Anti-ageing Treatment- How To Reverse The Signs Of Ageing Naturally

Beauty-Health-WomanAnti-ageing treatment is now everywhere and wanting to look good and beautiful is the most top desire for every women. You can see that tips to reverse signs of ageing and how to get the fountain of youth again is the top search on internet. This type of query is being asked by women by centuries. So, if you are one of them who are suffering from the bad relationship with your skin day by day as your age increases, you have to nourish it from inside. If your skin is in bad condition and it is defining your relationship status with your skin, then you don’t know when the next flair is going to happen. Many teens suffers from the skin issues like acne, pigmentation, scars and the most important which lead to all type of skin problems is Oily Skin. You must have seen the Jennifer Lopez’s flawless skin. Do you know she is 45 but still she has no age lines on her face and skin? Have you ever wondered why do these actresses still look so much better than I do? When you will ask them the secret of their flawless skin they’ll simply say, I work out. I’m vegan. I don’t drink alcohol. I drink lots of water. Yes, these things are very important to get the perfect skin like your young age but is this really the secret of celebrities? She is doing minor tune ups which is little bit effective to reverse the signs of ageing. Jennifer Lopez denounce on twitter last year that she had plastic surgery and she might telling the truth this time. So, the bottom line is that getting flawless skin is not impossible but you can achieve it by entire natural procedure. There is a clock in our skin which is always running and it will show the exact age of skin.

Anti-ageing creams and lotions are full in the market but do you really believe that these creams will really reverse your age and will help in getting youthful skin again. They claim that these creams and lotion contains collagen which will work as anti-ageing treatment. Who knows May these creams contain collagen but is made by mix of many types of chemical which can harm the skin in other forms. You see when child born, their skin produces more collagen which helps to skin keep it tout and youthful but when we grow older skin produces less collage, lack of collagen in skin leads to signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. So, if you want to get collagen for your skin and not wanting to face any kind of side effects, you must have to go for natural approaches. We are surrounded with fruits and vegetables and we everyday use it as our diet. Using these fruits and vegetable for your skin’s diet is also great option. It has been found that many fruits and vegetables which are available in our house helps to promote collagen for skin along with helps to get silky and shiny hair, shining teeth and perfect shape of body. In order to achieve overall health and benefit from nature, you’ll have be careful because if some fruits may help in positive way some other will give ant side effects too. Before trying any kind of method for your beauty, consult the expert. So from now, don’t waste your hard earned money on full of chemicals products of anti-ageing treatment and just go for natural way. It will give you flawless youthful skin, silky and shiny hair, shining teeth and many more health and beauty benefits. Follow all the natural thing which can help you in reversing all the signs of ageing and it will give you a healthy glowing skin.

anti ageing treatment

How To Get Pregnant? | How Stem Cells Can Help Cure Female Infertility?

how to get pregnantInfertility treatment is on the rise globally for some times and many of them help people who suffer from this situation. The classical theory based on the idea that a woman carries her egg from her birth. The loss of eggs is a major barrier for fertility says by the doctors as they assist older women conceive. Now scientists have claimed that female infertility issues can be eliminated with the help of stem cells. Scientists have claimed that artificial sperms and eggs could spell the word as infertility to an end. They say they can reverse the female infertility by Stem Cells Therapy. There are some other researchers too who says that infertility treatment with stem cells could lead to the creation of new eggs. These scientists have a new hope that they can end the biggest problem of a family that is caused by some inability of body who doesn’t support in reproductive system. This inability leads them not able to get pregnant and they become infertile for lifetime. Infertility is a situation when a couple cannot have their own biological child. This situation is heartbreaking and the impact of this unfortunate news gives a lot of pain that a family couldn’t bare. Impact of infertility news affects a woman and her family for lifetime. This research has first applied on mice and later on the human.



