Weight loss After Baby- 5 Tips For Losing Baby Weight

weight loss after babyPregnancy is the most wonderful feeling for every woman. We all are aware that when a woman is pregnant she has to take extra care of her health. Health care during pregnancy includes no running and no jumping, no hard work, proper eating on time and plenty of rest. These things are very important to have a healthy pregnancy. When baby arrives, body becomes fat and lazy because of lots of eating habit with lots of rest and no hard work during pregnancy. The reason of extra fat and body weight is lots of calories intake during pregnancy makes the body used to take rest all the time. So, these two things are the main causes for the baby weight after delivery.

Weight loss after baby or maintain the pre-pregnancy body shape is very important for every women but after delivery your body needs at least six month of time to recover. So, before start doing exercise and dieting to lose fat, you’ll have to wait for minimum six months otherwise it may give negative impact on your body instead of positive. Dieting and exercise immediate after delivery can make you feel tired and your body will recover very slowly. As we all believe that after baby a woman can never get her pre-pregnancy body shape but it’s not 100% true. Here are so many ways which can help you in achieving your goal for weight loss after baby or pre-pregnancy shape even after one or two baby but of course you’ll have to give your full attention on your goal for fitness. Here are 5 most important and very easy way to begin your fitness routine without severe effects on your new born baby and your health.

Tips to lose weight

  1. Breast feeding- This is the most easy and natural way to lose weight after delivery. It’s not only make you slim but it works for your new born baby too. you must have heard about the number of health benefits of breast milk for baby. It’s a universal truth that mother’s milk is the best for baby’s health but unfortunately some women gets it wrong and they don’t feed their baby. So, in order to lose mama’s weight and to improve immunity of new born baby, breast feeding is the best way.
  2. Walking- This is also a good option for maintaining a healthy weight and body. Start walking around the block and make it little farther every day. It makes you feel good and it doesn’t harm the body of new mom.
  3. Eat fruits- Eating plenty of foods will help you achieve your goal for weight loss in a healthy way. You’ll need to eat at least 4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day. Eat fiber rich foods and starchy foods. Have a look on your portion size and avoid fatty and sugary foods.
  4. Exercises- Do a light and easy warm up exercise at least for 5 minutes.
  5. Drink Water- Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is important for everybody. Water helps eliminating the toxins from the body it keep you hydrated and fresh. It makes you feel full all the time. So, it prevents you from over eating.

However, above written tips are very useful to help you in get back in your pre-pregnancy shape or weight loss after baby. These tips are very effective and easy to follow. It will also not affect your new born baby. So, before hitting gym, you need to try these 5 tips. 30 minutes brisk walk along with your baby on stroller is enough to pump your heart faster and making you full of sweat.

How to Get Pregnant? 5 Tips To Boost Fertility Naturally

how to get pregnantHow to get pregnant is a very common question these days because of increasing number of infertile men and women. This is not a problem for particular for one place or area but fertility problem is spreading on everywhere in the world. Here are so many reasons which are responsible for making you not able to get pregnant naturally but one of the most important reasons is today’s lifestyle. People are getting so hi-tech and they are not giving importance to the natural things, that’s why infertility is rising on double pace. Anyway, we cannot do anything to change the people’s mind but we can help them in boosting their fertility in natural way. So, for boost fertility has also several ways but they all are associated with medicals and they are very expensive treatment with some severe side-effects. So, if you want to increase your fertility, 5 tips are very effective to improve your fertility which can helps you in get pregnant naturally and faster without the help of doctors.

