Weight Loss | Some Shocking Facts of Diet Foods

Diet foodWeight loss is the most crucial factor and at least one member from a family is over-weight or obese and they always in search of some ways that will help them to reduce some weight and belly fat. We always turn a discerning eye towards processed foods. We always read the label and buy the product but actually foods that marketed as Healthy Foods can actually make you gain belly fat and it will make you gain over all body weight. Giant’s food companies want you to buy their cheap and processed diet food which we actually call diet foods and that’s why they label them as Healthy that actually makes you fat or obese. Here are list of some foods that we always take it as a healthy food but actually not good for health at all.

List of Foods Which Makes You Gain Weight-

Cereal- We always choose cereal as the healthy foods but this is the worst offenders when it comes to misleading labels. We always opt cereal instead of chocolates or any other high calories food but cereals that are marketed as healthy, it often contains a high level of sugar and a single bowl of marketed cereal can account for your entire recommended daily intake of sweet stuff.

Organic Fruit Juices- We always think fruit juices are healthy enough but do you know that store-bought fruit juice can be troublesome because it contains high fructose of corn syrup. If you drink 100% all natural juices then its all-right otherwise it’s not at all as healthy as we think it should be. However, a glass of orange juice might be a better option for health than choosing a can of soda, it still contain a lot of sugar without several health benefits of a piece of fruits such as nutrients and fiber.

Low fat foods or Diet Foods- Low fat foods is one of the big offenders to misguide people. Those who are using these low fat foods or diet foods realizes after some years that they replaced one bad eating habit with another along with costly. These low fat foods or diet foods are actually expensive than normal foods with no health benefits. For example if you take good and healthy fats out peanut butter but the manufacturer added more sugar and sodium in order to maintain the same taste. As such, low fat foods or diet foods have usually the same amount of calories as the original foods with less fat and more sugar.

Protein bars or energy bars- These snack able bars like protein, energy, cereal or granola bars contains a lot of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and a plenty of calories along with things which are good and bad too for health. Generally soy protein is found in these protein bars that actually heavily processed and stripped of most of its nutritional value. Energy bars are usually used by athletes who need instant energy to compensate for the large amount of calories they burn. Many energy and protein bars have more calories than an original candy bars.

Sports drink- This drink is specially made for athletes and if you are not an athlete’s then probably you don’t need it. These concoctions are full of electrolytes and it helps athletes refuel after intense workouts and it has a high level of calories and a lot of sugar.

Whole wheat or whole grain bread- When we think about the healthiest things to include in our diet, whole wheat bread or whole grain bread is the most common and it’s very important too. The imposters are often made with enriched refined grains that have very less nutritional benefits. So, next time before buying the loaf, please check to make sure the first ingredients. If the first ingredient is “whole wheat flour” instead of “wheat flour” or “enriched wheat flour”.

Avocados- This fruit is everyone’s favorite and it has many health benefits too. While we are on the subject of healthy fats then turn our attention to avocado. Health experts say snacking on too many avocados can lead to weight gain when you will not adjust your diets accordingly. Avocado has almost a third of your recommended daily fat intake.

Salads- Generally, people who wants to eat healthy foods to maintain their healthy lifestyle, they choose salads as the best option. In fact, salad is really a right choice in order to eat healthy food but problem arises when we add things like glazed nuts, fried chicken, cheese, bread and worst salad dressing to our salads. These things are fully loaded with fat, sugar and calories and after adding it to your healthy salads, you’ll get only yummy taste with no nutritional value.

Substitutes of eggs- Many people who are on diet or those who want to maintain healthy weight or body, they generally opt for egg-white products instead of products made from whole eggs. They think egg white contains all the protein and nutrients of whole egg without fat or cholesterol. This is the biggest myths because yolk in whole egg can help increase healthy cholesterol when eaten in moderation. In short, eating whole egg is healthy habit instead of eating only egg white.

Above written list of foods are actually good for health but giant’s food companies make it unhealthy and label it as a healthy or diet foods. So, before buying, please make sure which foods are really healthy and which one is fake?

Weight Loss | Will Exercise Pills Take the Place of Physical Exercise?