Infertility researchers says that this research have long hoped that stem cells could generate new eggs so they can use it to treat female infertility. This study has done at the University of Gothenburg and Karolinska Institute where the dream of researchers to treat successfully the most heartbreaking treatment of infertility with stem cells can probably be fulfilled. This new research was first published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). And this report has taken from the and There are so many reasons to create sperm from the stem cells including treatment of infertility. This is an enormous field of work and thus far scientists have realized that stem cells can end the problem of millions of couples who is going through the trauma of not able to conceive. U.S researchers were first able to reprogram adult stem cells into sperm and egg cells. Infertility is affecting estimated 48 million women with the highest prevalence of infertility affecting people in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa/Middle East, and Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Not able to conceive or infertility can arise due to many reasons such as PCOS, ovarian disorders, low sperm count, endometriosis, preeclampsia, injury and age related fertility issues and many more. This research first consisted that they marked some reproductive cells or eggs in ovary then they were able to retrieve the cells from out of the ovary and they sorted out the marked cells. The second step was these cells were kept in the laboratories to produce immature egg cells. Researchers say that in the previous experiment they did it successfully on mice and they were able to generate viable eggs cells that can be fertilized and produced embryos.

pregnancy miracleInfertility treatment with stem cells has succeeded when it was applied on the mice and after that scientists did the study with the help of human. They worked on human cells and they were able to retrieve reproductive cells such as egg cell from the ovary. They got these reproductive cells from the ovary which was donated by the women at Saitama Medical Center in Japan. These women were undergoing sex reassignment because of gender identity disorder. Scientists were again able to retrieve the egg cells and kept it in the laboratories to produce immature egg cells. After that they injected the egg cells into mice which generated follicles as well as mature eggs. However, this incredible result of this study need to view with caution until other researchers will replicate the work. Scientists say that they will eventually be able to reprogram virtually any cell. This cell can be any such as a skin cell into a cell that is similar to an embryonic stem cell and like these embryonic stem cells. The reprogrammed cells are able to differentiate into any kind of cell in the body. By coaxing these cells can be precursors for germ lines then cells can grow to be an egg or sperm cells. The most challenging obstacles are coming in the way of researchers ensuring that the egg should be in high enough quality. They adds that this study need more vigorous research to verify that the cells which are generated from the ovarian reproductive cells are truly egg cells and the structure of follicles which has formed is genuine.

The result of this study has created a big hope for the researchers and the women who are not able to get pregnant. Anyway, the researchers or scientists are working on this research and they are doing all possible efforts to bring this incredible research as an end to female infertility. Anyhow, this study may alter the human’s understanding of the uber complex human egg cells and it will be the first step to potentially alter a women’s fertility for life time to conceive naturally. This research may be feasible in future for young women to have a small biopsy of their ovaries that can perform in order to retrieve their egg cells. These egg cells can be grown in the laboratories into cells which are in millions and could be stored for the future family plan. Though it will take some more time and if ever it would be a miracle for those women who are struggling to get pregnant from many years. This research would be proved as an incredible change for millions of women who have told that they can never conceive their own child. Infertility is the biggest problems for millions of women but still they keep trying for several years in a hope that they may conceive and she will become a mom. This miraculous research will be a biggest hope and we can just keep our finger cross to turn this miracle true.


Tapeworm Cancer | Does Bad Digestion Can To Lead Cancer?

parasiteTapeworm is a kind of worm in flat shape and it lives in human’s digestive tract. This is parasitic worm the adult of which live in the intestine. It looks like big ribbon and it can grow up to 82 feet and it can live up to 30 years. Parasite is an organism that live in other organism which you can call it host. Parasite receives all the nutrients from the host. It gets into the body when a person eats something which is infected from the worm or its eggs. Once the tapeworm head attaches to the inner wall of the intestines, it feeds off the food that the host is digesting. It uses this nutrition to grow. This tapeworm is made by the segments and it will longer by adding more and more segments. Once it will have 3,000 segments the chances of spreading occurs. New segment grows on the head of the worm and old segments pushing end of the line where they break off. These segments contain eggs and they pass out of the digestive tract in host poop. If this infected feces will not be disposed in the toilet it will get into the water or soil. It can wait for the host for a month in the environment and when the animals which eat grass or put nose around the soil where the tapeworm is available can pick up this worm or eggs. This worm will reach to the intestine of host and grow cycle begin again.