5 Most Important Diet To Increase Fertility-

  1. Start eating fertility diet- If you want to get pregnant with some times but not able to conceive till yet, May your fertility will be in slow pace. So, to boost your fertility, you’ll have to eat diet which can help in boosting your fertility.
  2. Include zinc in your daily diet- Zinc is very important nutrients which can help in boosting both male and female’s fertility. A researcher from the Northwestern University in the U.S have recently discovered that eating zinc on everyday basis may help in producing healthy eggs that can be ready for fertilization. Eating zinc everyday will also help men in testosterone production healthy sperm. Zinc can be found in lean meat, chicken, fish, and egg yolk, legumes, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
  3. Quit eating processed food- In order to improve your fertility naturally, you should eat everything fresh. Fresh foods supply all the nutrients which are needed for reproductive function either it could be healthy sperm or healthy eggs. If you are suffering from the deficiency of even one nutrient, it can make your conception delayed and difficult. So, limit your intake of processed food and eat always fresh and healthy. Processed food can give you a negative impact on your fertility and make you unable to conceive.
  4. Reduce the food loaded with toxins- Avoid eating food items which are loaded with toxins such as pesticides and herbicide residue. For example seafood contains high level of mercury, cigarettes, xenoestrogens which are found in some plastic, alcohol and caffeine.
  5. Eat more carbs- our body digests carbs but here are some bad carbs too which our body consumes regularly. These bad carbs are cookies, cakes, white bread and white rice but after getting digested, these turn them into the blood sugar. Good carbs are those containing fiber such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. These carbs are digested slowly but it gives a more gradual effect on blood sugar and insulin. So, avoid eating bad carbs and start eating good carbs to boost your fertility naturally and helps you become pregnant faster.

Getting pregnant will be easier if you will include above suggested diets in your daily life before going for sophisticated treatment for infertility. Choosing the right foods and drinks is a very powerful way to influence the ability to get pregnant and it is suggested by the doctors too. Here you will find how healthy and natural eating habit is effective in getting pregnant faster if you’re suffering from any kind of infertility.

Parkinson’s Disease | Why Dance for Parkinson’s Patients is Effective?

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic and progressive movement disorder. It has no cure and it progresses day by day and worsens over time. This disease actually affects the way you move. This problem arises when there is any problem with certain nerve cells which are associated with the brain. These nerve cells make a very important chemical which is called as Dopamine. This dopamine sends the signal to the brain to control your body movement. Generally it lets the muscle move smoothly and allows you to do what you want. So, when Parkinson’s disease arises, nerve cells which make the dopamine break down and you feel uncomfortable in moving your body parts. As the time passes, people suffering from Parkinson’s disease get the more and more trouble in moving the way they want. This is a progressive situation and it gets worse over time. It’s a progressive diseases but the progress time is very slow. Till yet, there are no findings which can claim the reasons of this Parkinson’s disease but the scientists are working on that. They are doing a lot of research to get the answer.

Parkinson's diseaseWhat are the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?

  • Tremor is the first symptom which makes the hands, legs and arm are shaking while doing any movement.
  • Stiff muscles
  • Slow movement
  • Balancing of body while walking

People usually start to have symptoms between the ages of 50 and 60. But sometimes symptoms start earlier.

According to scientists there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease but in recent times researchers found a new and unusual treatment for managing these problems- that is Dance. Several studies over many years suggested that rhythmic movements which are taught in the dance classes are beneficial for Parkinson’s disease. This method is not only helpful in alleviate some motor control impairments of the diseases but it will also help in the sense of social isolation which these patients often face. This therapy came in light in 2010, when Daniel Volpe an Italian researcher and a musician was playing with a band in a pub and he saw a man with the clear shuffling gait indicative of Parkinson’s disease began to dance. Volpe says that man danced very fluently in front of me. Daniel Volpe is a medical director at NYU’s Fresco institute for Parkinson’s and movement disorders. From then Volpe began to study the effects of Irish step dancing as a way to improve balance, mobility and general well being for people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

How dance is effective for Parkinson’s patients?

According to Volpe all dance is effective for Parkinson’s patients but the Irish reel step in particular seems to be an effective therapy for more development of fluid movement. This dance steps pattern is different and it requires dancer to change their direction more frequently. Irish dance step requires dancers to focus their motor control in transferring their weight from one leg to another. Dance doesn’t only help in instant relief from some of the movement issues which are linked to this disease but it also help in making the patients daily life more easier. According to Volpe’s on study, after six month for two hours in a week of regular dance training, around 65% of patients get improvement in at least one aspect of their daily lives, whether it could be more ease in getting out of the bed or simply being able to reach for a belonging in the cupboard.