Exercise pillsWeight loss is the major challenge for those who are over-weight or obese. These days we all are going through very busy lifestyle and we hardly get time to spend those hours in gym or doing workouts. Lack of sleep, unhealthy food and stressful life makes us overweight and sometime obese too. We all love to have a healthy and fit body but very few of us want to spend some hours in the gym in or doing workouts in order to get that body. Did you ever think that what will happen if just popping a pill could do it? We all are aware that exercises improve our health condition and it helps to eliminate much kind of diseases which occur due to over-weight or obesity. Health researchers uncover the fact of exercises that it’s not only helpful in improving in health condition but it also helps to boost metabolism, blood circulation and improved functioning of organs such as the heart, brain and liver. So, scientists have keep all the benefits of exercise in their mind and they made weight loss pills which can help people to get all the effect which we generally get from the workouts along with fat loss.

Weight loss pills or exercise pills that could mimic at least some of the beneficial effects of physical exercise on the body. Mr. Ismail Lehar the co-author of Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver says, we have observed the need for exercise pills for some time, and this is an achievable goal based on our improved understanding of the molecular targets of physical exercise. He says there are several laboratories which are developing these pills, which at the early stage are being tested on animals to primarily target skeletal muscle performance and improve strength and energy. At first it produces muscles stronger and faster but of course exercises are far better and beneficial than these pills because it only focuses on muscles and not any other parts of the body.

Weight loss and exercise are both different things because exercise can be done by healthy and fit people to maintain their healthy health condition for life along with over-weight or obese but weight loss can be done by those people only who are really overweight or obese. Says Mr. Lehar, people who does exercise derive many other rewarding experiences such as increased cognitive function, bone strength, and improved cardiovascular function. He added that it will be totally unrealistic expectation that exercise pill will give you all the benefits of physical exercise without moving your body at least it’s not possible in the near future.

Weight loss pills or exercise pills may offer some benefits of physical exercise and that is also especially for those who are unable to workouts with any reason. Mr. Lehar says, these pills can be used by those people who are suffering from spinal cord injury and it will be very beneficial for them because they face many difficulties in exercising due to paralysis and it can be given to them also who gets several type of detrimental changes occur in cardiovascular and skeletal muscle function. He added, there are so many research is needed to complete understand these pills. He says, we have to find out whether it has any side-effects on candidates who are consuming these pills in addition to determining their optimal dosages and potential for misuse in human and animal. Mr. Ismail Lehar says, we are on the primary stage on this new research. Further development of this weight loss pill or exercise pills that act in combination may be more effective than the single compound. We have no idea yet about the long term use of these pills on human.

Infertility Treatment | How Lifestyle Modification Can Affects PCOS?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a kind of infertility and this is the most common type among women. A recent study estimated almost 5 million women from U.S are suffering from the hormonal disorder that is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This cause is very common among women for reason of infertility. There is the main reason of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is when women is able to produce more and more male hormones than normal. Production of male hormone by women is testosterone than normal and it leads to formation of fluid-filled sacks in the ovary which is known as cysts. If a women is suffering from Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in the early age, the symptoms will be pelvic pain, excess hair growth on the body parts, weight gain or obesity, excess acne or pimples and most important cause for PCOS is irregular menstrual periods.

Exercise for fertilityHow To Regulate Hormones?

In a recent study, it has been found that women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) problem may regulate their hormones by using birth control pills for short periods. Researchers demonstrated that using short term course of contraceptive pills can improve fertility in women with some other conditions too. Findings claims that moderate exercise and healthy diet along with using birth control pills is very beneficial to reverse hormonal imbalance in women. Here is a new findings on 149 women shows that how contraceptive pills and moderate exercises can help in getting pregnant naturally while suffering from PCOS.

How To Conceive While Suffering From PCOS?

There were total 149 women suffering from Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) were divided into 3 division. One group was prescribes only birth control pill, second group was prescribed lifestyle modification and third group was prescribed a combination of first and second group that was using birth control pills along with moderate exercise. These three groups undertook the mode of intervention for 4 months. After completion of intervention period, the researchers found 5 women got pregnant out of 49 from the first group who was prescribe only birth control pills. In the second group who was prescribed lifestyle changes or moderate exercise, 13 out of 50 women got pregnant and the third group there were 12 out of 50 women was pregnant who was prescribed the combination of first and second group that was lifestyle modification and using contraceptive pills. These all women were under 18 to 40 years of age group with over-weight or obese and suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and female infertility too.