Tapeworm is bad in all the way for the human’s health. It gets inside the people, lays their eggs and causes much type of health issues like diarrhea and weakness. This worm can infect a human’s body for lifetime. Doctors were stunned when they found a man with this worm and infected by the most deadly disease CANCER. Dr. Atis Muehlenbachs, a pathologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that we were amazed while finding this new type of diseases that can take the patient’s life. This tapeworm can infect you from those diseases which were associated with the older host of this worm. Muehlenbachs says, in January 2013 a man who was 41 years old suffering from fatigue, fever, cough, and weight loss of since many times. He had diagnosed of HIV infection in 2006. Muehlenbachs and his colleges reported in the New England journal of medicine. This man immune system was very weak because he had the history of HIV and that’s why he allowed this tapeworm to flourish. This was unusual case and it was treated by collaboration between the US Centers for Disease Control and the UK’s Natural History Museum. Doctors specified this case as unusual and crazy. Doctors from Colombia said they tried to diagnose that man in 2013. They found a normal type of tumors which was spreaded in his lungs, liver and elsewhere in his body. Doctors found that these cancerous cells were actually not human when they did the closer inspection. These cells were tiny at just a tenth of the size of human cells. Muehlenbachs did not agree with this report and he ran through all the theories including shrinking human cancer cells or even a newly discovered infection.

DETOX-and-RECHARGEMuehlenbachs says finally molecular testing was identified as a high level of tapeworm DNA in tumors. He adds that our reaction was complete disbelief. This was the most unusual case and it leads to much night without sleep. He says the patient was extreme sick and he was not able to treat at that time, he died after three days when the DNA of tapeworm was confirmed.

Doctors say that this kind of worm cancer is rare but who knows many cases could be going without treatment. According to US Centers for Disease Control proper hand wash and eating cooked vegetables instead of raw is the best way to prevent from this kind of worm. Doctors say that this kind of parasites, which can grow up to an inch and a half long, usually they don’t cause any symptoms but they can reproduce inside people for years. According to a survey as many as 75 million people carry them worldwide. This was the first case in which a parasite has been found to spread the most deadly diseases cancer. However, people suffering from this tapeworm globally and HIV are also affecting the people worldwide. HIV infection weakens their immune system. If people getting cancerous cells, it could even be that worm infection that people got mistaken. It’s easy to eliminate this parasite with the help of drugs but drugs can eliminate the tumor is not clear. Even chemotherapy drugs will eliminate the tumor which is caused by the worm is not yet clear.

Here are so many food items which can help you in getting rid of tapeworm. Foods you can eat to eliminate the parasite are garlic, onion, pomegranate, papaya seed, pumpkin seed, green onion, coconut, horseradish, thyme, cayenne pepper and bitter melon. These foods will eliminate the parasite which is growing in your intestine but this is not enough. If want to keep away from the tapeworm which can lead you to deadly disease too, you’ll have to keep you colon clean. It’s very important to start your colon cleansing program as soon as you have doubt to have this worm growing in your body. Colon cleansing is an effective process which can help in eliminating the toxins from the body and it also help in eliminating these worms. Detoxify is important to remove environmental and dietary toxins from the body and it can invite the several health issues. Here are so many kind of detox plan or colon cleansing program is available in the market such as drug detox, alcohol detox, metabolic detox and alternative medicines. These all are effective in their specialty but if you simply want to clean your colon to just protect from the parasites which is in your body or the toxins which you gotten from the bad environment or any infected food items, you should go for natural detox plan. It will give you a new energy; boost your metabolism along with cleaning your colon system. Fruits, green vegetables and green juices are very effective in providing multiple healthy benefits while cleaning your colon.


Getting Pregnant- Is Consumption Of Alcohol During Pregnancy Harmful?

Pregnancy and alcoholGetting pregnant is the most precious feeling in this world but it is a very lengthy list of things that a pregnant woman is not suppose to do while she is carrying. It is a miraculous process to grow and neutralize the human being but sometimes it become more difficult to handle because of the list of CAN’T. From the time when a woman hears the news of that she is pregnant, she has to focus on all those things which are not allowed during pregnancy. It might be her favorite thing but if this is not suitable for unborn child, she has to stop it right away. After conceiving or during pregnancy our elders and doctor suggest us not to eat sushi, no hot tubs, no jumping and running, no caffeine no deli meats and many more. Some doctors recommend to completely avoiding the alcohol and some says that occasionally light consumption of wine may not harm your baby. This is seems to be might confusing. You can find this confusion among your friend circles. If one has enjoyed the few glasses of wine during her pregnancy and her baby is still fine but some other will say why to take risk? Since long time it has been proved that heavy drinking during the pregnancy may harm your unborn baby and may cause birth defects it’s a bit of confusing that what will happen if the alcohol can be taken in light and moderate way? This consequence is not well understood. Its bit a confusing question that what is the exact amount alcohol is safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very critical process and we are not supposed to try anything new which is actually not well understood. This may harm the baby or it may cause any kind of birth defect. As we know that alcohol is toxin and toxin is not good for health it and it can harm the baby. When you drink alcohol and automatically it will reach to baby through the placenta via your blood stream. These toxins will reach to that baby which is not fully prepared yet. Heavy or binge drinking may cause miscarriages and premature birth. Here are some opinions on drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The point of views of experts has explains below. These experts have studied for many years to find the solution for how much consuming of alcohol during pregnancy is safe and how much is harmful?