Experts say, exercise is also very important for Parkinson’s patients. Dancing gives the benefit of motor control outside of the body but from inside they feel a sense of social inclusion and sense of shared confidence. After some times in dance classes, they feel like they are not a patient but they are the student of the dance class.

Weight Loss – Gene Therapy Will Help You In Weight Loss

weight loss

Weight loss is a fashion trend these days. Yes we all have some belly fat even if you have flat abs. little or some fat is normal but too much fat is not normal. It’s not only makes your body shape worst but it leads you many deadly diseases too. Some of the fats are invisible right under the skin. Other fat is deeper inside, around the heart, lungs, liver and other organs. Scientists say that it’s that deeper fat are called visceral fat. This type of fat is more dangerous than normal fat if you are a thin person. You can do the loss of weight by many ways but before losing or burning fat you need to know which type of fat loss program you should go?

Weight loss is a decreased weight of body. It can be done by several types like, cut the intake of food quantity, exercise and illness. Now a day’s many people are in search of the simple and easy way for weight loss. Scientists found a new way to burn fat diminishing body fat. This new research is called as the Gene Therapy. Scientists say that this new therapy could help in losing weight without any side effects. In this new therapy, doctor will inject the hormone leptine directly to the brain of the weight loser. Researcher says that they injected the hormone leptine directly in to the brain of rat and it led to weight loss and it also did not loss the bone density.

Rapid weight loss always require the loss of bone density but in gene therapy losing fat will be possible without losing the bone density. So, people will enjoy the fit life without the pain of bone or bone fracture. This new study was published in the Journal of Endocrinology. According to this new study, directly injecting the hormone leptine will lead to up to 5 k.g of weight loss in just 4 months. Scientists say that they conducted the study on rats. They says the rat which received the gene therapy were 20% lighter than those rat which did not received the therapy. This gene therapy will be effective for long term.

How gene therapy works?

Weight loss with this new therapy is possible because in this therapy, they used the hormone leptine. This leptine is made by fat cells in the body. This hormone made by fat cells communicates with the brain and indicates the brain to stop eating when it’s necessary to burn fat or burn calories. People who start gaining weight, they develop a resistance to the hormones and their brain no longer receive accurate message.

Weight loss with dieting, exercises, yoga, supplements and illness have limited long term success. They control the weight but it gives some side effects too such as weakness, weakening of the bones, sometimes fractures and the most important weigh regains when you will leave your weight loss program. According to Urszula Iwaniec, an associate professor at the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University, gene therapy is a long term weight loss plan which will give you full satisfaction and it has no side effects while maintain your bone density. Researcher says there is more study is needed yet before making it viable treatment for weight loss in humans.

Skin Cancer- Antioxidants Will Make The Cancer Worse!

Antioxidants are known as to keep our body cells healthy. In order to maintain a good health million of people are using antioxidant supplements like vitamin-E and beta-carotene each year. However, a new research has revealed breakthrough news is that growing body which is using these supplement could be affected by these antioxidant supplements and it actually have a harmful effect in one serious disease that is Cancer. This study conducted on mice and it shows that antioxidants supplements can change the body cells in that way the fuel the spread of malignant melanoma and this is the most serious skin cancer. This disease spread to the different part of the body.

skin cancerSkin cancer becomes more dangerous and deadly when it starts progression. Earlier study also shows that antioxidants supplements which are used by people have a cancer promoting effects. A very large trial report in 1994 that daily mega doses of the antioxidants like beta-carotene may increase the risk of lung cancer in male who is a smoker too. In 1996 trial, by 18% was stopped using antioxidants supplements early after researchers discovered that high dose of beta-carotene and retinol which is another form of Vitamin A can increase the risk of lung cancer by 28% in smokers and worker exposed to asbestos.