However, from the above observation, you found that lifestyle modification can help in regulation hormonal changes. The researchers say that if a woman is suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) with over-weight or obese should go on weight loss program and exercises along with healthy eating habits. Exercises and healthy diet helps in improving reproductive and metabolic health condition. So, here you found that lifestyle changes are the most and very important part of any treatment but it’s more important in fertility treatment. In order to get pregnant or you are dealing with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), you should go for lifestyle modification program and it will certainly give you a positive result with no side effects.

Is Sue Perkins Going For Adoption After Her Infertility Diagnosis?

Sue Perkins the host of “The Great British Bake Off” revealed the secret of that she was infertile as a result of a benign brain tumor in an interview. In the following interview, Perkins explained her devastation at not being able to have her own biological children but appearing at the Henley Literary Festival, said she is not ruling out the possibility of adoption. The presenter of “The Great British Bake off” Sue Perkins has revealed that she has a growth on her pituitary gland. She’s been living with a benign brain tumor for eight years. She said that pituitary gland means she is not able to conceive her own children for lifetime. She is unable to have children due to its affect on her reproductive hormones.

Sue Perkins

Perkins told to Good Housekeeping magazine that she is lucky because she has tumor named “benign” and it’s not in itself a worrying thing. “Sometimes it’s big and makes me mad, and sometimes it’s small and is in the background. Sometimes it screws up my hormones. I have various tests now to make sure the side effects aren’t too onerous”. The 45 year old Perkins said I found out about the tumor when I was filming BBC series ‘Supersizes’, which looked at diets from various time periods. “I found out when I had a check-up while filming ‘The Supersizes’, eight years ago”. She said “I was at a point where I was spending so much of my life doing TV that I only found out about my real life through a television procedure. I didn’t have the time to go to the doctor in real life”. That’s what really forced me think that the balance in my life was wrong. Perkins added but while the tumor is benign its affect on the body’s secretion of reproductive hormones, which means the sufferer, cannot have the biological children.

Perkins said, we live in a time and place where we think everything is possible. I don’t know if I would have gone on to have children. But as soon as someone says you can’t have something, you want it more than anything.

Sue Perkins described how the infertility diagnosis felt like “bereavement”. She opened up about her infertility diagnosis, including the diagnosing consultant’s homophobic remarks, in her memoir Spectacles. Perkins explained how the tumor was in her pituitary gland and, as it affects her reproductive hormones and it caused Infertility.

An extract from Perkins’ memoir was published by the Sunday Times on 20th September and she gave an accompanying email. In the extract, Perkins described her reaction to the diagnosis. She said, I cried myself hoarse till my eyes ran on empty. She said that it really did hit me as it hits a lot of people. She said I’m sure, when it’s too late and nothing can happen at this time. I can’t now have it as an out-of-sight, out-of-mind possibility, lurking,” Perkins continued. “It’s just not going to happen; it’s not going to ever be part of my life. And, although I never yearned to physically have my own child, it felt like bereavement. It really did”.

After revealing her heart breaking secret to her fans about her being a patient of tumor for more than eight years, she received a wave of sympathy and good wishes from the fans on social media. Unfortunately when she was being diagnoses of tumor she did not receive enough sympathy from the doctor or consultant who was tasked with telling her now she can never become mom of her own biological children. Perkins explained the consultant’s response was certainly surprising when she said she doesn’t have husband or boyfriend because she is gay. Consultant said “Oh, OK. Well, that makes it easier. You’re infertile. You can’t have kids”. Perkins said, does not a lesbian have a fallopian tube? Are they not human; lesbian could not be a lovely, wonderful mother?

Infertility treatment | Does Obesity links to Male Infertility?

Obesity is a global health problem that is reaching epidemic proportions with 1.6 billion adults classified as overweight and an extra 400 million adults classified as obese. It accounts for 7.5% of the total burden of disease costing approximately $21 billion dollars each year in Australia. So, Obesity is the very big problems for the maximum number of people these days. As we all know that obesity is linked to many life threatening diseases including, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart strokes and many more.

How Obesity links To Male Infertility?

A research has revealed that infertility treatment is also taking the largest place in today’s world. Today’s generation is very fast growing and wants to achieve everything on double pace. In order to get succeed in life and career we don’t give attention to our health. Lack of attention towards health leads to several kinds of health problems and one of the biggest problems is weight gain or obesity. As we all are aware that obesity is the main entrance point, from where all kind of health problems enters in human body. Obesity not only makes you look fat and ugly but it makes you sick and disabled. However, as we all know that when time comes to start family and have children, all the restrictions comes to the female. When a couple is trying to have baby, all the advice and restriction comes to mom to be like taking prenatal vitamin, quit alcohol, say no to sushi, get plenty of rest and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But when a couple is trying to have baby but failed after several attempt is considered as mom to be is infertile.

obesity and male infertility

How Responsible is Health Condition Of Male Partner In Conceiving?