how to get pregnantThe most important things which are forced to avoid during pregnancy is drinking and smoking. It’s o.k. for those women who doesn’t drink or smoke but it’s very frustrating for those who are addicted to it. Yes we know that smoking is not at good for both mom and unborn baby while pregnancy is carry on but it’s harmful in normal situation also. If you are not pregnant bust still you should not smoke because it will lead you to much kind of severe healthy problems and the most important is that it can lead you to Lung Cancer. However, smoking is harmful in any circumstances but drinking is not always harmful but if you are pregnant you’ll have to sacrifice your drinking habit.

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has long been touted the policy of zero alcohol. Just some time ago American Academy of Pediatricians released a new report on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that occurs due to any and all alcohol consumption during pregnancy. According to expert there is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. American culture has long since wised that binge drinking or addicted to alcohol is dangerous bit it also suggests that a very complicated truth is that alcohol may harm the fetus even the occasional glass of wine. It’s definitely harmful for your unborn baby. Emily Oster, a professor of economics at Brown University and author of Expecting Better criticize the recommendation during pregnancy and tells Quartz that there is no connection between the light alcohol consumption and the one size fits all recommendation. So, it’s a well known truth is that heavy drinking is harmful for fetus but light consumption of alcohol doesn’t show any harmful effect to fetus and pregnant mom. Oster says, several studies indicate that light or occasional drinking will not harm the fetus or unborn children’s intellectual abilities or behavior. Apart from Oster’s point of view there are five more Danish researcher’s studies published 2012, they claim that low and moderate weekly consumption of alcohol in the first trimester or early pregnancy may not linked to adverse Pregnancy-Miracle-Reviewneuropsychological effects in children by the age of five. Doctors and researchers are not agreeing on the same page. It has been found that if a woman who has completed her all the homework and want to have a glass of wine may not feel ashamed. Just like that if a woman is breastfeeding, she is not allowed to drink or eat anything which is harmful for her child.

Oster says when she was pregnant with her first child; she followed all instruction given by the doctor. She sacrificed her much need coffee, abstained from lunchmeat and she was not allowed to take a single sip of wine under any circumstances. After three years she got pregnant again and admittedly she broke all the pregnancy rules. She says she enjoyed her daily cup of coffee and of course a few glasses of wine too. She adds she was frustrated over running after a hyperactive toddler. She says after all these breaking rules of pregnancy. She gave birth to a weight of nine pounds baby without any worse of those broken rules of pregnancy. So, the bottom line is that you always take the risk whether it is driving car, walking down the stairs or even if you want to enjoy some fresh air. If you want to avoid all kind of risk. You’ll have to be in a protective bubble and don’t leave your house while pregnant. So, the most important thing is that pregnant woman is capable of making the right discussion about her unborn baby. Pregnant woman should not be ashamed for the choices they make.

How to Get Pregnant? | Emotional Impacts of Infertility

impact of infertility

Impact of infertility

Infertility leaves a negative impact on couple’s who are struggling to get pregnant but not able to conceive. It has emotional and psychological impacts which are being highlighted by Jackie Stewart. She is an independent counselor who supports patients at Bourn Hall Clinic. She said if couple is suffering from infertility, it has a huge impact on their life’s and relationship. It affects their work and their everyday life. Couples, who know that they are unable to conceive and cannot, have their own child naturally experience the distressing emotions. This type of distressing emotion is equal to those who did something significant loss. Jackie says, this emotion distressing includes grief, depression as well as loss of self-esteem and a sense of lack of control over their destiny. Many infertile couple goes through trauma of guilt and shame that they did not perform. They feel shame and guilt that they are not able to do something which is very easy and natural. They often feel that they are unable to support their partner to start their family and live a happy life. They feel they are just able to keep their own head over water. They feel pressure but unable to find the solution.