A very recent study which was conducted in 2011 trial involved around more than 35,500 men, found that a large doses of vitamin E used by people increased the risk of prostate cancer by 17% in people above the age of 50. These research had puzzled when researchers got the conventional wisdom is that antioxidants should lower the risk of cancer by neutralizing cell damaging or cancer causing free radicals. Now scientists are thinking that antioxidants used by high enough level may also protect the cells which cause the deadly disease Cancer from these same free radicals.

There is a good size of data which shows that antioxidants can help cancer cells just as they help normal cells. It has been said by Zachary Schafer, a biologist at the university of Notre Dame. He was not involved in the new study. Here is a study also which shows that last year the scientist was behind the melanoma study and they found that antioxidants increases the growth of another type of malignancy called lung cancer. So, here you found that why your daily dose of antioxidant supplements might not be as good as you expect. As we all are aware that antioxidants are good for prevent from cancer causing cells but scientists have found lab mice are indicating that antioxidants supplements accelerate the spread of the deadliest form of skin cancer. In order to get antioxidants, you should eat berries, walnuts, coffee, artichoke hearts, and ground cloves. According to Fitness Magazine, these antioxidant foods that contain the most nutrients, these are very helpful to interact with and neutralize “free radicals,” or highly reactive chemicals that have the potential to harm the cells. In simple word it prevents you from the cancer.

Scientists say that if you develop cancer cells once, using antioxidants gives more harmful result than good. A latest study published online says that cancerous cells melanoma, a deadliest skin cancer spread very faster if they administered antioxidants. Cancer cells which spread from one body part to their body part is called metastasis. It is an inefficient process in which the huge majority of cancer cells fail to survive. People who are suffering from increased risk of cancer; they cannot take nutritional supplement containing antioxidants because it may unintentionally speed up the progression of a small tumor.

Here you can How to fight with breast cancer recurrence?

Diabetes- Why Thin People Are At More Risk With Type 2 Diabetes

diabetesDiabetes is a kind of disease that we often think that it will occur in the old, obese or over-weight body. We never realize that type-2 diabetes can affect young, slim and fit body type people too. In fact it has been found that 15% of these patients have normal weight and are usually young . If you will see these people anywhere you cannot recognize that those are diabetics. A new analysis indicates that people with normal weight but suffering from type-2 diabetes are two times  higher risk of heart attack than overweight or obese people with this sugar disease. However, this disease is normally linked to over-weight or obese people. As we all know that extra weight or extra body fat all are responsible for many kind of diseases including type-2 diabetes. So, now here the question is-

Why normal weight people get type-2 diabetes?

There are many reasons due to which Diabetes affects people with normal weight as well . Researchers says that genetic predisposition to improper insulin production may be one of the reasons for this problem. It’s possible that genetic factors could be promoting insulin resistance and influencing the mortality rate. Normal weight or thin people are getting diabetes because of thin-fat syndrome. These type of people look normal and slim but their percentage of body fat is high. Fat cells of the body keep moving here and there. They actively secrets hormones that worsen your insulin resistance and lead to type 2 diabetes. Fatty liver is also associated to diabetes. It has been found that Asian Indian Men have 3 to 4 fold higher incidence of insulin than their Caucasian counterparts. However, type 2 diabetes is bad for everyone but this more dangerous for normal weight people. Anyway, it’s very important to understand that diabetes is not a disease but a symptom. It affect any body either you are thin or obese.

Why being thin with diabetes is dangerous?

Generally metabolism of obese or overweight people is lower lower than that of  normal weight people but researchers found people with type 2 diabetes looked metabolic similar to obese people with the exception of their weight. Researchers say that lean people are more likely to die at any point than the obese people. They are at more danger zone even after adjusting for other risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and smoking. These risk factors are known to contribute to diabetes. After Overall research it has been found that the death rate in overweight and obese people with diabetes was 1.5% per year, compared with 2.8% in normal weight patients.