A new research revealed that dad’s health condition at the time of conception is also a biggest factor in conception naturally. Many men may not realize that the health of their sperm is just as important as the health and viability of a woman’s egg,” says Joseph Garza, MD. He’s an obstetrician and gynecologist at the Advanced Fertility Center in San Antonio. A research suggests that obesity is reducing the quality of men’s sperm as well as lower a woman’s chances of successfully conceiving a child using in vitro fertilization. According to a new research an obese man is more likely to have dud sperm which makes a couple difficult to conceive and start their family. A study showed that when it was compared obese and overweight men to healthy and balanced weight men, its two third more likely to be infertile and almost three times as likely to have a non-viable pregnancy after undergoing assisted reproduction said by Dr Jared Campbell a scientists from University of Adelaide. Danish researchers found men who are overweight or obese have significantly lower sperm counts than men of normal weight. In addition, men who are underweight also had lower sperm counts compared with normal-weight men.

As we know that Australia as an example of a westernized society, since the 1970s the rates of obesity in reproductive-age men has nearly tripled. This obesity is coincident with an increase in male infertility as evidenced by the increase in couples seeking artificial reproductive technologies (ART) especially intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Now there is increasing awareness that male obesity should reduce in order to enjoy parenthood.

In the last 30 years, male infertility has tripled. There is now emerging evidence that male obesity gives negative impacts on male reproductive potential. It’s not only reducing quality of sperm but in particular altering the physical and molecular structure of germ cells in the testes and ultimately mature sperm. Recent data has shown that male obesity also impairs offspring metabolic and reproductive health suggesting that paternal health cues are transmitted to the next generation with the mediator mostly likely occurring via the sperm. Now the more interesting thing is that molecular profile of germ cells in the testes and sperm from obese males is altered with changes to epigenetic modifiers. Fifty per cent infertility belongs to the male in a couple, yet very little research has been done in the area, says University of Adelaide researcher Dr Jared Campbell.

How Obesity effects The DNA In the sperm?

Research shows it is not the amount of semen or its motility that causes fertility problems in obese males. according to research there is no quantity of semen or its motility that causes fertility problems in obese males. Dr Jared Campbell says, there were no statistical differences in these measures between normal weight and obese men. “We found the poor quality of the DNA in the sperm of obese men and the mitochondria (the power houses of cells) is inactive in the sperm of obese men,” he said. Some other research shows higher quantity of metabolic waste products in obese male that causes this problem in the sperm. Dr Jared Campbell said men don’t know, they can be the solution to the problem. According to him, infertile couples don’t realize that they can allow their dream come true by making men some lifestyle changes. He says, there has been a worldwide reduction in sperm quality but it can be reverse if men will do some hard work to maintain their healthy weight.

How Healthy Body is Necessary To Get Pregnant?

Dr Michelle Lane, from the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute, says both men and women are responsible to start their family and both male and female should be a healthy weight before trying to conceive a child.

Dr Lane says men often get let off the hook when it comes to infertility, with women feeling at fault, but this review clearly demonstrates the importance of men’s health in reproduction and pregnancy,”.

Being overweight, especially significantly so, can affect a man’s fertility. So if you are an overweight man and planning to have a baby in the next year or within few years, you might want to act now to lose weight. Start a healthy eating habit and exercise plan now to increase the odds of your partner (or surrogate) getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.

This review was published in the journal Reproductive Biomedicine Online.

Infertility Treatment | How Holistic Approach Affect Fertility?

Infertility treatment is very vast but Debra Peek-Haynes, wife of Dr. Frederick D. Haynes lll (Senior Pastor of Friendship at West Baptist Church) says how holistic nutrition’s and healthy living can help in treating infertility. In an interview with Roland Martin on News One Now, she discussed about her new book and shares how holistic nutrition and healthy living helped her overcome infertility. Debra Peek-Haynes is the author of Debra Peek-Haynes’ Healing Kitchen: The Beginner Guide to Healthy Living. She says she suffered with infertility for long time until she visited a holistic physician Dr. Jewel Pookrum. She says in the following interview, the physician changed her mind and her diet too. Peek-Haynes says, Dr. Pookrum is a PhD, but practices medicine through “treating the whole person” and identifying when someone is “nutritionally deficient.

fertility foods

How Healthy Eating Habit Can Boost Fertility?