get pregnantGetting pregnant and giving birth to her own child is the unique ability which is found only in the women not in men. So, when the infertility news comes to women, they react emotionally. There are some universal feelings which are common for all those women who get news of infertility and learn that she is unable to give birth to her own child. Emotions include hopeless­ness, a sense of physical failure, embarrassment, shame, low self-es­teem, anxiety, and shock that arise repeatedly for infertile couple. It has been found that pain and sadness which occurs due to news of infertility can never be healed but finding peace with these emotions can resolve their issues and may help them in finding the right approaches to reverse infertility or they may boost fertility naturally.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 7.3 million women in U.S are suffering from infertility. 3 million women are affected by secondary infertility. Secondary infertility is that when a woman is already having at least one biological child but she is unable to get pregnant for the second time. Infertility scientists say that when people try to start their family again after confronting infertility, they take time to acknowledge the emotions and losses which is associated with the experience. It can help them in finding peace. People who is going through the infertility trauma is allowed to grieve and sad. If they don’t want to jump quickly to the next step, let them be at their place. Infertility counseling is one kind of supports that many infertile couple is going through.

how to get pregnantJackie is a health psychologist from Anglia Ruskin University. She says that specialized counseling is a form of support and it provides opportunity to people who struggling to conceive but suffering from infertility has the negative feelings about themselves; go through their thoughts and feeling with someone who understands the fertility process. Jackie says that many people who come to the clinic for counseling, they don’t know that they are already in the grieving process. They come in grieving process because they had a sense of loss their fertility and they are unable to start their family naturally and they don’t have any outcome to reverse fertility. People fighting with infertility cope differently. They feel out of control and there is lack of control over the issues which is involved in their health problem. Many people struggle for several years and the level of stress also increasing with time. These stress and grief feeling affects their all area of life. It doesn’t affect only their life but it affect their work and social life too. They develop the inferior complex about themselves and act on that.

infertilityInfertility counseling is not needed for everybody if they have enough support and love from their family and friends. This counseling is very important for them who have no support from their family because many people take it easy. They try to conceive naturally for some time and after finding that they are infertile, they approach for the treatment but they don’t even realize that stress of treatment can also affect their fertility and can delay of conception. Every woman find a different kind of solution to find the peace. No matter from which therapy, affected woman is getting relief and finding peace but it’s very important to provide her peace. As you know that stress causes many kind of sickness and it will make harder to take any right path that can help in their way. If you want to reverse infertility and trying to start your family again the first and the most important thing to remember that you should be totally stress free.

getting pregnantDo all the efforts to keep away from tension and stress. If you are looking for any treatment or something else that can help to reverse your fertility issues, you’ll have to be happy and stress free to receive the maximum benefits. You and your partner can try yoga. You must have known that yoga is the best medicine in finding your inner peace. There are so many yoga poses which can help you to boost fertility naturally. If you know the yoga poses then you can try it yourself but if you don’t know, please consult the expert yoga instructor or you can go for online yoga classes also. Try to find all the possible benefit from nature. Natural medicines and approaches are best to deal with any kind of health issues. Natural approaches may only help you but it will not give you any side effects. Holistic and natural Chinese therapy is being used for centuries for reversing any kind of infertility and having healthy children. So, just keep looking for best and natural way to get pregnant faster and naturally.

Weight Loss | How Gut Bacteria May Affects Your Health?


Weight loss is a system that helps you achieving your lost stamina and it maintain your healthy body. New science suggests that if you have any kind of digestive problems, losing weight issue will be the more complicated. They say that damage to your digestive tract occurs the many lists of priorities that debug the stubborn weight issues. A researcher explains that the bacteria in our gut can influence the chance of being fat or lean. Now a days, tantalizing question is that, Can we reduce the size of dress by tinkering with the guts of body? According to scientist, there is a strong link between the bacteria which help to populate digestive tract and how much fat you have in your belly? It also helps to track the risk of diseases that can occur because of overweight or obese such as diabetes and blood pressure and many more. Many people think that if we get overweight or obese it means that we are taking the poor diet which promotes weight gain but it’s not 100% true. Obesity occurs due to poor digestive system also. Obesity can arise due to how you treat your digestive tract and how friendly is your digestive system?