Prevention from Diabetes

Maintain a healthy body weight. In order to maintain a good and fit body, do some exercise which will improve your metabolism and help you in keeping your insulin level low and drop your chances of developing diabetes. It has been found that long hour sleep deprivation may also helpful in body’s insulin resistance, especially for those who are genetically predisposed. Add fiber in your diet is also helpful in prevention from diabetes. Be stress free. When your body senses stress, it releases hormones that increase blood sugar.

How To Get Pregnant | Moderate exercise Will Boost Your Fertility Faster

how to get pregnant

How to get pregnant?


Infertility or not able to get pregnant has many ways but to boost fertility naturally is only in our hands. It has been found that moderate physical activity or exercise is very powerful tool in helping you get pregnant naturally. Total health condition is responsible for fully functioning reproductive system. In an unfit body, metabolism will be low and immune system will be very less. Lower metabolism and less immunity leaves body prone to illness. These common illness can make you conceive harder, low fertility or even infertile. It has been found that moderate exercise is very beneficial for conceiving fast and naturally but in other hand vigorous exercise too can make you delay in conception or even infertile.

Running, aerobics, gymnastics, swimming and intense bicycling are considered as vigorous exercises while brisk walking, leisurely bicycling, playing golf, and gardening are moderate exercise for fertility. Here is a major findings that exercises either it could be vigorous or moderate is totally dependent on the time of conception and type of body. As you have found earlier that vigorous exercise may delay conception but if you are over-weight or obese, you’ll have to reduce your unwanted body fat and weight on double pace and for that you’ll have to go for vigorous exercises. Once you have achieved a normal body weight then you can start moderate exercise to keep your body healthy and to boost your fertility too. For normal weight women vigorous exercise is not good if you want to conceive faster.

How to Boost Fertility?

Getting pregnant will be more easy and fast if you will include light and moderate exercise in your daily routine suggested by the fertility experts. As we all know that exercise is beneficial in order to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, risk factors of heart attack, strokes, obesity, cancer and diabetes along with boosting your fertility too. It has been said that if you want to conceive through IVF, it would be recommended to do some moderate exercises. A research shows that if a woman is more active before fertility treatment has three times higher chances of getting pregnant than those women who were not or less active before fertility treatment. So, exercise for fertility is good for natural conception and if you are suffering from Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) as well as IVF too. It’s not recommended that you’ll have to go for morning and evening walk at any cost if you cannot afford it but you can achieve your goal by doing household works. Here are some main reasons for doing exercises which are responsible for boosting fertility.

How Exercises Boosts Fertility?

Exercise helps your muscles to work efficiently. All the body parts work together optimally such as heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, blood, brain and hormones. It’s a fact that if all your system will work promptly, then definitely the hormonal imbalance, which is one of the most important factors of infertility, will be regulated. Exercise regulates the level of insulin and stops it climbing very high because insulin harms the eggs from developing. So at the end, exercise is found to be the best solution to keep the insulin’s level low and stable.

What Kind of Exercises Are Suggested?

As we suggested earlier that exercise is good for fertility but vigorous exercises can affect your fertility and it can delay your time of conception along with some other harms. So, in order to increase fertility, you can choose walking rather driving for short distance, stairs rather than lift, choose to stand for some time in queue rather than sitting in waiting area and many more which you can do easily without any stress. However, exercise is important for improving overall health condition because it’s not only helps in making our body fit and healthy but it’s very effective in eliminating the negative thought too. So, keep moving all day long.

Breast Cancer | How To Fight With Breast Cancer Recurrence?

Breast cancer awareness month is October. In this month oncologists are forcing on the important on screening for breast cancer. They also force to assure to address that this deadly disease recurrence within the first five years of diagnosis and treatment. There are 25 to 30 percent cases are seen the relapse of this disease in first two years. That’s why it’s very important requirement in this diseases to be addressed. There are so many patients, who doesn’t complete the full treatment and also some tumors have major characteristics of recurrence and it require to come for follow up on regular basis.

