloated and clogged up. In order to maintain a healthy digestion, health expert always suggest drinking enough fluids.
  • Helps to burn more kilo joule- It has been proved that drinking icy cold water helps to burn up kilo joule up to extra 400 per day for every 2 l of water. It will be equivalent to an extra snack per day.
  • Keeps you psychologically ready to maintain your good health- Many people simply carry the water bottle wherever they go. Many people start their day by drinking one or two glasses of water. Many people add lemon with water which helps to focus on what they are eating and drinking. It helps to focus on their diet throughout the day.

weight loss

So, the simple term is that drinking more water will only give you health benefits with no harm. Start drinking more water at the certain time and follow the expert’s diet plan which can help you achieve your weight loss goal faster.

Infertility | Does Abortion Linked To Female infertility?

Safe-AbortionInfertility has become the most unwanted condition that affects millions of women. There are so many reasons which are responsible for infertility. Infertility can occur in both male and female side. Generally, people blame the women if she is not able to conceive naturally but women are not only responsible for infertility. Men can also be infertile and because of infertile male partner, women cannot conceive naturally. Here is infertility also which is known as “unexplained”. This unexplained infertility is a kind of problem when doctor also doesn’t able to find any problem in reproductive system after full check up. In this kind of infertility which doesn’t show the clear link with both men Download-Pregnancy-Miracleand women doesn’t require any type of medication. Anyway, today we are going to discuss about does abortion can also lead to female infertility?

Abortion and infertility

A Gynecologist, Dr Adaora Ukoh, who works with a private Hospital in Abuja, said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday that if the evacuation of the fetus will be done partially from the womb during abortion then it can increase the risk of female infertility. She says, abortion or termination of pregnancy is completely a medical procedure and it removes the embryo and placenta from the uterus. Ukoh says that if couple doesn’t want to continue their pregnancy till nine month, they can terminate the pregnancy by following any one way out of two ways. One way of abortion could be done through the use of medication and the second way is through a surgical procedure. If termination of pregnancy can be done through medication, in this process a woman has to take medicines in her early phase of pregnancy that can abort her fetus. If the abortion has done by surgical procedure, the fetus can be removed by a vacuum device. Dr. Ukoh says that abortion doesn’t cause infertility but the complications which arise during abortion that can lead to a female infertility.

pregnancy-miracleLink between termination of pregnancy and vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy has been found and it leads to several complications to reproductive system and infertility. If the abortion has not done by professional, it can weaken the cervix which leads to premature opening of the cervix can occur during abortion there by leading to infertility. Sometimes women gets hole or some kind of damage in the uterus during the time of abortion can also increases the risk of infertility. Damage or hole in the uterus can be corrected through surgery and then women can be able to get pregnant. Abortion can also lead infection or complications during procedure and it can also be the reason of female infertility. Incomplete evacuation of fetus and the placenta which can arise during the time of abortion could lead to inability to get pregnant naturally. Dr. Ukoh says that many women go through repeated pregnancy termination procedure and this is also the biggest reason of infertility in women. She says that repeated abortion could cause damage to the cervix and increase the chances of late miscarriages. Dr. Ukoh suggests that women who go through abortion procedure should take antibiotics as prescribed by doctors.infertility causes

Weight loss | Why couples tend to gain weight right after marriage?

weight lossWeight loss tips and idea are being searched generally after some years of marriage and relationship. As we all have heard about that couples are tend to put on some weight right after the marriages but do you know why? Experts say that it’s common to gain some weight after marriage. North American Association has done the survey for the study for people over weight and obesity. They found that couples who are in a relationship or got married are more likely to be overweight or obese than those who are still dating. According to this survey, it has been found that behavior that is related obesity are strongly linked to married couples or those who are in relationship. So, any clue, why?

Reasons for weight gain after marriage

tips for weight lossHere are some most important factors which has been recognized by the health and relationship professional which shows us why the newly married couples gets over-weight or obese?

  • Being off the market- Couples generally thinks after getting married that for whom they should get ready. Before marriage partners do all the efforts to look attractive and fit but after marriage they start thinking they have got everything and why to make efforts to simply look cool.
  • Dividing and eating the same meals- After marriage partners generallyweight loss for women divide their meals and they eat the same things. It gets worse when your partner has bad eating habit and the most important you may fall victim of your partner’s cravings.
  • Couples tend to increase couch time- Before marriage when partner were dating each other they were more likely to go to disco and pub where they can eat drink and dance but after marriage they simply increase their couch time and ignore everything else. They simply sit on the couch for watching T.V and having unhealthy snacks for longer hours.
  • Kids- Obesity and kids are co related. It has been found that after having children, couples entirely ignore their health and appearance which not only makes them fat and obese but it also leads to several deadly diseases.
  • Fitness time- It has been taken completely back seat because you start feeling guilty for leaving your partner after work. Lack of time, kids responsibility along with several other responsibility, couple doesn’t get time for fitness and they tend to gain more and more weight which makes them obese.