Reason for obesity due to damaged digestive tract has created a scientific revolution. Now a day so many products are available in the market or on the internet which claims to improve your digestive system along with promoting weight loss. These weight loss supplements with prebiotic indigestible fibers that also encourage the growth of healthy gut microbes. There is also the “Poo transplant theory” where they transfer the microbes from the gut of lean person into someone who is obese. This transplant theory might improve their weight. The scientist and researcher Dr Jane Muir from Monash University’s Department of Gastroenterology says that we have just started grasping the knowledge about how microbes may affect the health. When will be right time to shifting microbes from the one gut to another in order to achieve weight loss?

This research has only applied on the mice. He says there is a problem with fecal bacteria therapy. Poo transplantation is the clinical term but people who are going through this transplantation don’t know what else they are transplanting? In this case donor is playing the very important role. Donor would need to be screened very carefully and you would be very cautious about using Fecal Bacteria Therapy (FBT). Fecal bacteria therapy should be used from healthy person in order to achieve weight loss.

Benefit of green juiceDigestive disorder or inflammatory gut diseases can lead to diseases like diabetes, obesity and imbalance in all types of microbes that are available in the gut. Pre-biotic and pro-biotic supplement manufacturer claims that they can reverse all type of imbalance in microbes but no evidence has found which can claim that they work. As we all know that diet is very important and it has a big influence on gut microbes. Whole diet approach is much effective than all other methods and its pretty well accepted that if we use the entire natural product to reveres any kind of imbalance, it will not harm in any case. Fiber rich foods will be the most effective. Complex carbohydrate foods like legumes, vegetables and grains encourage healthy microbes to grow. A French researcher said fiber, is a microbes and it is linked to healthier levels of blood sugar and insulin and fewer fat cells under the skin. Researchers looked to find how diet influenced the levels of this microbes and they found that eating more of these pre-biotic fibers caused the numbers of these microbes to increase. If people eat less fiber the number of these microbes’ decreases and the digestive problems occurs.

Weight loss and healthy weight can be maintained by eating legumes and grains because these food items are fully rich in fiber. In order to achieve weight loss goal, researchers are suggesting people to eat fiber rich foods. These types of foods help them to filling but they are also improving loss of fat by acting on gut microbes too. These fiber rich foods has multiple health effects as it helps in weight loss, improving digestion and keep you away from the risk of diseases which occurs due bad digestion and obesity or overweight. These pre-biotic fibers are less or almost nil in western style diets. These western diets are over supplied with highly processed foods. Consuming this type of foods leads to the less varied population of gut microbes. Lack of the number of population of gut microbes are linked to obesity. Scientists say that this is not the only reason for obesity. According to a Canadian study, it has been found that children given antibiotics in the first year of life is more likely to be obese or overweight by the age of 12 years compared to those children who did not receive antibiotics in the first year of life.

Scientists say that the world of gut microbes is very complex and we are unable to organifi juiceunderstand all the interaction that happens in the gut. They say it’s very tough to find out how different microbes might interact with each other. Associate Professor Andrew Holmes of the School of Molecular Bioscience & Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney says that there is breakthrough in the study of gut microbes is people who are able to lose weight successfully have a different mix of microbes compared to those people who try their best to burn fat but unfortunately doesn’t succeed. He adds, we can recognize that which one will get succeed and who will not in weight loss goal by looking at their gut microbes. It’s very frustrating for those people who try to lose weight but not able to get satisfactory result. These people are told that they are lazy or they are somehow cheating. Andrew Holmes says we are still in long way from developing a pill that can help people to adjust their gut microbes so that they can lose weight successfully. He says it will take about two to three years to make this pill successful but people suffering from obesity and not able to burn fat can take the diet which is best suited for them and which can help them in improving their gut microbes. If you want to lose weight and want improve your gut microbes, start drinking green juice and get the satisfactory result you want.