Breast cancerBreast cancer relapse and subsequent survival rate depends on the stage and condition of cancer by pathology features and biological characteristics of cancer. Survival rate also depends on the patient’s age, ethnicity and socio-economic background. Every patient suffers from the risk of relapse of breast cancer. How adequate is recurrence, is totally dependents on size and grade of the tumor, number of nodes involved and definitely hormonal status. If there is big size of tumor then definitely there will more number of nodes involved and of course it creates the great chance of the relapse of breast cancer. A consultant surgical oncologist at Apollo Cancer Hospital, Dr. T.P.S Bhandari says, more than 80% of patients suffer from the relapse of breast cancer in the first two years of treatment. Beyond five years, late recurrence are very rare. If patient is conducting proper surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation, that relapse chances reduces less than 2 percent. Relapse mostly occurs in the body part of liver, lungs and bones. Some patients show aggressive form this deadly disease and study shows that, this aggressiveness depends on the genetic factors.

What are The Causes For Breast Cancer?

There is a significant shift in average age of women who get this disease. A recent data shows that there are more and younger women between the age group of 40 to 50 are suffering from this deadly disease breast cancer. This disease is more common in urban area than rural. A medical oncologist at American Oncology Institute, Dr. Naidu N. Bethune says late diagnosis and improper diagnosis are also responsible for aggressive relapse. Here are around 6 to 8 percent of cases dependent on genetic or hereditary causes. The main causes of rising of breast cancer patients are obesity, late marriages, use of hormones and also excessive use of contraceptive pills. Dr. Bethune added, food and food products are also considered as a factor to increase the number of breast cancer patients but it has not been verified by scientists.

What are the signs of breast cancer?

  • Lump in the breast
  • Shape change of breast
  • Skin changes
  • Nipple changes
  • A lump in the armpit

However in order to avoid aggressive recurrence, screening at early stage of being stressed. Early treatment of cancer is the cure because early diagnosis and treatment can give high cure rate of breast cancer. So, screening at early stage is very important so that the diseases should be picked up early and cured. Advanced stages are associated with high relapse rates despite comprehensive treatment. The American Cancer Society recommends women with average risk of this deadly disease mammography starting at the age of 45 should go for regular screening. Women with age group of 45 to 54 should go for screening annually and women above 55 years should go for biennial screening or have the opportunity to continue screening annually.

Sleep Better | How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

Sleeping disorder is very concerned factor for most of the people these days. Many people are concerned about not sleeping enough. You may wonder when you will know that fact of how much sleep is too much sleep and too less sleep. So, before getting start to analyze too much sleep and too less sleep, first it is important to know, how much sleep do we really need and you can accomplish it with very simple experiment. Sleeping hour of people is generally determined by genetics but other factors are also there which generally includes your health condition and your age. Generally in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, an adult need 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep per night and we all are aware of this fact.

sleep betterIt’s very common when you get less sleeping hour than your recommended hour of sleep, you may begin to experience sleep deprivation. When you get very less sleep in bulk, you may gradually accumulate a sleep debt. With this sleep debt, you may feel very sleepiness in the day time or taking frequent prolonged naps or more and more sleeping on weekends. Here is a question that how much sleep is too much sleep? If you are a long hour sleeper and sleeping time depends on your genes, so you need to sleep at least 10 hour or more than that also in order to feel rested. Just as there here is a different scenario people who are getting only 4 hour of sleep per night and in other hand people are getting 12 hour of sleep. These both scenarios are rare but not good according to health.

However, if your sleeping hour has reduced dramatically or your personal sleep needs have changed, you may suffer from sleep disorder. Symptoms of sleep disorder are feeling sleepy in the day time or almost all the time and feeling tiring every time. So, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to meet your medical consultant or your doctor or any sleep specialist. There may be some certain medical conditions too such as hypothyroidism or depression which can create sleep problems and it can make you long hour sleeper. This condition is not at all avoidable in any circumstances and you need the treatment as soon as possible to get your normal sleeping hour. There are many people around us, who need some extra hour of sleep than average people, they should not feel guilty about sleeping too much because recommended hour of sleep is depend upon the genes.