The author of Healing kitchen Peek-Haynes says meaning of nutritionally deficient is when your cells are not getting the nutrients that it needs to operate the function properly. Peek-Haynes says Dr. Pookrum said her Oh, girl, you eat too much chicken and all this bacteria is swimming around” after examination of a sample of her cells under a microscope and exclaimed. She said that when she visited Dr. Pookrum, she received a book-list detailing how to alter her diet, which gave her the information which she shared with other to help them to reclaim their healthy body.

Peek-Haynes says, Prior to this, her menstrual cycle had stopped and several physicians were unable to help her with infertility. Every one told her that now she can never conceive her own child. She added in the following interview that what really helped her is to understand that anything can be addressed if you change your mind and you change your diet. She says, upon following Pookrum’s prescription of reading the books, changing her diet, performing a cleanse, and ingesting herbs, her body responded within two months. She continued, “My cycle started again and then within a year, I was pregnant. She had an extra healthy pregnancy — 25 pounds, she lost it in three weeks because she was on a micro-biotic diet.

How To Plan For Conception?

Many couples are there who struggle for several years in order to become parents. They are unable to conceive despite their all tireless efforts. These days many couples are here who try for not conceive. They spend much of time on planning on how to avoid pregnancy? They let the year slip by before extending their family. After 30 or 35 they suddenly try to start family and face the harsh reality of unable to conceive their own child. For many couples this kind of harsh reality is just heart breaking.

New born baby is the most precious thing in this world. There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of becoming parents of a healthy baby. This is one of the greatest joy and happiness. Emotional bond between mother and child starts to begin from the mother’s womb. However, every couple is not so lucky to experience this joy and happiness.

However, do not worry!! You can also get pregnant naturally. So, refer the natural and holistic approach and be stress free.

Infertility Treatment | A New Breakthrough in Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment is one of the most common treatments these days. Many couple is going through this phase just because of not able to start their family naturally. There are many reasons are responsible for infertility in today’s generation. So now today we are going to have vast information on how French scientists reveal details of breakthrough in fertility treatment. The scientists have created in vitro sperm. This is a human sperm but outside the human body.

Breakthrough in infertility treatmentSo far this in vitro sperm has been developed by using a bio-reactor and immature cells. Bio-reactor and immature cells are found in prepubescent boys. The research has been carried out by a French start-up company, Kallistem, working with government laboratory CNRS.Marie-Helene Perrard, CNRS researcher and co-founder of Kallistem said, firstly we experimented on animal (rat) and obtained sperm. Later we did it on other species like monkeys and lastly human. The main challenge with human experiment has been reproducing in the lab a human process which usually last 72 days.

It’s a big hope for those infertile men who could not become father for lifetime. As we all know that cancer is the most deadly disease and there are no chances for them who are going through this situation. Cancer patients can only survive but they don’t live their life. So, this experiment can benefit in the future for them also who are suffering from the life threatening disease “Cancer”. Now a day’s many young people are also suffering from one of the most dangerous disease cancer. In this disease, patents get chemotherapy which can damage the production of sperm and the young boys will become sterile, said Perrard.

So it will be a new hope for them to start their own family by keeping their fertility if they are suffering too. The more detail about this research has revealed only after a patent was secured. There is still a long way to go before the findings are translated into medical use but the technology must now be clinically tested. However, it was the detail about those who wants to go through the medical process, but if you are looking for ways to get pregnant fast and naturally and you want to know how you can get pregnant faster without the help of doctors or you have been told that you can never conceive your own child!

However, if you want to start your own family the most important thing to know is the best time. This is the most critical factor and many couple gets it wrong. After taking the decision to get pregnant you needs to make sure you are not doing anything which can reduce your chance to conceive. So, before we start to know all the methods which can help you in getting pregnant, you need to know some basic tips which will help you in conceive naturally faster. If a couple is not able to conceive after a year of regular and unprotected sex, this may called as infertility. When you find something wrong with you and your partner in getting pregnant, you must consult your doctor immediately. So that you can prevent yourself from infertility pain.

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