However, these all are the key factors which are responsible for newly married couples to gain weight or being obese after two to three years o their marriage. So, are there any ideas which can help couples to be fit and young after marriage? Yes! There are so many tips and ideas which newly married couple has to follow and they’ll have to include these tips in their daily life to maintain their healthy and fit body for lifetime.

3 week diet

  1. Never think that you are off the market. Remember those days when you were attracted each other physically and most probably it is the only reason you started pursuing each other. Yes, it’s truth that physical attraction is not so important in any relationship but it will always be an innate part of you. It’s guaranteed that your partner will feel more loving and happy when you will make an effort for your partner and yourself too. So, just go for shopping on weekend and buy everything healthy. Remember, eat everything healthy and maintain your body and looks.
  2. Cut your portion size while you are dividing the same meal with your partner. Include healthy diet in your meals and develop a habit of eating healthy. You can also plan your meal for whole week and buy healthy foods in your fridge. Do not dial the fast food hotline.
  3. Decrease your couch time and do some physical activity together. In summer time, you can go outside for the walk with your partner and talk about your personal and professional matter. In winter time, you can enroll yourself in any couple dance class or even you can get involved in a local community sporting club.weight loss
  4. After having children people doesn’t take their appearance very seriously which leads them to lazy and fat? If you want to be fit and healthy even after having children, you can enjoy your quality time with your kids. Simply watching T.V sitting on couch, you can kick the football with your kids, play badminton and running race. These tips are very helpful to spend your quality time with your children along with maintain your health too.

So, above written tips are very helpful for couples who generally gains weight after marriage. Cut down your unwanted body weight and enjoy your happy married life.

How to get pregnant? Know the most important 9 causes of Infertility

infertilityGetting pregnant and having children is one of the most basic necessities of everyone’s life. Many couples first avoid the pregnancy for some years after starting their relationship but after passing some years they want to start their family. A family gets completed after the child birth. Many couples take the discussion of having children in order to improve their relationship with their partner because children make the bond stronger between partners. However, what is the priority of having children is the secondary thing but now the most important thing is how to get pregnant faster and naturally?

Many women are there in the world that gets pregnant immediately after deciding their family plan but millions of women are there who struggles for several years without getting pregnant. Health experts say that if a couple are trying to get pregnant and they are having regular and unprotected sex for a year, they may be infertile. Infertility can be occurring due to many reasons and it may be linked to male or female. It’s not truth that infertility occurs due to female only men can also be responsible for not able to conceive.