Researchers says that there are two other factors too, which can make over sleeper and those two factors are Depression and Low socioeconomic status. These two factors are strongly associated with over sleeping. These factors may arise due to observed neglected or negative health effects. Here are a example- people who have low socioeconomic status, they give little or almost nil attention toward their health and more un-diagnosed illness such as heart disease and it leads them to over sleeping. So, it’s very essential to get good night sleep for good health but oversleeping may lead you to a host of many medical problems.

Infertility Treatment | How Fertility Is Possible after Cancer treatment?

Fertility after cancer treatmentFertility treatment is now being possible even after the most crucial treatment of cancer disease. This news has published on Tuesday October 6 in the Health Day News. Young women who are suffering from the life threatening disease Cancer can be able to conceive naturally. Cancer treatment requires powerful chemotherapy and radiation treatment which can damage the women’s fertility. According to this new study, the ovarian tissues transplant s is safe and it’s effective too. It poses little risk of the cancer coming back. The lead Danish researcher Dr. Annette Jensen says, this procedure is gaining ground popularity worldwide as an optional treatment for those female who are fertile but unfortunately they become infertile after cancer treatment. This procedure can help several women who are fertile and survive cancer should be able to get pregnant and have healthy children.

How Fertility Is Possible After Cancer Treatment?

Dr. Annette Jensen says, 10 out of 32 women got pregnant and had a child who had ovarian tissues frozen and transplanted in the study. All around the world there are so many women suffering from this dangerous disease dreams to enjoy normal life but they just survive. So, this research will give them a new hope to live their lifespan happily without the regret of infertile. It will shift their focus from survival to good quality of life. Dr. Claus Yding Andersen, senior researcher and a professor of human reproductive physiology at the University of Copenhagen says fertility is very important matter in many young women’s life. They just want to become pregnant and have their own child and if they are unable to get it, it becomes the most frustrated thing in their life. Andersen says, the tissue restores the ovarian organ function and women will regain menstrual cycle and sex hormones level that Infertility Treatment after cancerwill avoid menopause too.

This new research is called as “innovative and exciting” by Dr. Avner Hershlag, chief of the Center for Human Reproduction at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y. he says, simultaneous advances in cancer treatment and reproductive medicine have made these scientific leaps possible.


What Are The Chances Of Fertility After Cancer Treatment?

However, Hershlag says, he wants to see pregnancy result above 31% and with frozen embryos pregnancy rate is close to 50% and results are getting better. He says referring to other option for women who are looking for a future pregnancy; it remains to be the better option for them. For the study purpose, the researchers reviewed the outcomes of 53 transplantation of thawed ovarian tissue in 41 Danish women. They followed the women for 10 years and found ovarian function fertile and safe. Researchers say, the average age of women was 30 when the tissue was removed and frozen and average age of the first transplant was 33. Out of 53 women 32 women got pregnant. Ten women got successful pregnancy with at-least 1 child. There were total 14 children. Eight were conceived naturally and six were through IVF. Two women had abortion due to one has some personal reason and other because of her breast cancer recurred. One woman had miscarriage and 3 women had passed ten years since the ovarian tissue transplantation. For six women it was more than 8 years and for 15 women, this transplantation has taken place five years earlier. Rest of 3 women had a relapse of their cancer, these relapses did not appear related to the tissue transplantation and no cancer developed in the transplanted tissue.

So, some of these women who got pregnant and have at least one child may conceive again and have more children. They can avoid menopausal symptoms too.

Jensen says, all women suffering from cancer is not eligible for ovarian tissue transplant especially patients who are suffering from Leukemia because ovarian tissue may harbor the cancer cells in type of cancer.

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