Diabetes | Prevention And Causes Of Diabetes

Stop DiabetesDiabetes is rising on double pace. It is estimated that 1.7 million of Australian are suffering from this condition and 85 % of Australians are suffering from the type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes doesn’t affect everybody in the same manner. A recent study suggest that people with type 2 diabetes can be divided into three parts and they all have some different health condition with this diseases. In this recent study researcher has the huge data of approaches of people with having type 2 diabetes. Scientists went through the medical record of 25,000 people. These data of people collected on the basis of genetic information, health condition and symptoms. Scientists found three type of group in type 2 diabetes, and they each has the different set of health issues that are linked to their glucose level or diabetes. Joel Dudley the lead researcher and the director of biomedical informatics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York said that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in U.S about 29 million of people are suffering from this condition and about 95% people are having type 2 diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes typically occurs in the people’s age group of 30 to 60 but now many people are also getting affected by this condition even they under the age of 30 and if they are not obese or overweight. What are the causes of this disease has not yet confirmed but researchers strongly suggest that poor diet along with lack of physical activities and sometimes hereditary is also responsible for occurring this disease. In this condition the body becomes insulin resistance which means their body is not able use insulin properly. This in-appropriate way to use insulin causes the spikes in blood glucose level. People suffering from this condition can manage their blood glucose level by using pills and controlled diets. Type 2 is the most common type of diabetes and in most cases it’s preventable. Grant Morahan the lead researcher of western Australia (WA) supported by Diabetes Research Western Australia says that this health issue is increasing worldwide and the most important factor is increasing the western diets and lack of exercise.

Groups of Type 2 Diabetes

diabetes-destroyerType 2 diabetes patients have treated as “node” or a connection within a network to find the differences among all the patients by scientists. Researchers connected all the patients with each other based on their health issues similarities. For example- a female patient with a high body mass index. She can be on the greater risk of kidney disease would be strongly connected to other patients with those traits, and less connected with patients who had different characteristics. Dudley said, we looked beyond all the possibilities that can define the disease. They need all the information which was available through the patients. Treating all the patients as node or connection similarities made the researchers to divide them in groups. Scientists divided all the patients in there group which was named as subtype-1, subtype-2 and subtype-3. Patients in subtype-1 tended to be younger with high risk of obesity, kidney disease and the retina problems which can lead to blindness as compared to patients of other two groups. Subtype-2 patients tended to have lower BMI and less likely to have obese. They have found at the greater risk of cancer and heart disease. Patients from subtype-3 found to be more prevalence of heart disease as well with greater risk of mental illness and allergies. Researchers looking for the other groups also and if these findings can be confirmed, they may help doctors to treat their patients in a more specific ways. Researchers also found that people with type 2 diabetes because of genetic profile revealed thousands of genetic variants such as nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, in hundreds of genes. Those variants were similar among all the people within each of the three subtypes.

Diabetes Prevention

This is the most common type of diabetes and prevention is the best deal for it. If you are feeling that you are at the great risk of this condition such as suffering from overweight or obesity or you have family history of this type 1 or 2 diabetes, you should start prevention right away. As we all know that prevention of diabetes are very easy to follow. Some tips to prevent from diabetes are listed below-

  • Physical activity- This is the first and basic idea to keep way from diabetes. Physical activity will help you lose weight, lower your blood glucose, boost your sensitivity to insulin. It help to keep your maintain your blood sugar normal.
  • Eat fiber- It’s very rough and tough and it will help you in maintaining your blood glucose level. Fiber helps you reducing the risk of diabetes by improving your blood glucose. It makes you feel full and you automatically lose weight which is very important to avoid diabetes. Fiber also helps you in reducing the risk of heart diseases.


  • Whole Grains- It has been found that whole grains helps in reducing the risk of diabetes but it has not been confirmed, why? When you buy food items like bread, pasta and cereals, just look for the ingredients and whole grain should be the first ingredient.
  • Avoid sugary product- In order to avoid the risk of diabetes, you should avoid the entire food item which contain the sugar like refined grains and sugary beverages. They have a high glycolic load, and eating and drinking more of this sugary stuff is associated with increased risk of diabetes.
  • Lose extra weight- If you are not obese but have some extra weight, just try to lose it by all the natural methods like exercise and controlled diet. Losing every pound may increase your health. According to a study people who lost about 7% of their extra body weight has reduced the risk of diabetes by 60%.

Last but not the least, we would like to suggest that if you are one of them who has the risk of diabetes, you can reverse it by all the natural methods and if you are suffering from diabetes, get the right prevention which will suit your health and it can help you in reverse your diabetic condition.


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