Causes of infertility


Infertility causes are many but some of them are listed below:-

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – This is one of the most common types of infertility and it occurs in female partner. According to survey, this is the most important female infertility and approximately 25% of women are suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Before trying to get pregnant, it’s very hard to detect that woman is having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Here are some symptoms which may indicate such as weight gain, acne, irregular menstrual periods and failure of ovulation. This type of infertility can be treated and it can be managed through the use of hormones which can help in trigger in ovulation and pregnancy can be possible.male infertility
  • Endometriosis- This type of infertility occurs in women mainly when they are in their 30s and 40s. It has been found that 40% of women are suffering from It occurs when lining of uterus found outside of the uterus. The main reason behind endometriosis infertility is scarring and adhesions which causes the blockage. It stops the eggs being fertilized and if the egg is fertilize, it makes them unable to travel properly along the fallopian tubes. This type of infertility makes the ectopic pregnancy, which means fertilized egg implants itself somewhere other than in the uterine lining. If the endometriosis infertility is found, it can be treated by surgery. Symptoms of endometriosis infertility are pain while having sex, very painful menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding during period and unusual spotting.
  • Ovulatory disorder– It has been found that about 40 percent of fertility issues with female are linked to ovulation. These problems can be irregular menstrual periods or failing of ovulation. This ovulatory disorders can be occurs in women due to many reasons such as excess weight loss, stress and tensions, thyroids problems and hormonal imbalance. This type of infertility treatment is dependent on the cause of this issue.getting pregnant
  • Uterine factors- This infertility issues is linked to uterus of the woman. After getting checked up this fertility issues, doctors can treat it as a specific way.
  • Miscarriages- Infertility is not only makes woman unable to conceive. Sometimes woman gets pregnant but she fails to continue it till nine months to deliver her baby. Many women get the pregnant after some efforts but she goes through miscarriage. It’s a very unbearable pain of miscarriages but it’s more painful when couple struggled a lot to conceive but they went thorough miscarriages after two or three months of pregnancy. Health experts say that miscarriages happen due to genetic defects in fetus and sometime sometimes it can occur because of uterus or cervix problems. So, if you are one of those couple who tried a lot for getting pregnant and when you conceived you went through miscarriage. It can be a warning sign of issues with your fertility. Consult your doctor immediately to prevent future miscarriage.
  • Premature ovarian failure (POF) – This type of infertility is very upsetting that you go through the menopause or you stop menstruating at the very early age even before 40. Experts say that this premature ovarian failure (POF) can be caused by defects from before the birth. Defects before the birth in women like a chromosomal abnormality. This abnormality results in defective ovaries which makes a woman ovary resistant to her body’s natural hormones when she is in her 20s and 30s. Premature ovarian failure (POF) can arise if woman has gone through chemotherapy, radiation or pelvic surgery. Sometimes it has been found linked with family history. In this case some women experiences intermittent ovarian failure means women stops menstruating for several months and again she starts menstruating but for very short time. The treatment of premature ovarian failure (POF) is difficult. Couples suffering from premature ovarian failure (POF) may go for the IVF option with the donor eggs that could be fertilized with male sperm.infertility treatment
  • Luteal Phase Defect (LPD)This infertility can be occurring by two things and both are involved in body’s progesterone development. The first reason of Luteal Phase Defect (LPD) is linked to ovary that not secreting enough progesterone and second is linked to endometrial that is not responding to the progesterone stimulation.
  • Male infertility- 40 percent of infertility caused by male. Many mens are also responsible for not able to conceive. Male infertility can occur due to blockage in their reproductive tract, producing sperm, ejaculating or low sperm count. The treatment of male infertility could be surgery or hormonal pills which can help to improve the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Unexplained- This type of infertility is being known as unexplained because problem in conceiving doesn’t show any problem in any part of the reproductive system. Tests which are available these days are not able to find the exact problem in reproductive system.

However, infertility can be treated if will never give up your hope. Just try to find out your infertility cause and start treating it from right now. For more information about how to get pregnant naturally, please visit the official website.

How to get pregnant? | does smoking tied to infertility?

smokingInfertility occurs due to several reasons but now a day’s one of the most important reason for spreading infertility worldwide is toxic atmosphere. Now a recent study shows that cigarettes and tobacco is not responsible for causing cancers but these are one of the most important reasons for causing female infertility. It has been found that those women who smoked the most and started smoking in the very early age has the higher risk of getting affected by the infertility she can have the menopause earlier than those who women who have never smoked. Researchers also says that women who were under second hand smoking expose faces the greater difficulties in getting pregnant compared to those who have less or almost nil expose of second hand smoking. The coauthor of the study, Andrew Hyland, of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY, and colleagues published their this new findings in the journal Tobacco Control. As we all are aware that smoking can cause several types of health issues like lung cancer, strokes, heart diseases and some other health issues too. According to new findings, smoking can cause infertility as well as it can cause menopause earlier in women than those who have never gone to the contact of smoking.

Pregnancy-MiracleDanielle Smith of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo and colleagues said that women were used to breath in the most second hand smoke also went through the difficulties in getting pregnant and got the menopause earlier. Researchers found that women who smoked or were exposed to the most secondhand smoke were more likely to enter menopause before age 50. Researchers say that study found the link between smoking and reproductive system in women. Researchers conducted the data of approximately 93,000 women. These U.S women were enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study between 1993 and 1998. Those all women were the age between 50 and 79. According to this data 15 percent of women met the criteria of infertility or unable to get pregnant naturally and 45 percent of women met the criteria of early menopause before the age of 50.

get pregnant fastHowever, according to this data women who smoked the most entered the menopause two years earlier than those who never smoked. Some women were also there who never smoked but exposed to the most second hand smoke were also 18 percent more like to have the difficulties in getting pregnant and having own children. Researchers say that there are so many events and exposure which drags you to the exposure of smoke. They also says that if a woman who grew up with a smoker in the house for 10 years or women who are living with smoker spouse for 20 years and more or women who worked with smoker for 10 years are 18 percent more likely to affected by infertility which means unable to get pregnant than those women who have never been passive smoker. Anyway. It was the side effects of smoking but smoking has also several side effects which can kill yourself and your loved one. Leave the smoking today and live the healthy and happy life.

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